Best Derma Roller for Face 2021 – a Complete Buyers Guide

Remember the vampire facial? In 2014, Kim Kardashian stunned the world when she posted a picture of her face covered with her own blood. Even though it looked frightening, the science behind it is just amazing. She injected her blood to her face to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers to make skin smoother and brighter. And, how was it done? Well, she used a derma roller to inject the blood to her face for better penetration.

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While Kim Kardashian did her derma rolling procedure at the hands of the world’s best dermatologists, you can try a less extreme and less painful version at the comfort of your home for similar smooth and glowing results by using a derma roller.

A derma roller is not only less painful but it is also convenient and affordable. However, with the market full of different types of derma rollers from different brands, it is natural that you might get confused about which to buy for your face to enjoy the best results.

To help you find the best derma roller for your face, in this article, we have discussed everything about face derma rolling and listed the top rollers so that it’s easier for you to pick the right one for your face effortlessly.

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Derma Roller for Face Brightness and Prevent Premature Aging Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tools
QMD Derma Roller for Scalp Hair. Microneedle Roller for Face to Smooth Skin. For Men's Beard Care and Women Beauty
Kitsch Derma Roller, Cosmetic Microneedle Roller for Face.25 mm Micro Needle Facial Roller, 540 Needle Face Roller with Storage Case (White)
Top Benefit
Used Advanced Technology for the Best Micro-needling Experience
CE Certified and FDA Registered to Ensure the Best Quality and Maximum Safety
Budget friendly
Editor's Choice
BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tools
Top Benefit
Used Advanced Technology for the Best Micro-needling Experience
Check Latest Price
QMD Derma Roller for Scalp Hair. Microneedle Roller for Face to Smooth Skin. For Men's Beard Care and Women Beauty
Top Benefit
CE Certified and FDA Registered to Ensure the Best Quality and Maximum Safety
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Top Derma Rollers for Face

As we have mentioned before that the market is full of different derma rollers from different brands, it took us several hours to research and review to find out the best in the market.

Below, we have listed and talked about the best derma rollers for face available in the market according to their different needs so that it’s easier for you to find just the right one for you.

BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Used Advanced Technology for the Best Micro-needling Experience

This patented and award-winning micro-needling tool from BeautyBio is everything you wish your derma roller to be. It is beautiful, it used advanced technology to make your needling sessions even more delightful and most importantly, it comes with all the features we look for in a derma roller for face brightening and preventing premature skin aging. And the combination of all these amazing factors helped this tool to grab the first place without much competition.

Let’s start with its needles. This GloPRO® derma roller incorporates a medium head roller that incorporates 540 microneedles made from surgical stainless steel to provide a smooth yet effective rolling experience to the users. The surgical grade stainless steel needles are not only incredibly sterile and hygienic, but they are also super sharp. Such sharp needles can penetrate the skin easily without causing any pain or tearing any tissues over the surface.

In addition to the sharpness, the length of these needles also assists to puncture the epidermis layer effectively without any pain. As you roll this tool over your face, the 0.3mm long MicroTip needles create thousands of microscopic channels in the skin so that the skincare products can penetrate deep into the epidermis effectively for brighter and better results. These microscopic injuries also stimulate the skin rejuvenation process to fight early signs of aging successfully.

Moving on from the needles, let’s talk about advanced technology. This amazing technology is what makes this tool completely different from the others available in the market. BeautyBio incorporated LED red light therapy function and Vibrotactile Stimulation to this GloPRO derma roller to provide the best skin benefits to its users. The LED red light penetrates different layers of the skin actively to increase cellular activity and boost blood circulation so that it flows more nutrients and oxygen to nourish the cells to result in healthier, glowy skin.

On the other hand, the Vibrotactile Stimulation mechanism of the extraordinary derma roller diffuses energy into the deepest layer of the skin and helps to maximize the effect of the micro-needling treatment without penetrating or damaging the dermis layer. Because of this advanced technology, the skin rejuvenation process is 200% faster than traditional methods ensuring faster and better results.

Another feature that sets this derma roller apart from the others is the fact it is electrically powered. This incredible skin rejuvenating device comes with a power cord and adapter to make sure that the LED red light and the Vibrotactile Stimulation is active while you are using this. Moreover, if you are on the run and you don’t have an electric socket near you, you can always use it with 2 AAA batteries to keep your skincare regimen consistent.

