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Best Derma Roller for Beard Growth 2020

Many consider beard as the “sign of masculinity”. Even when this thought is subjective and provocative, there is no denying that the beard actually elevates a man’s look by several notches. From Leonardo Di Caprio to Lionel Messi and Joe Manganiello, celebrities also like to sport beards to look edgy and sexy.

Featured Image of Best Derma Roller for Beard Growth

If you also want to add an edge to your appearance, then there is nothing more appealing then to grow a beard. However, if you are someone who doesn’t have a beard or grow facial hair as successfully as others, looking sexy and edgy like your favorite celebrity might seem the furthest dream.

But then again, where there is a will, there is a way.

With an appropriate derma roller, now you can also grow a face full of beard to sport a macho look to impress others. And to help you find the best derma roller for beard growth, in this article, we have discussed every little aspect you must know about derma roller and beard growth and also listed the best micro-needling tools in the market so that finding the best tool never feel easier.

A Quick Overlook at the Best Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Let’s have a quick overview of our top picks before jumping into an in-detail discussion.

Alphaluxy Derma Roller for Beard Growth
Check Price
Alphaluxy Derma Roller for Beard Growth - Small INS2001$$
Young17 Beard Growth Derma Roller
Check Price
Young17 Beard Growth Derma Roller - Small INS2001$$
SanDine Silky Skin Micro Needle Roller
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SanDine Silky Skin Micro Needle Roller - Small INS2001$
Bear’s Beard Derma Roller
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Bear’s Beard Derma Roller - Small INS2001$$

Derma Roller Buying Guide for Beard Growth

What is a Derma Roller for Beard Growth?

In simple words, a derma roller for beard (or a micro-needling tool for beard, however you call it) is a skincare device that is specially designed to stimulate beard growth in men to make them look consistent and full.

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This incredible handheld tool comes with a roller head paired with a long handle to make it more convenient to use on the face. The roller head is adorned with hundreds of microneedles, ranging from 0.3-0.5 mm that penetrates the beard area precisely and results in numerous micro-injuries on the skin. These micro-injuries help to boost the blood flow and increase collagen and keratin production on the punctured area so that the beard follicle gets stimulated and starts growing perfectly.

One thing about beard derma rollers that you should know about is that, even though these can also be used on female faces, they don’t work in the same way. While the microneedles of these rollers stimulate the growth hormone in men’s face, it only increase the production of collagen in women’s skin (women don’t have the growth hormones that men do), and therefore, you can also use these tools on women face without the worry of growing beard.

How a Derma Roller Can Help with your Beard Growth?

Beard Growth - INS2001

A derma roller or a micro-needling tool can be used for different purposes. From fighting acne scars and signs of aging to stimulating hair and beard growth, this amazing tool never ceases to stun its users. However, even though at first it might seem quite impossible for a bunch of needles to help regenerate your facial hair, the scientific logic behind it would astonish you.

When you roll over the tool over your face skin for quite a few times, the micro-needles incorporated in the roller head punctures through the face and create micro-injuries in the skin. When the skin suffers from such injuries, the body recognizes them and starts circulating more blood and nutrients to the affected area to begin the healing process instantly. This process not only rejuvenates the skin but also makes it healthy and well-prepared so that the beard can grow effectively.

Furthermore, as the needles puncture through the epidermis layer (the topmost layer of the skin) and prickle the dermis layer (the layer just below the epidermis), they stimulate the production of collagen and keratin successfully to help in the beard growth. Additionally, these deep injuries also boost the hair growth hormones in the cells so that your beard follicles are strengthened from within and start growing quickly.

Potential Side Effects of Using Derma Roller for Beard Growth

While this amazing tool helps you to redefine your masculinity, you must also be aware of the potential side effects of using this tool as well. In addition to its amazing capability of growing beard efficiently, a derma roller also has a few drawbacks that you must know about before starting the process to enjoy a safe yet effective derma rolling session at the comfort of your home.

To start with, the most common side effect of micro-needling your face is uncomfortableness and itchiness. Even though the needles might not cause pain or hurt your face, puncturing might still cause a pricking sensation and result in initial discomfort. However, these are a very common and harmless phenomenon and therefore, should not be bothered about much.

Moreover, as for the beard growth process, you are using slightly longer needles, there are high possibilities of bleeding and infection if you press these needles hard while rolling the tool; this might cut deep into your face skin and cause severe bloodshed.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Even though it might seem quite impossible to stimulate beard growth with a derma roller, the reality is if you have the right tool, you can actually help your beard grow with a micro-needling tool. Now, with all the needle sizes, brands, and types of rollers available, it might be quite a hassle to find the right tool for you.  However, if you know what to look for and why to look for that particular feature, it is quite easy to find the best derma roller for your beard growth.

