7 Best Blow Dryers for African American Hair (Review)

pretty lady showing how to blow dry curly hair without a diffuser

Do you have African American hair and look for the best blow dryer to style it at home?  You’re at the right place! 

I’ve concluded extensive research and have introduced the 7 Best Blow Dryers for African American Hair. They are listed below. 

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Blow Dryer for African American Hair Top Picks at a Glance

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Editor's Choice
NuMe Signature Hair Dryer
Best Budget-Friendly
Conair Hair Dryer, 1875W Full Size Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning, Blow Dryer
Luxurious Aesthetics
ghd Air 1600w Professional Hair Dryer, Powerful Professional Strength Blow Dryer, Ionic Portable Hair Dryer, Black, 1 Pack
Turbo Hair Dryer
Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black/Silver, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Extremely Versatile
BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Nano Titanium 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, BNT5548
Top Benefit
Extremely user-friendly due to its lightweight and compact nature
Drying time is fast and offers uniform heat
The design looks luxurious
Dry your hair evenly and quickly
 Long-lasting and powerful performance
Editor's Choice
NuMe Signature Hair Dryer
Top Benefit
Extremely user-friendly due to its lightweight and compact nature
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” class=
Best Budget-Friendly
Conair Hair Dryer, 1875W Full Size Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning, Blow Dryer
Top Benefit
Drying time is fast and offers uniform heat
Check Latest Price
Luxurious Aesthetics
ghd Air 1600w Professional Hair Dryer, Powerful Professional Strength Blow Dryer, Ionic Portable Hair Dryer, Black, 1 Pack
Top Benefit
The design looks luxurious
Check Latest Price
Turbo Hair Dryer
Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black/Silver, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Top Benefit
Dry your hair evenly and quickly
Check Latest Price
Extremely Versatile
BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Nano Titanium 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, BNT5548
Top Benefit
 Long-lasting and powerful performance
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7 Best Blow Dryer For African American Hair: Comparison Guide 

1) NuMe Signature Hair Dryer (Winner): Best Overall

NuMe Signature Hair Dryer

This lightweight and compact dryer is incredibly versatile. The controlled heat and the far-infrared heat technology features do the trick for my afro hair. 

And do you wish to know the best feature? Not only does your drying time reduce, but also your hair remains frizz-free and super smooth. 

Particularly if you’ve got tiny hands, you’re going to find this hairdryer extremely “handy” (no pun intended). 

The NuMe Signature Hair Dryer is easy to hold due to its compact and lightweight design. Also, the chances of the dryer slipping out of your hand are slim, thanks to its highly sturdy grips. 

This efficient hair dryer features the Cool Shot option, 1875 Watt range, two modes for speed, and three levels for temperature settings.

Apart from that, this ionic hair dryer even offers you the standard heating modes, just like the other ionic types.  So, it’s not hard to imagine how convenient and versatile it is for your African American hair. 


This lightweight hairdryer weighs only 1.25 pounds, with its dimensions being 30.5 cm x 20.3 cm x 40.6 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of NuMe Signature Hair Dryer

The NuMe Signature Hair Dryer is extremely user-friendly due to its lightweight and compact nature. The NuMe Signature Hair Dryer cable isn’t retractable. 
Compared to other dryers, drying time is exceptionally lesser. To give you a gist, it’s about 30% faster. Heats fast.
The NuMe Signature Hair Dryer has an 8.5 ft long cord for enhanced mobility. Durability
It features a no-slip grip and sturdy handles. 
It offers you a variety of heat options. 

How It Compares To Others

In terms of its ergonomic, it’s pretty hard to deny that the hairdryer leaves any pages unturned. The three temperature settings, the 8.5 ft cord, and other user-friendly features indeed make it an attractive buy. 

At the same time, the icing on the cake is the technology it uses. It’s based on the latest ionic tech and made by using a quality ceramic grill. 

Besides that, the hairdryer exclusively makes use of far-infrared heat. Thus, for your wild African American hair, the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer makes for the ideal candidate. 

If you’re still not ready to give in, hear me out! 

Firstly, the hairdryer helps in moisture retention. How? It’s all due to the harmony of the ionic and ceramic features it offers. 

At the same time, there’s no extensive damage to your hair cuticle. That’s because the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer uses far-infrared heat. 