Interestingly, this micro-needling tool can also be used without electricity and battery. However, in the “off” mode, the advanced technologies won’t be active.

BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool

Additional Features

QMD Derma Roller

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: CE Certified and FDA Registered to Ensure the Best Quality and Maximum Safety

If you are looking for a more affordable derma roller for your regular face skincare regimen, then this QMD Microneedle Derma Roller would be the best choice for you. Even though it comes with such an affordable price tag, it doesn’t mean that this derma roller is not as effective. In fact, it includes all the features we look for in a micro-needling tool to remove dullness and premature signs of aging from our face effectively. However, it ended up being in the second place because it doesn’t incorporate advanced technologies like the GloPRO one for additional conveniences.

Other than this minor gripe, it is an excellent tool to rejuvenate your face and make it brighter, smoother, and younger.

Let’s start with the feature that sets this device aside from the others. This incredible derma roller comes with a CE Certification mark to ensure the highest level of safety to its users. This certification indicates the health, safety, and environmental protection of the tool and assures that you won’t face any hazardous incidents while using it properly.

Even though the CE Certification is an EEA standard, it implies the same value in the US also.

In addition to the CE Certification, this derma roller is also FDA registered which ensures its safety measures and quality even more. FDA registration means that the device is reasonably safe and effective and won’t cause you to harm in any shape or form.

Moreover, the construction material of the incorporated needles also ensures the safety of the users. The surgical-grade stainless steel needles are more hygienic and sterile and therefore, are less likely to cause an infection on your sensitive face. Stainless steel is also super sharp and can penetrate your face without causing any pain.

Additionally, the 0.25mm length and the 540 needle count also contribute to a painless micro-needling experience by puncturing the skin quickly and precisely than the others. When you roll this high density, tiny needles over your face surface, they create microscopic holes in your skin instantly so that you don’t feel any pain or irritation while using it.

In addition to the needles’ quality and density, the roller head also makes it extremely suitable to use on the face. The medium-sized head can glide through the face perfectly and quickly and can reach “hard to reach” areas conveniently for a full-face rolling session.

Additional Features

Kitch derma roller

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Budget-friendly yet Effective

Another of our favorite derma roller for face brightness and fight premature signs of aging is the Microneedle Derma Roller from Kitsch Cosmetic. It is super cute; it comes with a budget-friendly price tag and incorporates all the features we look for in a derma roller tool for back brightness and firmness. However, as it doesn’t offer any advanced technologies nor has a safety certificate, it ended up being in third place rather than on the top.

If you overlook these glitches, this tool is an excellent option in a budget.

To begin with, the medium-sized roller head of this amazing derma roller device is studded with hundreds of tiny needles (540 to be exact) to make the micro-needling procedure painless yet practical. These 0.25mm stainless steel constructed needles are long enough to make little punctures in the epidermis of your face to promote skin rejuvenation, stimulate new cell regeneration and also remove dead cells to reveal the brighter and smoother skin underneath.

Such tiny punctures also help the serum, essences, and other products to penetrate the skin easily to improve the appearance of your face and skin.

Furthermore, as the handle of this device is ergonomically designed with anti-slip guards, it is not only comfortable to hold but is also extremely safe to use; the guards prevent the roller to slip away from your hand which could result in cuts and injuries in your precious face.

Kitch derma roller

Additional Features

Reasons for Not Choosing Few Models

The rose gold ME Beauty derma roller is extremely beautiful. But we don’t consider it as one of the best for skin brightness because:

  • The medium roller head of this tool has only 200 micro-needles that are set far from one another. This needle setting has the potential to cause scars and cut in your sensitive face.

This slim, alluring micro-needle derma roller from 9Oine didn’t make it to the list because:

  • The needles of this roller are made from titanium material; titanium needles are not the most preferred one for face use.

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Best Derma Roller for Acne Scars and Wrinkles

Below, we have talked about the best derma roller for acne scars and wrinkles in great detail. However, before jumping into the detailed discussion, let’s first look at some of our initial picks and understand their differences.