Why Smaller Needles are not Recommended

Derma Roller Needles - INS2001

The first and most important aspect of a derma roller that you must keep an eye on is its needle size. That is because it not only interprets the safety of the tool but also determines the type of results the roller will produce on your face. Even though there are several different needle sizes available in the market, not all of them are suitable for growing beard quickly yet safely. And that’s why you must be very careful about the size of the needles while choosing a derma roller to promote your facial hair growth.

According to many experts and beard enthusiasts, 0.5 mm to 1mm needles are just the right size to do the trick. These sizes are not too small and not too long and are of just the right length to penetrate deep into the dermis layer and stimulate collagen and keratin production. In addition, these needles also increase the hair growth hormone production and improve the blood circulation in the beard area to show extraordinary results quickly. Even though you won’t see results overnight, you would surely notice the difference after a few weeks of regular usage.

In addition, to promote beard growth, these needles also help to remove dead skin from the face surface and rejuvenate your skin from within for a smoother and brighter outlook.

Another interesting thing about this size range is that they can puncture through your face without creating any pain or severe uncomfortableness.

Does the Size of the Roller Head Really Matter?

Simply speaking, it does.

Although companies produce different sizes of roller heads, from small to medium to large, not all of them are appropriate to use on the beard area. According to experts, a medium-sized roller head is just the right size to use on the face, especially the beard area, because while a large-head roller wouldn’t reach “hard to reach areas” perfectly, a smaller roller would take forever to cover all the beard area for a single micro-needling session. And that’s why opting for a medium-size roller head is the best choice for you.

While talking about the roller head, let’s also discuss the needle density on the tool head as it also matters. For a successful and painless derma rolling session, it is a must that you choose a roller head with closely packed needles.  350-600 needles on a medium-sized head are the most sought after density because they create more microchannels on your skin in a single roll compared to the 192/200 needle counts.

What should be the Needle Material?

Derma Roller Needle Material - INS2001

Derma roller needles are usually made from either titanium or stainless steel material. While the stainless steel needles are much more sterile and hygienic and create precise punctures in the face, the titanium needles are super strong and sturdy and won’t blunt away quickly.

As both these materials come with some significantly good characteristics, we recommend them both for tough men’s faces.

The Must-Have Features- In a Nutshell

  • Needle Size:30mm to 0.50mm Needles
  • Roller Head Size: Medium Size
  • Needle Density: 350-600 Needles

Top Derma Rollers for Beard Growth

The market is full of derma rollers from different brands with different features and factors. However, all of them are not suitable for your beard growth. We have spent numerous hours researching and reviewing various derma rollers to find the best derma roller for beard growth in the market just for you.

But before discussing them in detail, let’s compare some of our picks to understand why we chose some over the others.

Table of Comparison of Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Must-have FeaturesAlphaluxy Derma Roller for Beard GrowthYoung17 Beard Growth Derma RollerSanDine Silky Skin Micro Needle RollerBear’s Beard Derma RollerKoi Beauty® Professional Derma RollerPetunia Skincare Derma Roller
Needle Size0.5mm Needles0.5mm Needles0.3mm Needles0.5mm Needles0.75mm Needles1mm Needles
Roller Head SizeMedium SizeMedium SizeMedium SizeMedium SizeMedium SizeMedium Size
Needle Density540 Needles540 Needles540 Needles540 Needles200 Needles540 Needles

Alphaluxy Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Excellent for Sensitive Male Skin

If you are looking for the best derma roller to help you with your beard growth, then this Micro-needling Derma Roller from Alphaluxy is just the right one for you. Aside from incorporating all the features we want in a derma roller to stimulate beard growth in men, this micro-needling tool is also super lightweight, easy to control, and most importantly, it comes with several safety certifications which helped it to grab the top position in our list without much competition.

Before discussing its different aspects, let’s first talk about its safety measures so that you understand why this tool is also suitable to use on extremely sensitive skin. Alphaluxy incorporated hypoallergenic micro-needles to this derma roller to ensure maximum safety to the users’ skin. The hypoallergenic needles are less likely to cause any allergic reaction on your face and therefore, can be used without the fear of any skin irritations and allergies.

In addition to the hypoallergenic needles, this derma roller also comes with CE and ISO Certifications to ensure additional safety and security to the users. While the CE Certification means that the tool is extremely safe for the health and environment, the ISO Certification implies that the needles are gamma sterilized (a medical caliber sterilization procedure) to provide 100% safety during the micro-needling sessions and make sure that they don’t result in any potential health or skin problem.