Plus, it matters not whether it’s humid or not; your African American hair will remain frizz-free throughout. 

Bam! Are you impressed now? I bet you are! 

Expert Tip:

According to celebrity hairstylist, Ryan Richman held that “a blow dryer that falls within the 1300 to 1875 watts range is great for anyone to use at home.” [1]

When you’re drying your afro hair, divide it into sections first. After that, based on your hair type, adjust the speed and heat settings. 

To get the perfect blowout, check out this tutorial.

2) Conair 1875-Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning: Best Budget-Friendly Blow Dryer

conair dryer

This particular hair dryer works effectively for all hair types. Moreover, the Conair Hair Dryer is among the most budget blow dryers in this list of mine.

Conair dryer makes use of tourmaline ceramic technology. It helps you avoid hair burns while still offering blowouts at high amounts of heat. 

The hairdryer features two modes for speed, three temperature settings, and even the Cold Shot button. 

If not for these factors, it’s undoubtedly among the best blow dryers for African American hair due to its 1875 W motor.  You get a pretty powerful engine with the latest technologies at this price range. 

Conair hair dryer makes sure that you don’t end up over-drying your hair. That’s especially true if you have fine or thin or broken hair. The wattage will help you out in these cases.

It maintains your hair texture by spreading the airflow through its diffuser and the concentrator nozzle. 

The Conair dryer offers you more relaxed and smooth straight hair. That’s because it cancels out the frizz and static by using its negative ion. 

One reviewer on Amazon describes the hairdryer as lightweight and sleek but practical for styling. 


The Conair Hair Dryer weighs about 1.54 pounds and measures 9.22 cm x 23.49 cm x 26.0858 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Conair Hair Dryer

Due to ceramic and tourmaline technology, the Conair Hair Dryer’s drying time is fast and offers uniform heat.   Conair Hair Dryer has issues with overheating. 
It’s easy to use. 

If you want to know more, go check out this review.

Conair Hair Dryer, 1875W Full Size Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning, Blow Dryer
  • Full Size Hair Dryer: Featuring Tourmaline ceramic technology plus frizz fighting conditioning ions for less damage and more shine, this hair dryer provides uniform heat for fast drying and less damage
  • Superior Function: A Cool Shot button locks hair styles in place and rocker switches make for easy handling; Includes 3 heat/2 speed custom dryer settings for different hair types; A removable filter prevents lint buildup, extending motor life
  • Ionic Conditioning: Natural ion output helps fight frizz and bring out your hair’s natural shine; A concentrator nozzle is included for focused airflow to make hair smooth and sleek.The outer surface of the dryer should be wiped clean with a cloth only
  • Leader in Hair Dryers: From traditional bonnets to hi tech dryers equipped with cutting edge technology, Conair has a great selection of hair dryers for every hair type and every hair style
  • Conair Hair Care: Since 1959, we have made innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more; Our hair care line includes high quality hair dryers, brushes, styling tools, and hair accessories

3) GHD Air Hair Professional Hair Dryer: Luxurious Aesthetics

ghd dryer

This particular dryer by GHD is especially for those of my readers who have thick African American hair and are struggling to tame their flyaways.

The GHD Air hairdryer assists in tightening your hair cuticles by using its state-of-the-art ionic tech. 

And if you’re familiar with GHD tools, you know that its aesthetic design will be a great addition to your dressing table. And I love that both left and right-hand users will have no problem with using the hairdryer. 

That’s all due to the ergonomic design of the handle. Hats off to the designers for making the hairdryer extremely user-friendly!

Plus, compared to the usual styling hair dryer you find on the markets, it claims to reduce the drying time by half. 

It’s a pretty bold statement, and of course, I had to test it out to see it for myself.

Based on my findings, there’s indeed a stark difference in terms of drying time. Firstly, power is abundantly packed within the dryer.

Also, precise drying, and that too, even before attaching the concentrator nozzle.

Lastly, it offers hot, medium, and fantastic settings. 


The GHD Air hairdryer weighs 3.39 pounds and measures 19.68 cm x 8.25 cm x 22.86 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of GHD Air Hair Dryer

GHD Air hairdryer is quieter. GHD Air hairdryer is expensive. 
The design looks luxurious.  Comparatively heavy.
The hairdryer comes with a nozzle for excellent finishes.

