Do Derma Rollers Really Work On Stretch Marks? (Definitive Guide)

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I was pregnant twice and the first time, I had stretch marks all over my stomach which were really bothering me.

Yeek!! So I did some research!

And I’ve got the answer to this burning question

Do Derma Rollers Really Work On Stretch Marks?

Find out!

Does Dermarolling Work On Old Stretch Marks?

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Yes, dermarolling works on old stretch marks by fading them out.

Almost 80% of people in America experience stretch marks [1]on their thighs, stomach, bottom, and breasts due to rapid weight gain.

This happens when the skin contracts or expands suddenly due to weight gain or loss or pregnancy.

whopping 90% of women carry stretch marks due to pregnancy [2].

Many want to get rid of these marks as they feel embarrassed.

These marks are normally difficult to remove.

While there are MANY ways, derma rolling or micro-needling is among the effective these days.

However, can stretch marks [3] be removed fully by derma rollers?

Does it work on all types of skin?

Let’s explore the answer!

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How Do Derma Rollers Work For Stretch Marks?

Derma rolling [4] is done by rolling over the skin with a micro-needling tool containing micro needles creating micro – injuries in the skin.

This non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen  and elastin production which in turn strengthens the skin and helps eliminate the appearance of the marks.

This collagen induction therapy isn’t invasive nor does it cause actual damage to the external layer of skin.

The injuries are controlled and only scar tissue is the target here.

The micro needles pierce through the dermal layers and break down the scar tissue leading to superficial bleeding.

These micro-injuries cause an increase in blood flow and force the skin to regenerate and remodel.

This clever trick triggers the natural healing process instead of creating more scar tissues.

This happens when the skin liberates substances for growth stimulation and the formation of new blood vessels occurs.

And in turn, elastin production and collagen production is on overdrive in the skin.

You will notice a reduction of the fine wrinkles and improved skin texture on the treated area of your skin within five days.

This is because of the collagen production in the treated skin.

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Does Dermarolling Vanish Your Stretch Marks Entirely?

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The answer is yes dermarolling vanishes stretchmarks but not entirely.

After the birth of my first children, I tried all types of skincare products to get rid of my stretch marks to no avail.

Derma rolling is the only therapy that actually helped to reduce the appearance of the streaks.

It flourishes the texture and color of the skin by breaking up the marks and replacing them with normal skin.

This way the fragmentations of scars fade away gradually but they don’t disappear even if you treat them for years.

But their effectiveness can vary widely depending on skin type and severity of stretch marks.

It’s a cost-effective method when used as directed and included in a routine of good exfoliation and moisturizing.

Do Dermarollers Work On Stretch Marks (The Same For Everybody)

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The outcome of using a roller differs from person to person.

Not everyone can get prominent effectiveness at the same time but many can have almost large-scale results without any side effects or risks.

It depends on many factors such as:

  • The number or frequency of total treatments
  • The intensity of the lesions
  • Proper cream or skin serum
  • The choice of the appropriate needle length

Though the effectiveness of derma rolling varies from one person to the other, there are ways you can ensure you get results from it.

Tips For Efficient Use Of Dermarollers In Stretch Marks Removal

Derma-rolling or micro-needling treatment doesn’t work overnight.

It’s a gradual process that needs much patience.

Yes, you have to wait till four to five treatments to observe any changes in your marks.

But here’s how to ensure you get radiant skin.

  1. Use your roller for 20-30 minutes on every treatment and change the needle direction every one or two minutes.
  2. Normally the micro needle sizes of roller range from 0.2-3.0 mm. For deep and old stretch marks, usually, a larger size derma roller of 1.5-2.0 mm is required.
  3. As it is not safe to use micro needles sizes of more than 1.5 mm at home, you have to use a 0.5 mm size using it by yourself. These are medium size derma roller needles.
  4. Besides choosing the needle size, you have to choose the roller size too based on needle numbers. In this case, a derma roller that comes with 1200 micro needles, is perfect.
  5. Combining a serum with your roller can speed up the treatment and give a brighter skin. This is because micro-needling promotes the suction of skincare products.
  6. Collagen synthesis promoting serums that contain vitamin E, vitamin C, and Hyaluronic acid or HA (like Leven Rose Vitamin C Serum for Collagen production) are good for stretch mark treatment.
  7. If you cannot tolerate pain like me, you can buy numbing cream (like Deeveeant Lidocaine Cream for Numbing). It minimizes the pain or discomfort; you feel during treatment.

Key Takeaway

Stretch marks are something that we are all susceptible to, and everybody is different in how they respond to treatments.

When all is said and done, the derma roller will most likely be your best bet for treating your stretch marks.

The success of your derma roller treatment will depend on the condition of your skin and the severity of the marks.

Hopefully, this has answered your question of whether derma rollers can work on stretch marks.

If you’ve got more tips, please leave them in the comment section.




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