While talking about the needles, let’s mention that this micro-needling derma roller comes with a medium roller head that incorporates 540 microneedles to help promote your facial hair growth promptly. These needles penetrate the tough male skin extremely easily and create micro-injuries to increase collagen and keratin production for quicker beard growth.

Moreover, the needles of this tool are made from strong titanium material to provide the best as well as virtually painless micro-needling experience to its users. They are extremely sharp and strong and therefore, can penetrate men’s tough skin precisely without causing any pain or uncomfortableness.

Furthermore, as these micro-tip needles are very sturdy, they don’t break or bend while puncturing through the skin.

Another excellent feature of these micro-needles is their size. At 0.50mm of length, they are of just the perfect size to puncture through the dermis layer and stimulate stem cells and blood circulation to promote beard growth promptly. Moreover, as these are not too long, they won’t get stuck to the existing beards (if you already have any) and pull them off. You can glide it through your face smoothly without the worry of any beard loss.

Even though skin brightness or fighting signs of aging are not the main concerns for most men, this derma roller still rejuvenates the skin and removes dead cells from the surface so that aside from stimulating beard growth, your face also becomes brighter and younger.

Additional Features

Young17 Beard Growth Derma Roller

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Expensive yet Worth the Price

If budget is not a problem, then this Derma Roller from Young17 is your best choice. This masculine-looking derma roller is an effective tool that grabbed a position in our list because it incorporates all the features we look for in a derma roller tool to grow a beard in men successfully.

However, even though it’s in the second position doesn’t mean that this tool lacks anything. It’s in a bit lower position because we just cannot put all the products in the same position; one has to come after the other. And that’s why it ended up here just to maintain the synchronization.

Nevertheless, this Young17 micro-needling tool is an excellent device to help you grow your beard and give a brand new look without much effort.

Let’s start with its needles. This micro-needling derma roller comes with a medium head roller that incorporates 540 microneedles to provide a smooth yet effective rolling experience to the users. Constructed with high-quality titanium material, these tiny needles are strong, sturdy, and super sharp and are committed to providing you a painless micro-needling session. Such sharp needles can puncture through your skin effortlessly without causing any pain or tearing any tissues over the surface to result in any future infections.

Also, as titanium doesn’t rust or corrode, it adds to the hygiene factor of the needles and makes sure that your skin is safe from any severe infection and contamination.

In addition to the sharpness, the length of these needles also helps to go through the dermis layer effectively. The 0.50mm long needles create thousands of microscopic injuries in the skin and boost collagen and keratin production to influence beard growth quickly. These microscopic channels also help to absorb the beard care products better so that they can work from within for an even faster outcome.

Additional Features

SanDine Silky Skin Micro Needle Roller

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: CE and ISO Certified to Ensure the Best Quality and Maximum Safety

This sleek, shiny looking micro-needling tool from SanDine Silky Skin attracts the gaze of customers easily. But its good looks and a budget-friendly price tag is not the only reason we consider this derma roller as one of the top products in our list; it ended up being in our list because it not only comes with all the features we look for in the best derma roller for beard growth, but also offers some extra features to make your derma rolling experience even better and safe.

While talking about safe micro-needling, let’s also discuss the safety measures of this derma roller that makes it different from the others in the market. To provide the best quality rolling session and ensuring maximum safety to its users, this micro-needling tool comes with CE, RoHS and ISO Certifications so that there is zero to minimal risk when you use it for your face for beard growth.

While the CE Certification is a certification mark that indicates the health, safety, and environmental protection of the roller, RoHS Certified means that the roller is not hazardous and doesn’t come with any dangerous components which have the potential to cause any health or skin problems.

Even though both these certifications are EEA standards, they are as effective in the US also.

Another excellent safety measure of this SanDine Silky Skin derma roller is that it comes with micro-needles that are gamma sterilized according to ISO 11137. The gamma sterilization is medical-grade sterilization which dismisses the possibility of any allergic reaction through the needles and ensures 100% safety during the micro-needling sessions.

Furthermore, SanDine Silky Skin incorporated non-allergenic, high-quality titanium constructed needles to this tool to add more to its safety. Aside from being super safe and hygiene, these microneedles are also extremely strong sturdy, and sharp, and can penetrate the tough skin of men’s face precisely without causing any pain or uncomfortableness.

The 540 needle count on the medium roller head also assures a painless rolling session. These highly packed, 0.3mm needles puncture through your skin quickly and perfectly. When you roll it over your beard area, these tiny needles create microscopic holes in your skin almost instantly so that you don’t alone feel any pain or strain while using it.

Another great feature of these 0.3mm titanium needles is that they are of just the right size to reach the dermis layer of the skin and stimulate collagen, keratin, and hair growth hormone so that they can promote your beard growth and make you look more handsome hand before.

