Is the ORA Body Microneedle Roller System Worth Your Money?

Betty has been eyeing this ORA Body Microneedle Roller System for the longest time. Even though she doesn’t have any particular issues with her body skin, reviews from her friends and family have got her interested in this product.

Features Image of Body Microneedle Roller System

However, as much as she loves to hear about its benefits from others, Betty is still skeptical about buying this tool because of the thousands of needles and the safety measures. If you are also confused like Betty and are concerned about the performance of this micro-needling tool, then you have landed in the right place because, in this article, we have discussed the benefits and flaws of this model so that you know everything about it and make your buying decision accordingly.


Intended UseFor body scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and cellulite
Needle Size0.50 mm
Roller Head SizeLarge
Needle MaterialStainless Steel
Needle Density1080 needles
Technology UsedDisc Needle Technology
Handle GripYes
Storage CaseYes
Electric PoweredNo
Weight0.25 Pound
Dimension2.5x 1.8x 7.20 Inches

The Features We Loved

There are several reasons that made this ORA Body Microneedle Roller System one of the most sought-after micro-needling that it is today. From its alluring look to its ability to make your body beautiful, this derma rolling tool offers you every little aspect you need and want to keep your skin smooth and youthful all day every day.

Below, we have listed and discussed the top qualities of this model so that you also love it as much as we do.

Extremely Suitable For All Parts of the Body

If you are looking for a micro-needling tool that would work amazingly, then this model from ORA is just the right pick for you. This extraordinary roller comes with a large head which means that it rolls through all your body parts including the larger ones like arms and thighs easily and effectively. Moreover, as the larger head covers a larger area of your body at once, the micro-needling is super quick as well as efficient.

Improves Skin Appearance Drastically

Improves Skin Appearance Drastically​

The most extraordinary benefit of using this micro-needling tool is that it improves your skin appearance so drastically that you are bound to fall in love with your body all over again. The needles from this roller create micro-injuries in your skin quickly yet surely so that it boosts up collagen and elastin production and repairs the irregularities like cellulite and stretch marks of your body quicker than ever. This amazing tool also helps you to increase skin firmness so that they don’t show signs of aging anytime soon.

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Safe and Secure

One reason we love this ORA micro-needling tool is that it is extremely safe and secure to use on your body. Its 0.5mm needles microneedles penetrate through the epidermis layer of the skin and reach the basal layer (just above the dermis layer) effortlessly to stimulate nutrient-rich blood circulation and tighten your skin and improve its appearance in the process. As these microneedles are the mildest of needle sizes for the body, they don’t cause any bleeding or pain when you roll the tool over your skin. As there is no bleeding, there are zero chances of infections and inflammation.

Another feature of this roller that ensures the maximum safety of its users is the needle material. The surgical-grade stainless steel microneedles are extremely sharp and can puncture your body precisely without causing any pain or tearing any tissues or cells. Additionally, this material also provides top-notch hygiene and is incredibly sterile so that there are no possibilities of skin infections or contamination.

Painless Derma rolling Session

1080 Microneedles

In addition to safety, this model also makes sure that your micro-needling session is extremely painless yet effective. ORA incorporated 1080 microneedles in the large head of this tool to make sure that you don’t feel any pain while rolling it over. Such densely packed needles ensure that the roller doesn’t hurt your body’s skin while puncturing through it.

Another interesting aspect of having such a high number of needles is that they create more punctures making the derma rolling process super quick for the users.

Easy, Secure Grip

As a roller consists of thousands of sharp needles, it needs to be manhandled carefully. And keeping in mind the safety and security of the users, ORA added a gripped plastic handle to this tool to make sure that the users have a secure grip and the roller doesn’t slip off of their hands to cause any accidents.

Travel Friendly

Another great feature of the ORA micro-needling tool is that it is travel-friendly. At about 0.25 Pound of body weight and a dimension of 2.5x 1.8x 7.20 Inches, it fits inside your travel makeup pouch perfectly and makes sure that you don’t have to miss your derma rolling sessions even when you are on the run. Moreover, as it comes in a protective case, carrying it inside your bag becomes even easier.

If you do not like the above features and searching more, then you can check this page where you will get a list of the best derma rollers on the market.

A Few Flaws

Even though this model has some extraordinary benefits doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any flaws; the truth is this roller also has its fair share of drawbacks. Let’s discuss them in detail so that you know this prior to making your purchase.

No Extra Roller Head

Unlike many of its close competitors, this product doesn’t come with any additional roller heads to provide an incredible convenience to its users. Moreover, ORA also doesn’t offer any replacements heads to its customers so that whenever one is expired, users can buy the replacement instead of buying the whole tool.

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Final Words

Even though this model has its fair share of flaws, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an excellent micro-needling tool to improve the appearance of your body’s skin. From skin firming to fighting cellulite and marks, this rolling tool is everything a woman wants in her skincare kit. Moreover, as it has more benefits than drawbacks, we think it would be a wise decision to purchase this tool rather than look past it.

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