Dermapen Vs Derma roller: Which is Better?

Debating over using a “Dermapen vs Derma roller” can be mind-boggling.

With the market simply flooded with skin microneedling devices, it becomes excruciatingly hard to decide what’s best for you.

lady having derma pen treatment (Derma Pen Vs Derma Roller)

And that’s why weighing the benefits and differences between these two tools is extremely crucial.

So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into my guide and find out once and for all what the difference is, and which to choose when.

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What Is a Dermapen?

Before we get into the differences, I just want to quickly clear up some confusion about the name of this device. Dermapen is one word. It’s actually a trademarked beauty tool, so you’ll usually see it followed by the ® symbol.

I mean, the world won’t end if you call it a Derma Pen instead, but it’s still good to know the right way to spell it, right?

The Dermapen is a tool that falls into the “handheld device” category.

Since you are free to customize the pulses and needle lengths, this invasive procedure consumes more investment and time. 

dermapen being used on the woman's face

Don’t let that freak you out, though!

You’ll find these microneedling pens extremely versatile. But that also translates to higher chances that you will take more time and trial and error to find the settings that fit you the best.

However, this microneedling therapy via Dermapens remains among the top choices for professionals. It doesn’t offer the flaws of a microneedling roller while magnifying the results you achieve.

How Does Dermapen Work?

The workings of microneedling pens revolve around the oscillating pulses. Right at the site of treatment, these pulses are responsible for the movement of the needle.

Contrary to the movements of a Derma Roller, you’ll notice that the needle in the microneedling pen follows a vertical path.

That makes it abundantly easier for you to properly hold the tool due to its enhanced grip. Dermapens also offer you more maneuverability and comfort. In other words, it’s easier to use.

Take a look at this video showing how to use a dermapen:

What Is A Derma Roller?

Again, there’s a lot of confusion over how to actually spell this. Most beauty experts spell it as two words Derma Roller.

However, It’s also spelled as one- dermaroller by just as many people. Spell it however you’d like, it doesn’t change what it actually does!

Derma Rollers are microneedling tools that are most effective for wrinkles and stretch marks that do not require an intense microneedling treatment or the use of too many products.

pretty lady getting derma roller treatment

If you just need a light microneedling procedure, then Derma Rollers will efficiently fit your purpose.

The best Derma Rollers offer amazing results, especially when you combine them with other amazing skincare products.

You don’t need specialized training to use the tool, either. It’s quite intuitive. 

That said, though, PLEASE keep these rollers sterilized and sanitized. Otherwise, you’re looking at high risk for infection.

However, cleaning the needles and maintenance is quite simple. It’s also easy to store, which guards the needles against turning dull quickly and also saves you a few bucks.

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How Does Derma Roller Work?

Unlike the Dermapen, which contains a needle that goes up and down, Derma Rollers use just one rolling head. And it’s this rolling head that houses countless needles. All of them are made of stainless steel.

The site of treatment for Derma Rollers is usually wide regions such as your abdominal area, neck, and face.

It’s effective for treating fine lines, dark circles beneath your eyes, atrophic acne scars/acne scarring, facial scars/facial scar scale, and wrinkles.

You can use it with hyaluronic acid to get the desired results. 

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Is Derma Roller Better Than Dermapen?

I’ll state this for you in plain and simple terms: No, Derma Roller is not better than Dermapen. 

When you compare it to Derma Rollers, microneedling pens cause less damage. That means better results and a much quicker healing process.

Although the setup will surely take you more time, you decide the aggressiveness of the treatment procedure. You can even precisely choose the needle depth.

So in case, your pain tolerance is quite low, this feature is an added bonus for you.

The treatment procedure with a Derma Needle Pen is in itself faster. It amply helps lessen decoloration and enhances collagen production.

Thus, the tool is also efficient as a collagen induction therapy.

woman getting derma roller treatment

What Are The Key Differences Between Dermapen & Derma Roller?

The key differences between Dermapen & Derma Roller are as follows:


While microneedling pens are powered by a machine, Derma Roller is entirely mechanical. The former has needles that oscillate up and down vertically with adjustable speed levels. In contrast, Derma Rollers move horizontally on your skin.

You can even customize the length and the depth of the needle punctures with Dermapens. But Derma Rollers offer no such customization features, and the needles are much shorter.

Quicker Healing Time

Since the puncture wounds of microneedling pens are much smaller, the healing process is faster.

On the other hand, Derma Rollers involve the rolling procedure. And it creates wounds in the form of a crater! 

Do you want a crater on your skin? I bet, you don’t.

Also, the healing duration is much longer since the wounds are definitely larger.


Precision is among the standout features of Dermapens. It’s capable of treating difficult-to-reach regions such as the upper lip area, nose, in and around your eyes, etc.

You just cannot reach (forget treat!) such areas with the help of Derma Rollers.

Derma Roller Vs Dermapen: Which Treatment Is Best For Me?

If you’re really dying to know which treatment will suit you better, well, it depends!

As I stated earlier, I find variety to be the real issue when it comes to these tools. Without even trying hard, you’ll find a plethora of these tools online.

On top of that, all these tools boasting to be the best and most effective doesn’t make it easier for you, does it? Even choosing based on effectiveness and quality, you’ll still find enough variety that will leave you boggled.

In order to get the best results and to know which treatment microneedling device will suit you better, I’d advise you to carefully consider certain factors. That includes:

  • Your Lifestyle.
  • Your diet.
  • Your skin type.
  • Your age.

Despite their minute similarities, Dermapen is a much better skin enhancement tool.

If you’re looking for a procedure that’s effective, less uncomfortable, safer, and easier, I’ll confidently suggest you go for Dermapens. 

derma pen treatment for flawless face (derma pen vs derma roller guide)

The results of Dermapens are long-lasting and more satisfying too.


Do dermatologists recommend Dermarolling?

lady using a derma roller on her face

In plain and simple terms, dermatologists do not recommend and are strictly against at-home microneedling usage.
There are high chances of bruising and scarring due to the horizontal movement of these tools. Also, your skin undergoes trauma and tearing with each pass, owing to the tool’s wide surface area.

Are Dermapen results permanent? 

Regrettably, I must inform you that the amazing results you achieve through Dermapen are not permanent.
But if you’re interested in continually keeping your face in top shape, I’d advise you plan out quarterly microneedling sessions with your dermatologist.


That concludes this article on “Dermapen Vs Derma Roller: Which Treatment Should I choose?”

If you’re searching for a tool that offers more consistency in terms of functionality and results, I’d strictly suggest you go for Dermapens.

At the same time, I would also recommend consulting your dermatologist to get a better grasp of what your skin type needs.


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lady getting derma pen treatment

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