To learn more, check out this demo and review.

ghd Air 1600w Professional Hair Dryer, Powerful Professional Strength Blow Dryer, Ionic Portable Hair Dryer, Black, 1 Pack
  • Includes 2 Concentrator Nozzles
  • Professional strength, long-lasting AC motor
  • Advanced ionic technology, Ergonomic design for maximum control whether you’re right or left handed
  • 2 speeds, 3 heat settings and cool shot button, Adaptor ring for universal diffuser; US two pin plug

4) Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Blow-Dryer: Turbo Hair Dryer

elchim dryer

Like my top pick, this blow-dryer also uses far-infrared heat.  So, you already know that the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Blow-Dryer is going to dry your hair evenly and quickly. 

Aside from featuring an impressive 2000 W motor, it also has an ergonomic handle that offers you easy maneuverability and comfort. 

Rightly regarded the “Luxury Beauty,” indeed, its prime features don’t come cheap. But if you’ve got the cash, the Elchim hairdryer is an ideal option for your natural African American curly hair.

Plus, maintaining your afro curls is a piece of cake with the help of this turbo dryer that uses ceramic/ionic technology. It’s a result of ultra-modern Italian engineering. 

The Elchim dryer offers you a well-balanced and long-lasting service. The dryer takes over 30% lesser drying time. 

After a blowout, you’re blessed with glossy and well-hydrated African American hair. 

One reviewer on Amazon held that it’s a lightweight machine that is powerful and effective. 


The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Blow-Dryer weighs 1.27 pounds. Its dimensions are 18.11 cm x 21.59 cm x 8.89 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Elchim Blow Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Blow-Dryer has a smooth finish. It boasts a design that helps get rid of static electricity. You’ll need a diffuser separately. 
It features a powerful 2400 W motor. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Blow-Dryer is slightly expensive. 
Comparatively quieter due to its in-built silencer. 
Low EMF; a system that offers protection from electromagnetic waves.

If you want silky, bouncy hair, check out this tutorial.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, Black/Silver, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • PRO ITALIAN DESIGN: Elchim turbo hair dryers are designed with powerful Italian AC electric motors
  • SMOOTH SALON QUALITY: Achieve hydrating salon level shine with our nourishing anti static hairdryers.
  • FAST AIR FLOW: Quiet yet quick, our lightweight full size blow-dryer can cut down drying time by 30%
  • HEAT PROTECTION: Far infrared protects hair from getting too hot and cold air finish button included
  • CONCENTRATORS INCLUDED: Heavy duty blow dryer comes with concentrator set for perfect beauty styling; 220-240 V

5) BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer: Extremely Versatile

babybliss dryer

If you’re unaware, possibilities are simply endless with products from this particular brand. In terms of styling tools and hair care, in general, BaBylissPRO is indeed among the top brands.

If you’re looking for a hairdryer that offers a salon-like blowout for your African American, I suggest you go for this one. 

Be it design, speed, or power, you get a harmonious blend of each feature packed into one versatile BaBylissPRO hairdryer.

It also features a lightweight, ergonomic handle and a mighty 2000 W heavy-duty motor. 

The Nano-Titanium Technology hairdryer even offers you six-speed and adjustable heat settings in total. 

In terms of styling options, you get a pretty comprehensive variety. You have the concentrator nozzle for precise airflow and a Cool Shot feature. 

Aside from these features, one distinct feature makes this hair dryer one-of-a-kind in my list. That is the removable air filter of the hairdryer, which makes cleaning the tool much easier for you. 


The BaBylissPRO weighs 1.78 pounds and measures 21.59 cm x 8.89 cm x 25.4 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of BaBylissPRO Dryer

BaBylissPRO is versatile; six settings for heating.   BaBylissPRO has balanced speed settings that are absent.  
Powerful settings; especially helpful for maintaining long and thick African American hair. It’s not easy to turn the nozzle; it lacks efficient maneuverability. 
Reduces hair damage and frizz.  
Long-lasting and powerful performance.  

You can also check out this comparison and review video to learn more.

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Nano Titanium 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, BNT5548
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Item Package Dimension: 4.0" L x 9.5" W x 11.5" H
  • Item Package Weight: 2.3 lb
  • Model Number: BNT5548

6) Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer: Professional Blow Dryer

Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer

In short and simple terms, this blow dryer by Dyson is among the top fan-favorite for many stylists out there. And let me tell you why.

