5 Side Effects of Derma Rollers You Should Know

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Curious to know about derma roller side effects?

I know I like to know EVERY possible drawback BEFORE I let anything like that near my face.

Today, I’ll share all of my expert research with you to help prepare you.

Through this Derma Roller guide, I’ll not only present to you the Derma Rollers side effects but also how to avoid them.

Can Derma Rollers Damage Skin?

lady getting a derma rolling treatment but what are the derma roller side effects?

Jumping right into it, the million-dollar question in everyone’s mind is, “Can the Derma Roller damage my skin?” The simplest answer to that would definitely be a “Yes… and No.”

Wait up! On second thought, it might not be as simple as expected. 

Much of human experience is colored by one’s own experiences, so varieties in answers are to be expected.

But like I mentioned before, one true constant is that the more knowledge you have about the tool you’re using, the better it is likely to perform its intended duty. 

Even a chair used the wrong way could cause considerable, if not damage, discomfort. Isn’t that right?

 Thus, while the “Derma Roller gone wrong!” is a possibility, it can be very much avoided if you do proper research [1].

Also, I would strongly advise you to have a proper understanding of how you can use Derma Rollers. 

5 Derma Roller Side Effects You Should Be Familiar With

lady concerned with her dry face, one of the Side Effects of derma roller

The Derma Roller side effects that you need to know include redness, dryness, inflammation, and sun sensitivity, among others.

These are more often than not a natural response to the small “injuries” made by the needles in your skin. Given below are short descriptions of the above-mentioned potential side effects of Derma Roller.

PS: There aren’t Derma Roller long-term side effects, at least none that science has found yet!

#1 Dryness

After three to five days, your skin will be dry and chapped as a result of increased skin cell turnover [2].

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#2 Skin reddening

Again, this irritation is a Derma Roller after-effects to the small ‘injuries’ made by the Derma Roller on your skin. 

#3 Mild inflammation

In case you’re someone who has sensitive skin, there’s no way around these Derma Roller treatment side effects.

Worry not, though; it’ll go back to normal within 3-4 hours after the treatment. 

#4 Temporary Sun Sensitivity

Once you’re done with the treatment, your skin will be super sensitive! So exposure to the sun would naturally feel intolerable.

Avoid direct exposure, and be sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen. 

#5 Hyperpigmentation

lady experiencing hyperpigmentation, one of the Side Effects of der

This sort of harm could be avoided with proper cleaning and upkeep of your Derma Roller. Other than this, skin pigment change and hyperpigmentation could also be potential derma rolling side effects if your skin scars especially easily. [3]

The procedure triggers a skin response that can increase melanin production, causing or worsening dark spots. 

Persons with the below-mentioned issues should avoid derma rolling.

  • Active skin infection and skin rashes.
  • Those on active medication.
  • Those with active acne scars.
  • Persons with keloid and acne scarring.
  • And those with a generally unstable skin type.

How To Prevent From Derma Roller Side Effects? 

blonde woman putting a moisturizer

For the more common minimal side effects, such as dry skin, a good moisturizer is ample to battle flaky skin.

Heck! You can even use coconut oil. Once the treatment is over, the oil helps seal moisture and offers ample hydration. 

Skin reddening will fade in a matter of hours, so there is no real threat.

To relieve skin irritation and inflammation after the medical procedure, you can also consider using the Derma Roller Hyaluronic Acid to soothe your skin. A simple cold compress can help reduce swelling or bring down inflammation. 

Other than this, you can avoid excessive skin exposure by wearing hats and scarves. In addition to this, a generous amount of sunscreen would also do wonders to prevent sun damage on your skin. 

Say you happen to fall within any of the above categories. 

A picture showing two derma rollers

It would be in your best interest to consult with your dermatologist before attempting to use the Derma Roller on the layer of skin. The reason is that you may be susceptible to several negative side effects. 

What If Derma Rolling Gone Wrong?

If indeed, these cosmetic treatments go south, you can figure it out by considering a few factors.

Among the most adverse effects and obvious telltale signs is scarring. That happens when you needle an area over three times unidirectionally.

It can also happen if you or the practitioner is pushing the needle excessively onto your skin. That’s what differentiates a professional treatment from an untrained one.


What should I avoid after Dermarolling?

pretty lady using a derma roller on her face but How often to use derma roller?

For an entire day after dermarolling, you must avoid using any or all types of makeup products. What you must look out for is the usage of a makeup brush.
In order to guard the treated skin, you should avoid intense workouts, saunas, and even swimming pools.

Why is my skin darker after microneedling?

In case you have a dark skin tone, microneedling does make your skin looker darker than usual. As I stated before, the procedure boost melanin synthesis, which may make your skin look darker.

How often can you dermaroll for optimal results? 

blonde girl using a derma roller on her face but how often to use derma roller?

So, how often should you derma roll? Depending on the needle type you have, the number of times you can undergo this cosmetic procedure in a week would vary greatly. While the smaller types can be used more frequently, as you move up in size, the number of uses should be counted in weeks rather than days. 


Acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone, you name it! The microneedling sessions can most likely help with it.

A wonder tool in the skin industry continued research on its efficacy has constantly amazed users. That being said, better safe than sorry has always been my go-to motto.

So, to learn more about microneedling devices and procedures, you can even check out my guide on “Derma Roller vs Derma Pen.” Also, you are best cautioned while using a Derma Roller because you know your skin best.


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A lady receiving derma roller facial treatment

Have you tried using a derma roller? What are the most common derma roller side effects you’ve noticed? Let us know your experience below!