Do Derma Rollers Make Your Beard Grow Faster?

man using derma roller for his beard but do derma rollers work for beard growth?

Do derma rollers work for beard growth?

That question comes courtesy of my little brother who just hit puberty and can’t wait to grow his beard.

Needless to say, after much research and reading a ton of articles, derma rollers seemed quite appealing.

So, I ordered the best derma roller to find if they really are worth the hype.

The results of my research and the updates from my brother were rather interesting…!

How Do Beard Rollers Work?

Before we dive into the working of a beard growth roller, let’s first understand what it actually is.

derma roller on beard

Beard rollers work on the principle of microneedling. Typically, microneedling is a clinical procedure done by your dermatologist, but derma rollers let you put the power of the process in your own hands, literally.

These rollers were initially designed to reduce acne scars. However, as this device gained popularity more and more applications were discovered.

Derma rollers can also stimulate hair growth. It uses your body’s natural healing process to stimulate the growth of your beard.

Now, I know this sounds a little absurd at first, but let me explain…

When you roll a derma roller on your face with firm pressure, repeatedly in multiple directions, the rolling creates small punctures in the skin. These punctures cause minor damage, which leads to tiny bleeding points and minor bleeding

It’s a little painful and feels like acupuncture, at least that is how my brother best describes it.

But this damaged skin will soon start to heal and to speed up the healing process there will be increased blood circulation, production of collagen, and keratin production.

The micro-needles will stimulate dermal papilla, or the stem cells in hair follicles, which will result in increased hair growth. [1]

How Often Should I Use Derma Roller for Beard? 

While a couple of men are blessed with hair and beard which will put Greek gods to shame. Others are left with bald spots, patchy beards, and all together reducing hair growth.

After trying various beard growth oils, creams, beard balms, weird beard growth hacks, and whatnot, many men turn to beard rollers.

However, they are unsure as to how often they should use beard rollers. My brother was at first excited about using this tool. But soon encountered the same question.

A picture showing derma roller

Experts in the field of micro-needling say and I quote, “Beard rollers should be used twice a week, for natural beard hair growth.”

The reason is, you should let your skin heal and repair itself. Too much micro-needling may result in excessive bleeding or some permanent injuries. [2]

A few men who have had the experience of using this device recommend using it every three days.

Although both these statements sound a bit contradictory, the needle size truly determines the frequency of use.

If it’s a small 0.25mm needle size use it daily, a bigger 0.5mm needle could be used twice a week. A 0.75mm needle should be used only once every seven days. [3]

I advised my baby brother to use it twice a week initially, just to see how the device interacts with his skin surface. Eventually, as he will get used to it the frequency could be altered. I would suggest the same to you.

NOTE: Derma rollers over the needle size of 1.5mm are not for facial hair growth.

How Long Does It Take for Derma Roller to Grow Beard?

Growing a beard is not an overnight process. Keep in mind that it’s a slow and gradual process.

If you are using a derma roller for beard growth, be prepared to use this micro-needle device for a minimum of six to eight weeks, for the slightest growth.

Significant progress can be visible after six months of continuous use. The growth will be modest. And combined with beard growth oil and proper care. You can easily get a perfect beard.

Remember genetics too is amongst the key growth factors affecting your beard.

Check this great video review:

Do Beard Rollers Actually Work? 

Theoretically Yes! They should, I mean every study and research claims so.

But to be honest this method has a great success rate as it promotes natural collagen production and the flow of hormone-rich blood. Everything in this process is natural, with no use of synthetic or chemical ingredients.

The results of a study experiment carried out in 2013 on 100 men, show that men undergoing microneedling treatment experienced greater hair growth. Both facial and on their scalp. [4]

Furthermore, many men using a derma roller for a while claim to have seen excellent results. So, this method seems to work.

Is Beard Roller Safe? 

close-up shot of beard roller on the face

Yes! Beard rollers are completely safe. However, when you purchase one make sure the titanium needles are not rusted, since all the needles will be in direct contact with your skin.

As you will be using the product periodically it’s best to sanitize it before and after use. Alcohol and sanitizer sprays are convenient disinfectants.

If you avoid or skip this step, you are just laying a royal banquet for bacteria to enter into the deeper layers of your healthy skin. So don’t slack off and start cleaning.

Otherwise, this roller is totally safe to use, there are hardly any dermarolling side effects.


Can I use beard oil after derma rolling?

Of course! It’s a great way to speed up facial hair growth. Beard oils catalyze the growth of the beard along with the microneedling process.

Can I Derma roll my beard every day?

Misconception About Beard Growth

Yes and No! No, because needles of the beard roller are supposed to harm your skin. And our skin needs time to heal in order to recover and for hair follicles to grow. Overdoing it can result in irritated skin. However, if your roller has needles of 0.25mm you can safely use your roller daily.

How long does it take to grow a beard with derma rollers?

Six to eight weeks minimum. But for a full beard, it’s best to use it for half a year straight.

Who should use a derma roller?

man touching his acne wondering does acne affect beard growth

Men having issues with facial hair growth, having a patchy beard or continuous hair loss should try using derma rollers. Also, women with significant hair loss can use it.


My brother is nowhere near a full beard, not sure if he even wants that look. But after one and half months of use, so far beard derma rollers have given him a light scruff through regular use. I must add he is happy and satisfied!

But the rule of thumb is to follow all the steps, give your skin healing time and be consistent but do not overdo it.

Beard rollers really help with the circulation of blood and have beard growth potential through the right kind of stimulation.

I definitely recommend derma rollers for beard, to anyone out there who needs a little assistance to grow a healthy beard.


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A man showing how to use derma roller for beard

Do beard rollers work for you? Let us know your experience in the comments below!