Table of Comparison of Derma Roller for Acne Scars and Wrinkles

Must-have FeaturesMN Personal Beauty Tool Face Derma RollerKOI BEAUTY Micro-needling Derma RollerSdara Version 2.0 Derma Roller
Needle Size0.75 mm Needles0.5mm Needles0.25mm Needles
Needle MaterialStainless SteelTitaniumStainless Steel
Roller Head SizeMedium SizeMedium SizeMedium Size
Needle Density540 Needles192 Needles192 Needles

#4 MN Personal Beauty Tool Face Derma Roller ​

Ranking Position: 4
Our Opinion: Dermatologist Tested Needles Ensure Safety

The reason this amazing derma roller from MN Personal Beauty grabbed the top position is not only because it looks alluring and has a very affordable price tag, but because it comes with all the little aspects needed to treat acne scars and signs of again effectively. Moreover, as MN Personal Beauty offers needles ranging from 0.50mm to 2.5mm, you have the flexibility to choose just the right size according to the depth and condition of the scar or the fineness of your wrinkles.

The 0.5mm, 0.75mm, and 1mm needles can penetrate to the dermis layer of your face easily and stimulate collagen and elastin production to fight signs of aging and remove acne scars successfully. Moreover, as these long needles also create micro-channels in your face skin, the skincare products for acne or aging treatment can reach deep into your face and work from within for quicker and more precise and visible results.

While talking about the needle, let’s also talk about its construction material. MN constructed the needles of this micro-needling tool using medical-grade stainless steel material to ensure phenomenal derma rolling sessions as well as maximum safety. These needles are dermatologist tested and hence, can be used on the sensitive face skin without any risk.

Moreover, even though the micro-needles of this derma roller are a bit long, they are virtually painless. The sharpness of the stainless steel along with the density of the needles (540 needles incorporated in a medium roller head) ensure to precisely punctures your skin before you even know it for a painless session.

Moving on, aside from the fact that the stainless steel needles are corrosion resistant and sterile, MN Personal Beauty also ensured maximum safety of the users’ skin by putting the tool in a hard plastic box to protect it from collecting germs and dust. The protective box makes sure that the tool remains hygienic and sterilized as you stored it.

This box also makes it easier for you to travel with this derma roller whenever and wherever you want.

Additional Features

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Reasons for Not Choosing Few Models

KOI BEAUTY manufacturers some excellent quality derma rollers for its users. However, we don’t consider the particular Micro-needling Derma Roller as one of the best to treat acne scars and fine lines because:

  • The medium head roller incorporates 192 needles which are far less than the accepted needle density for face use.
  • Moreover, these microneedles are made from titanium material which is not the best material to use on your sensitive facial skin.

The reasons this Sdara Version 2.0 Derma Roller did not make its way to the list to treat acne scars and signs of aging are that:

  • The 0.25 mm needles are not the right size to reduce and eliminate acne scars and fine lines from your face effectively.
  • Furthermore, it also comes with just 192 needles which are not acceptable density for face use.
  • The plastic portion of this roller is also not durable. As soon as it comes in contact with the alcohol (for the cleaning purpose), the plastic melts off destroying the roller altogether.

Derma Roller Buying Guide for Face

What is a Derma Roller for Face?

A derma roller for the face (also known as a micro-needling tool for the face) is a special skincare device that helps to rejuvenate and renew the skin texture of your face easily. As the name suggests, this intelligently designed handheld device has numerous microneedles incorporated in it, ranging from 0.25mm to 1mm, to penetrate the face skin precisely and create a short-term wound in the face so that you can get rid of the dullness, acne scarring and signs of aging gradually.

There are different derma rollers for different parts of the body; however, a derma roller for the face is a bit different from the others. And how is that? Well, as the face skin is overly sensitive, a micro-needling tool for the face is constructed with the ultra-sterilized materials to ensure the safety of the skin. Be very cautious while buying a derma roller for your face.

Benefits of a Derma Roller for Your Face

There are numerous benefits of using a derma roller on your face. While this amazing tool was initially used by dermatologists as a way to inject therapeutic drugs and vaccines to the skin, in recent times, people discovered its several other benefits on the face and hence, are gravitated to try this device more than before.

Below, we have talked about the most prominent advantages of derma roller on your face for your better understanding.