If you’ve got natural Afro curls, the diffuser attached Dyson blow dryer will be perfect for you. You can even control the airflow by using the smoothing nozzle with the blow dryer.

It’s beneficial for sleek and smoother finishes. 

Another attractive feature is that, instead of storing the motor in the head of the blow dryer, Dyson uses the handle. That’s precisely why the tool’s lighter than it appears to be. 

Although the best feature is that the Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer features a microprocessor, this advanced tech protects your hair by regulating the incoming heat.

In a second, it regulates air temperature twenty times, making sure every strand of your African American hair stays safe.

What’s even better is that you won’t get that burning smell but smooth hair after extended usage. 


This Dyson blow dryer weighs 3.55 pounds. Its dimensions are 38.60 cm x 26.69 cm x 10 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of Dyson Dryer

Dyson has a sleek finish and is effective against frizzy hair.   Dyson controls are not easily reachable  
It includes five magnetic attachments. Expensive 
High durability and speedy drying. 

If you want to know how to style your hair, check out this video.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia (Renewed)
  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control
  • Ultra-fast drying. For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow
  • Magnetic attachments Dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
  • Lightweight and balanced. We've turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle

7) DevaCurl DevaDryer Ionic Hairdryer with Diffuser: The Infamous DevaFuser

DevaCurl DevaDryer, Ionic Hairdryer with Universal Diffuser for All Curl Types

Among the most innovative and user-friendly features you get with this hairdryer are the attachments that come with it.

Its shape resembles that of a hand, making it extremely easy for you to hold it while blow-drying your Afro-textured hair.

You have the choice to direct and focus the spot where you wish to provide heat. It helps you retain moisture and blow-dry the roots using the diffuser. 

The design features a solid and durable construction reminiscent of classic blow-dryer builds. But the most attractive feature is that it allows you better control in terms of heat. 

Staying true to its classic design, the DevaCurl DevaDryer features hard buttons and the Cool Shot option. Thus, maximizing your experience and comfort to the max. 


The DevaCurl DevaDryer weighs 2.64 pounds and measures 28.95 cm x 27.94 cm x 9.9 cm. 

Benefits & Drawbacks of DevaCurl DevaDryer

If you’ve got natural African American curly hair. DevaCurl DevaDryer is rather costly.
It features the DevaFuser. Certified buyers testify that the heat level has been insufficient for them.
DevaCurl DevaDryer is ideal for travel.
 DevaDryer reduces heat damage and drying time, boosts volume, and prevents flyaways and frizz. 

Remember that intense heat can be and is damaging to your hair. But ultimately, it’s up to you.

If you’re confused about using this hairdryer, check out this video.

DevaCurl DevaDryer, Ionic Hairdryer with Universal Diffuser for All Curl Types
  • IONIC HAIRDRYER & DIFFUSER: This hair drying kit includes what you need to cut down on drying time, boost volume, and prevent frizz. This hairdryer offers a quick way to give your waves and curls more shape and bounce while reducing frizz.
  • DEVADRYER BLOW DRYER: The patented DevaFuser features 1600 Watts with an AC Motor. Its ionic technology helps eliminate static, frizz, and flyaways making your hair smoother and shinier. This technology also helps your hair dry faster. This hair dryer features 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings.
  • DEVAFUSER DIFFUSER: The innovative, hand-shaped DevaFuser delivers 360-degree airflow to surround curls - even at the root which speeds up the drying process. The patented ergonomic design enhances your natural curls or waves while creating body and lift due to easy positioning at the crown. Curls look beautifully defined and frizz-free due to the gentle drying of the DevaDryer & DevaFuser combination.
  • HOW TO USE THE HAIR DRYER & DIFFUSER: Push the DevaFuser onto the hairdryer, making sure it's firmly attached. Turn the hairdryer on and set your desired temperature and airflow settings. Tilt your head to the side and dry the roots first. Gently remove and repeat all around your scalp. Next, cradle the ends of curls in the DevaFuser and bring it up to the scalp so the hair is "scrunched" in the DevaFuser, and hold. Gently remove and repeat the same motion to the rest of your hair.
  • Dermatologist tested, non-irritating, free of SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

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How To Choose A Blow Dryer For Your African American Hair

Engrave this in your mind: No two blow dryers are made equally. Various aspects decide the effectiveness and the possible damages a blow dryer might have in store for you.

