Do Derma Rollers Work for Stretch Marks?

Carrying some stretch marks isn’t shameful at all. We are humans and we have many flaws. At least, I tell that to myself. Still, we desire to leave our blemishes sometimes.

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Almost 75% of men and women experience stretch marks on their thighs, stomach, bottom, and breasts due to the change of body size and shape. This causes when the skin contracts or expands suddenly due to weight gain or loss or pregnancy. 90% of women carry stretch marks due to pregnancy. Many wish to get rid of these marks as they feel embarrassed.

These safe marks are difficult to remove normally. Among many ways, derma rolling or micro-needling appears to be effective these days. Derma roller is an advanced technique to remove the marks which cause because of the breakdown of the middle skin layers. This therapy can be the road to success to leave your ugly scars and replace them with healthier, brighter, and smoother skin.

However, can stretch marks be removed fully by derma rollers? Does it work on all types of skin? We will be able to come to a decision after knowing how it actually works.

The fine, small needles of the roller pierce the skin when you roll it over the skin. The needles create tiny and superficial holes in the skin. Don’t be afraid. This treatment isn’t invasive as well as causes no actual damage to the external layer of skin. The injury is controlled and only scar tissue is the target here. The needles pierce deep into the skin and break down the scar tissue leading to superficial bleeding.

These micro-injuries force the skin to regenerate and remodel. This clever trick triggers the healing process instead of creating more scar tissues. This happens when the skin liberates substances for growth stimulation and the formation of new blood vessels occurs. And then the skin begins to produce more collagen.

You will notice a reduction of the fine wrinkles on the treated area of your skin within the next five days. This is because of the newly produced collagen that deposits in the treated skin. Collagen is found in the dermis or middle layer of the skin that plays an authentic role to ensure skin’s shape and firmness. The dermal layers will be thick and old stretches will gradually fade away by using the rollers repeatedly.

Does It Work the Same on Everyone?

Surely, the outcome of using a roller differs from person to person. Not everyone can get prominent effectiveness at the same time but many can have almost large-scale results without any side effects or risks. It depends on many factors such as the number or frequency of total treatments, the intensity of stretch marks, proper cream or skin serum, and the choice of the appropriate needle length.

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Derma-rolling or micro-needling treatment doesn’t work overnight. It’s a gradual process that needs much patience. Yes, you have to wait till four to five treatments to observe any changes in your marks. It needs months to recover if you treat your skin at least three times a week. With every treatment, it will remove the marks little by little. Use your roller 20-30 minutes on every treatment and change the needle direction on every one or two minutes.

Questions may pop up in your mind like, “Do they work on old stretch marks?” Well, this is when you need to select your needles carefully. Normally the microneedle sizes of roller range from 0.2-3.0 mm. For deep and old stretch marks, usually, a 1.5-2.0 mm roller is required.

As it is not safe to use microneedles sizes of more than 1.5 mm at home, you have to use one less than this size while using by yourself. Otherwise, you should consult trained professionals or dermatologist. Roller sizes 0.5 mm is safe for home treatment and doesn’t cause any damage.

Besides choosing the needle size, you have to choose the roller size too based on needle numbers. There are rollers for many purposes. For stretch marks, derma roller that comes with 1200 microneedles, such as BeautyBio GloPRO Derma Roller, is great as it covers a large area of the body. This is perfect for thighs, arms, tummy, and buttocks.

Also, combining a serum with your roller can speed up the treatment and give a brighter skin. This is because micro-needling promotes the suction of skincare products. Collagen synthesis promoting serums that contain vitamin E, vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid or HA (like Leven Rose Vitamin C Serum for Collagen Boost) are good for stretch mark treatment.

Why are these elements important? Well, vitamin E combined with vitamin C work as an effective antioxidant that speeds up collagen boosting to the skin and cell regeneration. Vitamin C helps to fade away the black or purplish color of the stretch marks by preventing melanin production.

HA keeps your skin hydrated as it can carry up to 1000 times more water of its weight. All these together give an improved and glowing appearance to your skin.

One thing I want to add, if you cannot tolerate small pain like me, you can buy numbing cream (like Deeveeant Lidocaine Cream for Numbing). It minimizes the pain or discomfort; you feel during treatment. Normally microneedle of 0.5 mm or less is tolerable but if you are going to use a large one then you should take precautions. Well, you need to apply this cream on your skin approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before the treatment.

Does It Vanish Your Stretch Marks Entirely?

After all these efforts and treatments, do the scars really go away? The answer is “NO”! As you have read above, it improves the physiognomy of marks but doesn’t disappear them. It flourishes the texture and color of the skin by breaking up the marks and replacing them with normal skin. This way the fragmentations of scars fade away gradually but they don’t disappear even if you treat them for years.

As stretch marks are deep scars so it isn’t possible to just vanish them. You can only normalize it partially. Also, this is a new method that hasn’t been researched much. So, no one can exactly tell what it can do further. So far, you can make the marks more faded with glowing skin if you treat regularly.

End Story

Stretch marks are a part of your body. If you want to remove this part, it isn’t easy at all. You need lots of time and techniques and still can’t get rid of it entirely. Derma rollers bring a new doorway to this desire of people. Many people are succeeding to minimize the marks to a great extent. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before applying this technique. If any of you have succeeded already, happily share your experience with us.