Bathroom Mirror Shape: 10 Styles You Can Choose From

Does the bathroom mirror shape matter? Oh yes, it does. I used to think all bathroom mirrors should be square or rectangular for a fuller reflection. How wrong I was.

Designers agree mirror shapes matter in making a bathroom more stylish (1). And let me tell you, bathroom mirrors can come in many forms.

Let’s look at the different geometric shapes of bathroom mirrors.

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What Are The Different Shapes For Bathroom Mirrors?

Mirror mirror on the wall, what kind of shape would be the perfect fit for my bathroom?

Though most bathroom mirrors are usually rectangular statement pieces, there are many other shapes you could have a mirror in.

1. Rectangle Shape Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors are some of the most common mirrors you’ll find in bathrooms. That’s because they’re the best at covering up vertical wall space above a single sink or a double vanity.

Most hotels have rectangular full-length mirrors, and it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for many people.

Rectangular types of mirrors are often called classic or traditional mirrors for that popularity.

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Framed vs. frameless bathroom mirror choices will often have to play a role in whether to choose a rectangular mirror.

2. Oval-Shaped Mirrors

I adore oval-shaped mirrors because of the cute sizes they come in. They can easily fit into any bathroom design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Oval mirrors can be the perfect bathroom mirror for a small bathroom.

Oval mirror next to a vase of flowers

However, if you have an enormous bathroom with double vanity, two oval mirrors complement each other nicely.

You’ll achieve a nice negative space with oval wall mirrors by adding decorations in the uncovered space. It helps things that oval mirrors make pretty excellent decorative mirrors.

Another thing you’ll love with this mirror shape is that they make excellent decorative mirrors. If you choose a superb mirror frame, then you could 

3. Square-Shaped Mirrors

Square mirrors are also some of the most sought-after mirrors, alongside rectangle mirrors (2).

Vastu Shastra, a design expert, thinks the square is a more promising shape than a circle or irregular-shaped mirror.

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She also says such bathroom mirrors are a real statement of intent when decorating a bathroom. Of course, that depends on a person’s preference. 

4. Circular Shapes Mirrors

Circle mirrors are another type of mirror you’d term a classic.

They’re also considered traditional bathroom mirrors alongside rectangular mirrors.

circular mirrors in a bathroom

One problem with round mirrors, though, is they won’t cover the entire wall as a rectangular mirror would. But there are many things you can do with the negative space to make them a pleasure to have in your bathroom.

5. Irregular Shaped Mirrors

If you don’t need to cover the entire space on your bathroom wall, then irregular mirrors would be an excellent choice. Most irregular mirrors have beautiful designs, making them a smart choice for your bathroom.

The curved edges of these mirrors further accentuate their organic shape, making them a beautiful sight.

6. Hexagonal Shaped Mirrors

You don’t always have to rely on regular shapes when looking for a stylish vanity mirror.

A hexagonal mirror could still serve you as well as regular-shaped mirrors will.

hexagonla mirror

7. Diamond-Shaped Mirrors

Some other mirror shape I’d love to one day try for their cute design is diamond mirrors. With help from a modern design style expert, you could have diamond shaped submerge your bathroom with a unique look.

These mirrors shape can be an enjoyable part of bathroom decor, especially if you get ones with a high-gloss finish.

Look at how beautiful diamond shapes would be if used on a bathroom wall panel.

8. Octagonal Shaped Mirror

No one said you should only stick to mirror shapes everyone can relate to. It’s your house, and you can choose any type of bathroom decor you want, including installing an octagonal mirror.

I can’t think of a better way to have a bathroom stand out than to have a mirror shape that instantly surprises visitors!

9. Sunburst Mirror Shapes

Imagine bright wall lights carefully installed around a sunburst mirror to create the aura of looking at the sun as you wash your hands.

In the above video, you can see how to make your decorative sunburst mirrors. Don’t you think they are a beauty? Why not try them in your bathroom, especially if you have a large bathroom wall?

10. Custom-Fitted Mirror Shapes

A custom-fitted mirror can be any shape you want. You might want a mirror that perfectly fits an irregular wall space in your bathroom, but no shape can fit.

That’s where considering a custom shape mirror is usually the best option. However irregular, there’s no bathroom space that you couldn’t squeeze a mirror in.

What Is the Best Mirror Shape for A Small Bathroom?

The best mirror shape for a small bathroom is a circle or oval. A small bathroom often needs a single mirror because of the inadequate space.

Small round mirrors are still your best bet if you really want to install double mirrors. Forget about an oversize bathroom mirror if you have a small bathroom.

A larger mirror could overpower the room left besides seamlessly fitting into your bathroom decor.

Rectangle mirrors often have problems fitting into small spaces. They are too bulky to easily fit into the tiny space above the tiny bathroom vanity.

You could try small rectangular frameless mirrors, which will push it too much for a small bathroom.

It is possible to add any mirror shape if the small bathroom has medicine cabinets.

It’s easier to have rectangular shape mirrors on medicine cabinets than other irregular shapes.

However, the mirror shape you choose all boils down to personal preference. There’s always room to experiment with bold mirror shapes. 

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Are round mirrors good for bathrooms?

Of course, they are! Round mirrors are an excellent choice for small and large bathrooms.

2. Should a bathroom mirror be smaller than vanity?

It is an unwritten rule to never have a bathroom mirror bigger than the vanity. It should always be a few inches smaller than vanity. A wide vanity could do with a large mirror, but the mirror shouldn’t be larger.


Though the most common bathroom mirror shapes are rectangular, square, or oval, you can always try different forms with excellent results. 

Be bold with your bathroom mirror selections. No one said you should always stick to one size or shape.

Are there any bathroom mirror shapes you think are a horror for any bathroom? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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