2022 Trends Are All About These Iconic 90s Hairstyles!

Great news, all my fellow Millenials, all of those 90s hairstyles you rocked in high school are making a comeback!

From side parts to long & sleek to that ab-fab platinum blonde look, 2022 is taking a giant leap back when it comes to the hottest hair trends.

woman rocking one of the 90s hairstyles that's coming back into trend in 2022

Hairstylists are looking at what possibly could be some of the most iconic hairstyles from the 90s making a major comeback this coming year!

Let’s take a look at a few:

Side parts

Whether it’s long or medium bobs, those side parts with body are coming back (probably much to GenZ’s angst).

Kourtney K shows it through an Instagram post with her mid-length bob parted way on the side.

Stylist Clariss Rubenstein says of Kourtney’s style, “I’m seeing a mid-length, blunt, 90s-style bob.”

Celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles also sees the same trend coming next year—chic bobs with either a center part or heavy side part.

Check out the video below for ideas on how to rock this look in 2022:


While blunt cuts may be popular next year, expect layers to make an appearance once again. Think Jennifer Aniston during her Friends days!

Layers are a great way for adding volume and for framing your face. Look for a layered cut that will go with your hair texture to maximize the cut.

Check out the Rachel that was all the rage back in the 90s:

Long, Straight and Shiny

We talked about this last week, but in case you missed it, long, straight and shiny hair is back in style!

Naomi Campbell became iconic for immortalizing this kind of hairstyle during her 90s stint as a supermodel. Well, it seems that this hairstyle is bound to make headlines once again.

blonde lady with long, straight hair beside Keratin vs brazilian blowout poster

So, don’t give up on your straightening iron just yet. You just may need it in the coming year.

Here’s a flashback look at Cambell’s sleek locks:

Micro Braids

Black women in the 90s certainly rocked this look, especially Lisa Bonet.

Expect to see more women sporting one of my favorite 90s black hairstyles as we go into 2022.

This style is known for being low maintenance, without needing any touchups or maintenance. Great for nights out or for a casual, everyday look!

Check out Bonet’s Boho braids:

Short and Cropped

For women who prefer a sporty, edgy vibe, short pixie cuts will be making a comeback as well. Almost every celebrity has gone through a pixie cut phase.

This style became more popular in the 90s after Halle Berry and Toni Braxton cut their hair short.

Short pixies are great for showing off your personality. And it’s a great way to rid your hair of damage caused by extreme styling and heat too!

So, if you’re in that daring mood, next year would be perfect for trying out this look.

Platinum Blonde

Who could forget Mary J. Blige and her platinum blonde hair? While many of you will opt to go back to your natural color (after discovering what it was during long lockdown), many of you will want to go to extremes as well, I’m sure.

If you don’t mind all the bleaching involved, going for platinum blonde will definitely be a 180-degree change if you have dark-colored tresses.

Before you rush out and grab a box of bleach, though, check out this video:

Perhaps it’s nostalgia, or just millennials having it their way next year. Or maybe it’s our way of celebrating a great decade?

And with 90s fashion also coming back in 2022, maybe we’ll also see boy band reunions?

What are your favorite 90s hairstyles? Which ones do you hope NEVER make a comeback? Share below!

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