How Much Does a Bathroom Mirror Cost? [Detailed Analysis]

How much does a bathroom mirror cost?

That question will inevitably come up whenever you plan to upgrade your bathroom with high-quality mirrors. 

bathroom with a round mirror

When embarking on this project myself, I asked if there was a universally accepted cost estimate for a mirror.

I wanted to pass on what I learned from my experience and talking to others that have done this kind of installation before, so read on!

What Is the Average Price for a Bathroom Mirror?

The cost of bathroom mirrors heavily depends on the size or type of mirror and can range in price from a few dollars to thousands! A larger mirror will cost you more than a small mirror.

Also, a mirror with extra fixtures. For instance, a bathroom mirror with light and shaver socket will cost you more than a simple plain mirror.

backlit mirrors in the bathroom

The price will also vary if you choose an elegant two-way mirror or one with polished edges. A mirror isn’t only a piece of glass that can reflect your image. 

However, to put it simply “A mirror is a smooth surface on which regular reflection takes place. A clear image of an object placed in front of a mirror is formed due to the reflection of light.” (1)

The cost estimate for a small mirror is between $20 and $100. A large or custom mirror will cost you no less than $1000, especially if it’s a designer or oversized model.

That average cost could also go as high as $4000, depending on how stylish you want the mirror to be.

This average cost will increase with the type of mirror frame you choose. For instance, a regular mirror without frames wouldn’t cost as much as a mirror with beautiful, elaborate edges. 

Low-end medicine cabinet mirrors, that you commonly see in bathrooms, range between $15 and $100. If you want a more durable option, expect to pay upwards of $100 and but keep in mind the price can go as high as $500.

I discovered that the more options you need from the mirror, the more money it will cost. It was much more complicated than I first thought when I was looking at how much does a bathroom mirror cost.

I needed anti-fog mirrors for my bathroom and was surprised how much the style jacked up the price.

For mirrored cabinets, you might want a mirror with power outlets or those made with premium materials.

That, too, will raise the price since the quality of materials means the mirror becomes more durable. Such mirrors could cost you between $1200 and $6000. 

Shaving and makeup mirrors are some of the cheapest, especially if they’re small with little extra features. They cost between $4 and $30 for a basic model.

The price again increases depending on the quality of materials and features such as higher magnification or anti-fog properties. It could go up to between $100 and $130 for an entire mirror.

Now that I hopefully explained the basics of costs, let’s take a closure look at what factors influence bathroom mirror prices.

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Factors That Determine the Price of Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom vanity mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and, ultimately, prices.

Some mirrors are unique, with ornate frames and different shapes, and some have special lighting features that make them a stylish addition to any bathroom.

But is that enough to make them have different prices? If you want to know how to choose mirror for bathroom, you’ll need to know the price.

Here are the factors to consider when determining the price of a bathroom mirror.

1. The Quality and Durability of the Mirror

The higher the quality of the mirror, the higher the price. High-quality mirrors offer excellent image reflection and last longer than the average mirror.

big bathroom mirror beside a shower

Such mirror pieces are hardy and don’t get scratched easily, boosting their durability. Therefore, such mirrors will often cost more. I personally like a mirror that can resist scratches better for the bathroom as they get a lot of use.

2. The Type of Material 

There’s a healthy chance low-cost mirrors are made of low-cost material. It is not a shock when cheap mirrors don’t last as long as those made with premium-grade materials.

The better the quality of the material, the longer the mirror will last hence its higher price. Try to get the best quality your budget can afford

3. The Size and Weight of the Mirror

Simply put, the bigger the mirror, the more it will cost. This applies to both the size and the weight. Also, don’t forget to consider shipping costs.

A bigger mirror will cost you more to ship to your home, especially because they will need extra care to prevent breakage.

pretty girl writing on bathroom mirror

And if you want to take a further step and design your own, keep in mind that custom mirror prices can significantly affect the price. Especially if you order a non-standard size.

4. The Style of the Mirror

Most bathroom mirrors are pretty stylish. Unfortunately, stylish mirrors cost more than the average mirror. Therefore, the more fashionable you want a mirror to be, the more you’ll have to pay for it.