Additional Features

Bear's Beard Derma Roller

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Best for Super-sensitive Skin

The masculine-looking derma rollers from Bear’s Beard is yet another of our favorite micro-needling tool to help beard growth promptly. This excellent tool not only comes with each of the features we look for in a derma roller for growing beards and mustaches successfully but it is also safe for super sensitive men skin for a smooth and effective micro-needling session.

One of the features that make this tool suitable for ultra-sensitive men’s skin is its stainless steel needles. It comes with 540 microneedles made from surgical-grade stainless that are not only incredibly sterile and hygienic but are also super sharp so that you can enjoy a safe yet precise needling session for beard growth. Such sharp needles can puncture through your skin effortlessly without causing any pain or tearing any tissues that might have the potential to cause future infections.

The size of its needles also helps to grow facial hair quickly. The 0.5mm needles can penetrate the dermis layer of your face easily and stimulate collagen and keratin production and helps the cells to boosts hormone secretion to increase beard growth.  Moreover, as these long needles also create thousands of micro-channels in your face skin, the skincare products you use for quick beard growth can reach deep into the skin and work from within to show even quicker results.

Another excellent aspect of this derma roller is that it provides a painless micro-needling session. The sharpness and preciseness of the stainless steel paired with the high-density needle count punctures your skin so quickly and perfectly that you won’t even realize them injecting through your face.

Additional Features

Reasons for Not Recommending Some Models

Koi Beauty® Professional Derma Roller

Koi Beauty® has produced some of the most popular derma rollers available in the market. However, we don’t consider this particular tool appropriate for beard regrowth because:

  • The medium head roller of this micro-needling tool comes with just 200 needles which are not densely packed. The “not so densely packed” needles have the potential to cause pain in the face during the rolling sessions.
  • Moreover, the 0.75mm needles are a bit longer than our preferred needle size and have the potential to cause pain and bleeding when you try to roll them over your face.

Petunia Skincare Derma Roller

This Derma Roller from Petunia Skincare is nice, cute, and lightweight. But it didn’t end up being in our best list because:

  • It comes with 1mm long needles which are not at all appropriate to puncture your face with. These needles are super long and might cause severe bleeding even when you roll it over tough men’s skin.
  • Another drawback of this micro-needling tool is that it doesn’t come in a plastic protective box to keep the needles away from dirt, dust, and germs. Needles that collect germs and dirt have the potential to cause severe infections on the face which might even require medical attention.

How to Use a Derma Roller on your Beard

Using a derma roller for beard growth is pretty simple. However, the preparation stage before the actual micro-needling session is important because the well-being of your skin largely depends on this.

The Preparation Stage

As the roller needles are going to puncture your skin and come in direct contact with your face, it is very important that you clean and sanitizes them with utmost care to ensure that your face doesn’t suffer from any potential infections.

For the cleaning and sanitizing process, first, soak or spray the roller with alcohol cleaner (we prefer this Florida Laboratories Isopropyl Alcohol Spray) to make sure it is fully disinfected. Then let it dry a bit so that there is no alcohol left on the needles.

The Micro-needling Stage

For the actual rolling session, wash your face with a suitable facewash (like the NIVEA Men DEEP Cleansing Beard & Face Wash) and pat it dry. Then take the sterilized roller and start rolling over the desired area horizontally, vertically, and diagonally 4-5 times to make sure that all the beard area is needled perfectly without a spot left.

Remember not to press the roller hard or otherwise, you might cut off your face skin and cause bloodshed.

After you are done with the needling session, apply a suitable beard growth serum or oil (we prefer this Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil) for quicker and more visible results.

The After Care Stage

Once you finish the rolling, spray another coat of the alcohol cleaner on the roller head and keep it in a dry place to disinfect the needles again. Then, gently place the roller in the box and seal it tight so that no dust and dirt can enter the box.

When and How Often to Use a Derma Roller to Influence Beard Growth?

Now that we know how to use a derma roller, let’s discuss when to use it for the perfect results.

As the needles used for beard growth are not too long and are safe, you can actually use them daily for your facial hair growth. However, experts suggest using the tool thrice per week because you should always let your face skin rest and repair it before penetrating it again. If you try puncturing it more frequently, the skin will not get the time to repair and hence, would delay showing your desired results.

Final Words

Derma rolling is a cheap and easy method of stimulating beard growth and the derma rollers that we have discussed above are the best in doing that. These tools are not only safe and easy to use, but they also promote facial hair growth like none in the market. We can guarantee you that these tools won’t disappoint you a bit.

Trust our words.

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