Can I Wash My Face after Dermarolling

Collagen-induced therapy is in vogue nowadays among a huge number of people. It works great for reducing acne scars, stretch marks, age marks, or any other scars. Many are trying this derma rolling treatment at home by themselves as it is a budget-friendly therapy.

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When you are taking this treatment at any clinic, they tell every aftercare in detail, but when you are the therapist, collecting every guideline is your job. When I had decided to do this by myself, I was searching for the answer to all the questions that shot my mind. One of them was, “Can I wash my face after dermarolling?”.

Well, I got to know many aftercare procedures while finding this and that turned out to be very helpful if you are planning for skin needling soon.

Dermarolling or skin needling creates very tiny wounds on your face. These wounds are in your skin and take time to heal. We always suggest using derma rollers that are suitable for your face.  In this case, immediately after this treatment, you shouldn’t continue your daily skincare routine. The skin remains tight and warm, also, it can be mildly red or pink due to wounds that take a few hours to go away. Some people may bear these side effects for one to two days, in extreme cases, it may stay a week.

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So, washing your face just after micro-needling isn’t a good idea at all. You should know proper ways to wash your skin to avoid any kind of irritation and bad effects. Normally, this treatment should be done at night time before going to bed so that you can have enough time to rest and recover the wound.

8 hours is the minimum time for you to wash your face. But wait! You cannot simply wash it as you regularly do. There are several techniques you should follow for a better result. Also, there are some aftercare instructions for the post-micro-needling condition.

Avoid normal water and use lukewarm water, which means neither hot nor cold water should be used for cleaning your face the next morning you wake up after your treatment. If you want to use a cleanser, you can go for a gentle cleanser such as Skin Ceuticals Cleanser, removing the traces of blood will be easy with this.

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Don’t rub your skin except lightly dab your face with a clean face cloth or towel (like Polyte Premium Hypoallergenic Facial Cleansing Cloth) and avoid using cleansing brushes after your treatment for a week in the least. Make sure to purify your hands before touching the face or washing it. You have to maintain this hygiene for a minimum of 72 hours, continuing it will be helpful if you have sensitive skin.

If your skin is sensitive and for that inflammation and redness occurs after treatment, you should know how to reduce redness and other side effects quickly. You can use several products, among them cooling face masks such as Ligart Cooling Lightweight Face Mask is usable if you need to work or move around.

To reduce the irritation, hyaluronic acid-based serum, for example, Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum will accelerate the healing process and soothe your skin. Usually, you will feel drier skin, so hydrating is important. You can spray water on your face with Mario Badescu Facial Spray or any other spray like this to heal faster. However, drinking plenty of water is the main deal to maintain hydration from the inside.

Besides maintaining the face washing tactics, you should be careful of some other activities too. I would like to suggest some must-follow activities for your post-micro-needling phase. One of them is, “don’t put on makeup for about 2 to 3 days after treatment”. This will lead to irritation if you use products that can clog your pores. Refrain yourself from using a makeup brush as well as any dirty tool.

Consider the sun as your enemy during this time. Don’t go in the open sun and if you must go, apply a sunscreen of SPF 25 or more that contains peptides and moisture to your skin. Olay Moisturizer Cream with Sunscreen will be a good option for this purpose, a healthy skincare product to use regularly.

Alcohol-based toners or exfoliators shouldn’t be used for some days after treatment. You won’t like to torture your skin, will you? Also, stay away from any exercise, hot tubs, saunas, and sun-beds to avoid sweating and dehydration these days. Touching your skin now and then also needs to be avoided without wearing gloves.

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The Final Say

I hope, I was able enough to let you know about washing your face after derma rolling and other skincare procedures. Microneedling isn’t a one-day treatment, you may have to wait for months for the desirable result. So, don’t be careless and follow every activity and guideline during this process carefully. None of us want to harm the soft skin on our faces, so keep trying until you see the perfect outcome. The comment box is open for any opinion of yours.


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