Improves the Brightness

Improve Skin Brightness - INS2002

One of the most common benefits of using a micro-needling tool on your face is to get rid of skin dullness and make it look brighter and smoother. When you roll the needles over your face a few times, they puncture numerous holes in the skin which in turn help to absorb products better. When the serum, creams, and essences can penetrate the skin surface perfectly, they show quicker and more precise results than before making your face glow and appear smoother and brighter.

Furthermore, as these tiny needles help to shed the topmost layer of the face, which are mostly dead skin, it contributes to skin brightening and smoothing even better.

Prevents Premature Skin Aging

Even when your face doesn’t have any problem or dullness, it’s still wise to adopt a derma rolling routine to your skincare regimen because of its ability to prevent premature skin aging. As you roll over the tool against your face, it creates micro-injuries in your face. To heal itself quickly, the skin boosts the production of collagen and elastin, which, aside from healing the injuries, also make you face skin tighter and plumper than it was before. And we all know that tighter and well-supple skin ages slower than the dryer ones.

Helps to Eliminate Acne Scars

Eliminate Acne Scars - INS2002

Another extraordinary benefit of using a micro-needling roller is that it helps to get rid of the stubborn acne scars effectively. It might seem unbelievable for a bunch of tiny needles to eliminate such scars, but the logic behind it actually makes sense. When you glide the tiny needles of the roller over your face for quite a few times, the skin breaks down the tissue bundles on the top layer of the epidermis that are responsible for the scars. At the same time, these needles also reach the dermis and increase collagen production as well. The combination of these two helps to get rid of the unpleasant acne scars slowly but surely. As there is no chemical involved, you won’t see results overnight.

However, never try to use this roller on active acne. This will not only hurt your skin and potentially lead to severe skin infections, but would also result in additional marks and scars.

Assist in Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Similar to preventing premature skin aging, a derma roller also works wonders on aged skin as well. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and provides a smooth and younger-looking face that you have been craving for.

How does prickling the face with needles help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles? Well, the answer is by stimulating collagen production and increasing the elasticity. When your skin ages, over time it ceases to produce enough collagen, which results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, when you start using a derma roller on your face, it helps you to get rid of collagen dehydration by boosting its production and over time diminishes signs of again from your face.

Are There Any Side Effects of Derma Roller on Your Face?

While this versatile beauty device offers a wide range of benefits on your face, it has a few drawbacks as well. Let’s discuss the possible side effects of a derma roller on your face so that you are well-prepared and informed about any adverse outcomes.

The most common side effects of micro-needling your face are redness, irritation, and discomfort. As you are penetrating your face with numerous needles at once, these outcomes are natural and shouldn’t be worried about.

However, very rarely you might experience bleeding (bleeding is very uncommon in at-home face derma rolling). If you see any blood while rolling this tool, it’s always advised to stop the procedure immediately and seek medical help.

How to Buy the Best Derma Roller for your Face?

With all the needle sizes, brands, and types, it might seem quite difficult to find the best derma roller according to your skin’s requirement. But in reality, it is not as tough as it appears; finding the best derma roller is quite easy if you know what to look for exactly. Below, we have discussed the features you must consider when buying a micro-needling tool for your face to score the best one in the market.

Consider the Needle Size

Derma Roller Needle - INS2002

The needle size of a micro-needling tool is the most important aspect to consider because it determines the results the roller will produce on your face. For instance, the kind of result 1mm needles will produce would never match the results that are produced by 0.25mm needles and vice versa. And therefore, you must be very cautious about the needle sizing before making your final call.

According to skin experts and dermatologists, 0.25 mm and 0.30 mm needles are the mildest of the needle lengths. If your only concern is to reduce dullness and prevent premature aging, then these sizes are the best for your face. They help the skin care products like serum, essences, and moisturizers to penetrate through the skin easily and produce extraordinary results quickly. They also assist to shed the dead skin over the face surface to reveal brighter skin underneath.

Even though these needles puncture the sensitive face skin, they are virtually painless because of their size.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with problems like acne scars and signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles), then it’s the best that you opt for a roller that comes with needles between 0.50 mm – 1mm sizes. The reason behind recommending such longer needles is that they can penetrate deep into the dermis layer easily and stimulate collagen and elastin production by several notches to treat scars and wrinkles effectively.

