Are Large Bathroom Mirrors Out of Style?

A large bathroom mirror under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

Are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

Have you ever been in a bathroom and thought, “wow, that’s too much mirror” You might not be alone.

Most people are concerned about how they look and feel.

The good news is there are many ways to make your bathroom more comfortable and beautiful without going overboard.

Read on as we discuss bathroom mirror ideas to suit your personal preference.

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What Type of Bathroom Mirrors Are in Style Now?

Just because you’ve found a huge mirror does not mean it will look good in your master bath.

Carla Aston, an interior designer, says, “Don’t go thinking that just because your builder put in the big, wide mirror that it looks good because it doesn’t.”

So what master bathroom mirror trends are in? Let’s get right into it.

1. Round mirrors

Mirror sizes and shapes come and go, but the beauty of a rounded mirror remains intact. The shape is interesting, and its uniformity adds fineness to the room.

round mirrors under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

A framed circular mirror in gold, silver, or black is quite popular. When getting a rounded mirror, ensure it is a few inches smaller than your vanity or the sink.

Round mirrors work perfectly well with a conventional bath or a statement bathroom scheme which is why it is still the most popular choice among designers.

2. Sleek, slender mirror

An oversized bathroom mirror hanging over your vanity can become the focal point of your primary bathroom and accentuate its overall look.

sleek framed mirrors on top of a wooden vaniity

Its strategic placement can help you grab on natural light and make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Lisa Persse, director of Porter, says, “ Your bathroom’s unique layout will help you decide where to locate the vanity unit, such as in the space where you would want to position a mirror.”

3. Frameless mirrors

Frameless mirrors look classy and elegant and can instantly spruce up your bath to look more modern and stylish.

Sure, mirrors with frames look great, but with them, you would have the hassle of thinking of the frame color and design and whether or not it suits your entire walls.

Frameless mirror under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

An unframed mirror suits every bath wall and provides a modern touch. This style of mirror is sure to last a long time.

4. Backlit mirror

Why opt for a traditional rectangular bathroom mirror when you can jazz it up with some bright LED lights?

Check out my article on why you must get backlit mirrors in your bathroom if you haven’t already. (insert link)

backlit mirrors under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

Fitted with light fixtures, a backlit mirror is perfect for creating an ambient mood in your bath [2]. It also makes applying makeup and getting ready for an event much easier.

Available in popular shapes and sizes, you can instantly level up your bath with a gorgeous backlit mirror of your choice.

5. Eccentric mirror shapes:

Gone are the days of the traditional. Today’s mirror moment highlights one’s style and modern space [1].

This means getting an edgy and stylish mirror for your primary bathroom. Several readymade mirror options are available, but certain manufacturers will even create a custom vanity that matches bath fixtures.

Megan Dufresne, a designer at MC design, says, “I like to scatter asymmetrical mirrors on tall walls in entryways and great rooms.” [3]

Want more options on bathroom mirror ideas? Check out this video on modern bathroom mirrors design for even more inspiration.

What Type of Bathroom Mirrors Are Out of Style Now?

Are large bathroom mirrors out of style? Definitely not. But, some giant mirror shapes have gone obsolete. For good!

Let’s discuss some vanity mirror trends that wouldn’t serve as modern bathroom mirrors. And, if you’ve been struggling with installing a bathroom mirror to spruce up your bath, this article might help.

1. Beveled mirror:

A beveled mirror under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?

The beveled mirror glasses were once the prized possession of a bathroom owner. 2” or 3” beveled mirror glasses were produced extensively during the 90s and were a part of most bath vanities.

But, this outdated design is over! The extensive curved edges are a thing of the past. But, if you still love beveled mirror glasses, you can opt for options with bevels of 1” or less.

2. Oval mirrors:

An old vintage oval mirror

Another blast from the past: an oval mirror was quite popular back in the day. Even now, this style of mirror lives on in many households.

But, you rarely see this vintage mirror style in a modern bath. A conventional mirror such as this has been taken over by other vanity mirror trends that look much better.

3. Mirror walls:

While giant and offering a full vertical reflection, mirrored walls are not practical. They take up too much space, cover entire walls, and offer little storage space for other bathroom essentials.

Since most of us have small bathrooms and need to be smart about storage, it is best to steer clear of mirror walls.


Can you put a large mirror in a small bathroom?

rectangle bathroom mirror

Yes. A massive mirror in your small bathroom can make a dramatic impact. It can also give the illusion of a bigger master bath.

Are frameless mirrors popular?

Definitely, a frameless mirror design is always an acceptable mirror option that looks great and will never go out of style.

Is a Large Mirror a Good Idea For Bathroom?

Absolutely. Large decorative bathroom mirrors add a touch of glam to your master bath.

How big should a mirror be over a bathroom vanity?

bathroom mirror with wide mirror

Typically, your vanity mirror should be a few inches shorter than the piece it is hanging over.


I hope this article answers your question, “Are large bathroom mirrors out of style?” When done right, a bathroom mirror can add to the décor and look of your master bath.

Some of us tend to overdo it, and while aiming for an elegant look, we end up with a tacky result.

The best way to ensure you have a nice-looking bath is to keep it simple, play it to its strengths and allow as much natural light as possible.

A large wall mirror under title are large bathroom mirrors out of style?


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