Are Backlit Mirrors Good for Makeup?

Are backlit mirrors good for makeup, and should you consider investing in one?

Being an ardent beauty enthusiast and self-proclaimed makeup guru-lol, I’ve come to the realization that only two factors affect your overall look: mirror and lighting.

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested several makeup mirrors in search of the perfect one.

So, mirror mirror in the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Read on to learn all the deets on backlight mirrors.

Also, take a gander at the best led lighted bathroom mirror while you’re at it.

What Makes Backlit Mirrors Good for Makeup?

If your vanity doesn’t get natural light, you may have noticed that your makeup looks different when you step out of your house.

This is because nothing can beat natural lighting! If you have a good light source, you might not need a mirror light.

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But, mirror light does help when you’re getting for a night out. Or a gloomy day!

Here are some of the reasons why backlit mirrors are great for makeup:

#1 Proper lighting:

LED-backlit mirrors come THIS close to replicating natural light. Needless to say, most of us have overhead lighting in our rooms which casts unflattering shadows on our contours. (1)

This is one of the reasons why when you apply makeup under overhead light bulbs, you end up with bad makeup.
Steve Kassajikian, a makeup artist, says, “I love lighted mirrors, especially in a room or area with dim overhead lighting. This way you always get an even application and blend.”

A backlit makeup mirror or even a backlit bathroom mirror can change your makeup game. Wondering what shape mirror for small bathroom? I got you!

#2 Extra features:

A backlit mirror light outdoes a regular mirror on any given day. Several types of mirror available in the market offer a plethora of functions.

Celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo, says, “When getting a makeup mirror, important features are dimmable function for brightness and a function to change color temperature from cool to warm orange hues.”

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Not only do you get natural lighting with these mirror glasses, but some models also come with a touch sensor, range of color temperature, and dimmable lights.

I recently installed a mirror glass with an anti-fog feature in my bathroom. So now, when I step out of the shower, I can start getting my makeup on immediately without waiting for it to de-fog.

# 3 Available in a range of sizes and shapes:

You can also choose from an array of sizes and shapes along with cool lighting options. Not all our vanities are built the same, so why should our mirrors?

Several brands offer intricate designs of a mirror with lights that provide ambient lighting and look super cool in your vanity or your bathroom.

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Need a larger mirror, or love frameless mirrors? Prefer an arched mirror to a pill-shaped mirror? Did I mention that you can get various shapes, sizes, and lighting styles? Coz, you can!

You can get a backlighted mirror to suit the aesthetics of your room. In fact, it can be the only stand-out piece in the entire room. And you get well-lit reflection while you’re at it.

#4 Environmentally friendly:

Studies show that LED lights are much more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs and Compact Fluorescent Lamp. It also determines LED bulbs as the best lighting source considering several variables. (3)

LED light strips leave a very little carbon footprint and are energy efficient. They need very little power supply to work, so you get lower energy bills.

LED strips out-live incandescent lightbulbs, which makes it even more budget-friendly.

#5 Warranty:

When you buy a high-quality LED light with ideal lighting conditions, you will most likely get a 1-year or 2-year warranty from the makers.

This assures that your LED backlighting is good for a couple of years, and you don’t have to replace your mirror any time soon!

Is Backlit or Front Lit Mirror Better For Makeup?

I have broken down the pros and cons of front-lit vs backlit mirrors already, if you haven’t read that, please do.

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Both of these electric mirrors serve high-quality lighting for your makeup needs. But if I have to be honest, front-lit mirrors are better for makeup.

This is because the backlit variety of mirrors is basically a traditional mirror with extra lighting from the back. They are suited for mood lighting, much like lighting candles. They create ambient lighting for your pleasure and require professional installation.

But with front-lit mirrors, you get a tabletop mirror to sit on your vanity or even portable LED mirrors.
You can even get a wide array of magnification options ranging from 1 X magnification up to 10X magnification which makes the application of cosmetics that much easier.

Not to mention picking on every single pore! (guilty)

So, while both are great makeup picks, I’d say the choice depends on your living situation. If you have space for a large, aesthetically pleasing mirror, I’d say go with edge-lit mirrors.

But, if that isn’t an option and you still need a great lighting source for makeup, I’d say pick a high-quality vanity mirror.


Is led lighting good for applying makeup?

Yes. LED bulbs replicate natural sunlight, which makes makeup application seamless.

Is cool or warm light better for makeup?

Warm light or natural sunlight is the best light source to apply makeup.

Are LED lighted mirrors worth it?

Definitely. LED mirror provides ambient light for makeup and requires a low-energy power source.

Can you replace bulbs in LED mirror?

Yes. When your LED lights give out, you can simply replace the light source with another source and your illuminated mirror is back!


So, are backlit mirrors good for makeup? Absolutely. But, they are more than that. An elegant round mirror in the bedroom or bathroom adds to the room’s overall mood.

I usually like to turn off all my lights except for the mirror, just because it looks that much pleasing and adds a romantic feel to my room.

But that’s just me. Romanticizing everything, even mirrors with LED lights. And it really does serve its purpose. I hope you had fun reading this article as much as I did writing it.

See you next time.

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