So, what then is the following Plan of Action? Firstly, before hopping onto the internet and searching for a blow dryer, figure out your hair type.

Only then, you’ll know exactly what type of hair dryer you need.

For instance, I’ve got thick African American hair. If you have a somewhat similar hair type, you can go for the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer.

But, more often than not, things aren’t that obvious. 

That’s why I’d highly recommend you not skip out on the following section. It has all the information you’ll ever require on how you can select an efficient blow dryer that works for you the best. [4]


The shape and size of hairdryers are probably among the first aspects you notice. And dare I say, it can make or break your experience as a user.

Pay careful to minute details such as noise levels, cord length, the weight and size of the blow dryer. [3]

It might seem pointless at first, but it makes for all the difference. 


The airflow and its precision rely heavily on the attachments you use. And that will have a direct impact on your hair texture.

Suppose you’ve got natural African American curls. In that case, I’d suggest you get a hairdryer that comes with styling attachments such as a diffuser, nozzle, comb, and concentrator attachment. 

That will keep your curly hair frizz-free by diffusing the airflow and circulating it towards your hair ends.

If you’re hoping to get sleek and smooth hairstyles, make sure to get a concentrator. It focuses the airflow directly towards your hair. 

Advanced Technologies

If your African American curly hair can’t seem to get a break from flyaways and frizz, opt for a hairdryer with ionic technology. [3]

These dryers with infrared technology, ceramic ball technology, and so on ensure that your afro curls look shinier and remain shinier and aligned. 

Multiple Speed and Heat Settings

Always go for a hairdryer that allows you to play around with various settings. These versatile dryers offer multiple speed levels and show multiple heat settings.

The need for such hair dryers arises because you’ll require different levels of heat based on your hair type. 

The Cool Shot Option

The benefit of the Cool Shot button for your afro hair is twofold.

Firstly, you must be aware that intense heat damages your hair. You must not long expose your hair to heat for long periods.

That’s when the Cool Shot button comes in. It helps quick fasten the drying time and reduces your dependency on blowing heat.

Secondly, this option is highly effective against frizz. 


The power of an efficient blow dryer largely depends on its wattage. Generally, wattages ranging from 1500-2000 W mark the recommended range for any hair type.

So in case, you’re looking for the most efficient hair dryers, look for one that falls within this range of wattage. 

Certified Hair Dryers

When you’re buying a hairdryer from a brand, make sure to look out for safety certifications.

On the packaging of the hairdryer, search for certifications like TUV, SUD, and ETL. 

Avoid Believing Claims Blindly

Take all these claims offered by various brands with a pinch of salt. Don’t fall prey to baseless claims made on the internet.

Lately, you’ll notice brands making claims about the efficiency of new technologies such as far-infrared heat.

Although revolutionary, I suggest you carry out your research and ask around before giving in to these claims. 

Check out YouTube reviews of YouTubers who’ve used the products. You can even go on forums such as Quora and Reddit or read reviews on Amazon to get to the bottom of it.


Does it matter what kind of hair dryer to use if I have natural hair?

A hairdryer that isn’t built precisely for your hair type will have a negligible effect at best. In the worst-case scenario, your tresses will be permanently damaged, which will take months to repair. 

What do you put on natural hair before blow-drying?

Applying the necessary products such as a heat protectant retains your hair’s elasticity while keeping it hydrated and firm. [2]

In Conclusion

As is evident from the sections above, the NuMe Signature Hair Dryer fulfills all the criteria for the best blow dryer for African American hair.

Be its versatility, speed or heat settings, or sheer power, the hairdryer by NuMe is leading by a considerable margin. If you’ve got coarse African American hair like myself, I suggest you avail yourself of this. 

As a general rule, make sure that you’ve got a list of certain aspects in mind while choosing a blow dryer for your hair type.

Features such as whether the heat is adjustable or not or the presence of a Cool Shot option can make a monumental difference in the long run. 

I’d recommend you choose blow dryers with ceramic/ionic technology over inexpensive makeshift ones.


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lady drying her hair using the best blow dryer for African American Hair

What is your favorite blow dryer for African American hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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