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Do Derma Rollers Work for Cellulite

Stretch marks and cellulite are two major skin issues, I am carrying for a long time. Looking at them, I feel terrible and insecure. I bet you are here because you are suffering the same too! How do I know? Well, around 80 to 90 percent of women experience cellulite, a lumpy and uneven texture made of fat under your skin.

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Both slim and overweight person experiences it on their buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. Men can be also affected by it but to a lesser extent.

I have searched a lot for proper treatment to at least reduce this dimpled appearance and finally found this derma-rolling therapy. This is indeed an incredible way to reduce the fat pockets by making your skin firmer. But do they work for cellulite perfectly? I wasn’t so sure until I started digging into it.

Many patients are satisfied with this powerful and less risky method. When I got to know more about it, I wanted to try this all-in-one skin treatment.

If you also want to try it, then you should know, to which way it leads your skin. And, first of all, you need to know how it works! See for yourself.

Normally, micro-needling therapy or dermarolling is performed in the clinic or beauty parlors by using a roller device. You can do it yourself too at home. It helps the skin to repair by forming newer skin cells and thus improve cellulite. But how does this roller work? Let’s quench your enthusiasm.

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This handheld device has a specific number of microneedles. These needles create microinjury when they penetrate your skin, resulting in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. These proteins are responsible to repair the skin by forming new cells. This technique works when the roller gets to the dermis and thickens your skin.

The theory behind this thickening process is easy. When your dermis is hard enough to protrude by the fat globules, it prevents the dimple formation on your skin. As your skin cells generate slowly, it takes weeks for the wound to completely heal. Derma-rolling therapy follows the same principle.

Dermarolling Tactics for Cellulite Retrenchment

Using Derma Rollers for Removing Cellulite

Before using this therapy there are some techniques you should know and follow thereby. If it’s the first time you are using it, then it would be better to apply it to a tiny area to observe the reaction. This way, you can make sure that this treatment and needle size won’t harm you. Also, don’t forget to clean your roller regularly in hot water for your safety. The more you will care, the longer the roller will last and remain sharper.

Using a roller to treat your cellulite is very easy. I was kind of panicky when I thought to use it for the first time. But later I discovered, it’s a simple process. You can do it yourself by following the 4-direction technique without any difficulty.

At first, roll it four times upward and downward, then lift it and roll four times on the left and right side. Then do it diagonally four times on both “top right to bottom left” and “top left to bottom right”. You have to apply the same steps with the same pressure every time.

As cellulite doesn’t go off easily, you have to take regular sessions several times to see the desired result. This uneven fat declines slowly so, it may take months to a year to remove or reduce it. For a better result, doctors recommend micro-needling to do once a week.

Skin needling works more when you combine a cellulite serum with it. Normally, Vitamin A based serum is good for cellulite problems. Though this treatment is a stand-alone one and effective by itself, combining it with the cream will hasten the collagen production than before. As a result, you will find less dimpling.

Vitamin A has several potent forms, among them, Retinoid is the most potent one. For an effective and fast result, Retinoid cream such as Yeouth Retinol Cream may be a great option. The acidic condition of this cream may cause irritation and burning sensation, but not to everyone. Don’t forget to do a patch test before using any cream. Also, it is contraindicated to pregnant and lactating women. So, beware if you are in any of this situation.

Does Any Needle Size Work the Same for Cellulite?

Derma rollers have different sizes ranges from 0.2mm-3.0mm. You cannot use any of it for the type of cellulite you have. Knowing the form of cellulite, you are experiencing is necessary to determine the needle.

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When the skin texture is slightly saggy and it has depressions less than four, it is called grade 1 cellulite, the premature stage of this situation. You can treat it with smaller needles.

When the patient has a draped skin pattern and the skin has more depressions, then it is defined as grade 2 cellulite.

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Grade 3 cellulite is deliberated when the skin has numerous visible depressions and it is very draped and saggy. This situation is considered severed and anyone can see it even with the cloth on.

Normally, you can start with a needle size of 0.5 mm to treat and gradually increase the size according to the condition. If your cellulite condition is a Grade 3 one, then you may increase the size up to 1 mm. Some people have much endurance, so they can go up to 1.5 mm. If you are one of them and choose to pick a higher size, you must consult a professional.

Normally the higher size should be avoided as more damage can occur due to it. A derma roller with 1200 needles of 0.5 mm size is a good one if you will micro-needling on buttocks or thighs. Also, a 0.25 mm sized roller like BeautyBio GloPRO Derma Roller is also good for go-off.

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Does It Completely Vanish Your Cellulite?

Can Derma Rollers Completely Vanish Your Cellulite

Cellulite or these lumpy fats aren’t easy to reduce. The percentage of reducing it depends on the skin type of a particular person. Researchers have to go a long way to determine the exact effectiveness of this procedure.

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Though you wish to knock down them completely, is this possible? Not on my sense as it is a part of your body structure, it won’t fade away entirely. You can minimize the fats and marks by several sessions of this low-risk treatment.

Besides collagen formation, it will brighten up the skin tone, together your skin will be firmer and brighter. Thus, A large amount of improvement of the cellulite will be visible.

The Base Line

Derma roller is bliss to cellulite bearing people. Those who have cellulite and cannot freely carry the dress they want for these lumps can happily wear the outfit now.  I love it because it is easy to use as well as affordable. Have you ever thought about it? If not then it’s time to rethink. Though rollers don’t work a hundred percent for cellulite, they work enough to look pretty. If you’ve ever treated with it then share your opinion with us.

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