5. The Frames

A mirror’s frames also affect the price. Framed mirrors are usually more beautiful and feature different decorations on the edges.

By this logic, frameless mirrors are less expensive than their framed counterparts.

bathroom mirror with wide mirror

6. Installation Costs

The actual costs of professional installation will affect the price of the mirror. The size and complexity of the mirror might mean you need to hire someone to install it.

Sophisticated models need a pro to install them, which increases the total price. 

However, a simple, single mirror is often easy to install yourself. I put one up myself in my small bathroom, pretty easily. If you think you can do it yourself, it will save you money.

This video will give you an idea of what’s involved in DIY mirror installation.

If you don’t think you can do the work yourself, you’re probably wondering what it costs to install one? Let’s take a look.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Bathroom Mirror? 

Professional mirror installation costs on average $110 to $240 but this can be less or more depending on size and weight. (2)

While installing a mirror seems like a basic project you can do yourself, a professional installation is better.

A professional installation will save you the headaches common with bathroom mirror fitting. How much will they charge you for the installation services, though? How is the price worked out?

Most professional mirror installers charge per square foot of mirror. The costs can be between $6 and $20 for each square foot. This cost will rise depending on the size and weight of the mirror.

two men showing how to install a mirror in the bathroom

Reputable professionals will charge you about $100 to $200 to install a basic model of a mirrored medicine cabinet. A larger cabinet would cost between $200 and $800, especially if it’s a complex style.

For context, here are some cost estimates for the installation of different bathroom mirrors

Type of Bathroom MirrorApproximate Installation Cost (US Dollars)
Door mirror10 to 75
Frameless Mirror20 to 100
Powder mirror25 to 200
Magnifying mirror30 to 50
Captain’s mirror30 to 200
Makeup or shaving mirror30 to 200
Extending mirror40 to 200
Tilting mirror50 to 150
Framed Mirror50 to 200
Lighted vanity mirror60 to 300
Ledge Mirror120 to 200
Wall-to-wall mirror125 to 300
Three-way mirror130 to 300
Venetian framed mirror150 to 250
Recessed medicine cabinet250 to 500
Lighted medicine cabinet250 to 700
Magnifying mirror for medicine cabinet300 to 900
Venetian mirror medicine cabinet350 to 700

How To Save Money on Bathroom Mirrors?

Bathroom mirrors are pretty expensive to buy and install. It’s a good thing I have a few tricks you can try to reduce the costs and save some money on bathroom mirrors.

1. Do the Installation Yourself

Installation costs rev up the total cost of the bathroom mirror. What if you could do it yourself, though?

You’d save a tidy sum since you wouldn’t have to pay a pro for the installation. If you’re a DIY buff like me, grab some tools and install that mirror yourself.

2. Make a Mirror of Your Own

You can make your bathroom mirror by getting an industrial-grade mirror and simply hanging it in your bathroom.

Moldings will come in handy as custom-designed mirror decorations, saving you some good money (3). You don’t always have to go for the expensive mirrors if you can’t afford them.

3. Consider a Freestanding Mirror

Freestanding mirrors don’t need any installation fixtures or a professional to install them for you. All you need to do is bring them home and set them up in your bathroom. Easy!


Why Are Bathroom Mirrors Expensive?

bathroom mirror with wide mirror

Quality bathroom mirrors are expensive as they require unique material and a high level of craftsmanship. They also need special hardware to mount them in bathrooms which further drives up costs.

Can I Install A Bathroom Mirror Myself?

man installing a bathroom mirror

Yes, of course! Depending on the type of mirror you’ve bought, you can use a mirror installation guide to do the work yourself.


How much does a bathroom mirror cost? I’d say anything between $20 and $6000, depending on the size.

The type of mirror you choose will affect how much you pay for it. I hope I’ve given you a fair idea of the amount you need to arm yourself with.

bathroom with frameless mirror

What do you think is the best amount to spend on a bathroom mirror? Share your opinion in the comments.


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