However, as these needles are a bit longer, little to moderate pain during derma rolling is not uncommon. 

Stainless Steel Needles Matters

Aside from the size, the needle construction material is also an important factor to consider before buying a derma roller for your face. This is because different materials have different characteristics and offer different benefits to users.

Derma roller needles are usually made from either titanium or stainless steel. For the face skin, we always recommend stainless steel needles because inherently this material is much more sterile and hygienic than any other needle materials available and hence, offers the maximum safety to the sensitive face skin. Medical professionals, tattoo artists, and acupuncturists use these needles because of their overly sterilized nature.

Stainless steel needles are also sharper than the others and that’s why they can inject the skin quickly and more precisely with zero to minimal pain.

Moreover, as this material is by nature more sterile, derma roller consisting of stainless steel needles are much easier to clean and maintain.

Determine the Size of the Roller and the Density of the Needles

Derma Roller Needle Size - INS2002

There are different sizes of derma roller heads available in the market. From small to medium and large, you will get every size according to your needs. However, you must know that not all these head sizes are appropriate for your face. Beauty experts suggest opting for a medium-sized roller head to use on your face because small head rollers would take forever to cover all your face while a large-sized one would not do justice to “hard to reach areas” fully.

In addition to the rollers’ head, the density of the needles on it also matters. As your face is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, it needs to be treated with care and that’s why you must adopt a roller head with closely dense needles. 350-600 needles on a medium head are preferable because it makes micro-needling treatment faster and allows creating more collagen induction micro-channels compared to the 192/200 needle counts.

Few Other Additional Aspects You Should Keep an Eye On

Even though these are not the features you must look for while buying, they are still important for the overall comfort and safety.

Weight of the Derma Roller: When buying a derma roller for your face, don’t forget to check its overall weight. This is because the weight of the tool determines if it is comfortable to use or not. A heavyweight one might cause inconvenience and cause fatigue in your hand.

Non-Slip Design: Never forget to look for a non-slip roller handle. While micro-needling your face, if the roller somehow slips from your palm, it might cause severe scars and cuts in your sensitive skin and result in permanent impairments.

Protective Box: You have to maintain the needles of your micro-needling tool carefully because otherwise, they might collect germs from the environment and later transfer them to your skin. The best you to keep away germs is by keeping the roller in a protective box. Make sure that your device comes in a box to maintain it well.

A Quick Look at the Must-Have Features

  • Needle Size:
    • 25 mm and 0.30 mm for Face Brightness and Prevent Premature Aging
    • 0.50 mm – 1mm for Acne Scars and Wrinkles
  • Needle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Roller Head Size: Medium Size
  • Needle Density: 350-600

How to Use a Derma Roller on your Face

Even though it might seem a bit difficult and risky to use a derma roller on your face, it is quite safe and easy if you use this tool properly.

  • The first step of a successful derma rolling session is to prepare your skin for the puncture. Wash your face with a suitable face wash and then pat it dry perfectly. iS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex would be an excellent choice as it not only brightens your skin but also removes blemishes successfully.
  • Then, apply a serum according to your skin requirement. For acne scars, we would suggest to try out this Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum for the best benefits. On the other hand, if you want a serum for your face brightening, our recommendation would be Sunday Riley C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum. The serum will make the skin smoother for an effortless rolling session.
  • Once you have prepared your skin, it’s now time to start the micro-needling process.
  • Take out your favorite derma roller from the protective box and sterilized it with alcohol.
  • Never forget to wash the alcohol with warm water because you wouldn’t want it to penetrate your skin.
  • Then, gently roll the tool over your face back and forth, side by side, and diagonally for a few times section by section for the best results.
  • After the rolling session, mild redness is not uncommon, so don’t get frightened.
  • Then, apply your regular cream or moisturizer (try out the Moon Juice Cosmic Cream Collagen Protecting Moisturizer) and let it sink deep into the skin layer.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that a derma roller is an excellent tool to use on your face. However, as the face skin is overly sensitive, you need to be very careful while choosing the right one for you. The micro-needling tools that we have discussed above are not only super safe but are also committed to treating your skin perfectly. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed after buying any one of them.

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