How to Blow Dry Bangs for a Perfect Fringe

My friends, let me tell you, learning how to blow dry bangs is definitely not as “cut and dry” (pun intended!) as I originally thought it would be!

However, after weeks of watching video tutorials and practicing, I finally got it right!

 girl with perfect fringe who knows how to blow dry bangs the right way

Here are some easy ways to dry and style your bangs so they do what they’re supposed to…highlight that gorgeous face of yours!

Keep reading to learn more…!

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How to Blow dry Curtain Bangs

Let’s start with an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to blow dry those long curtain bangs! After all, they’re one of the most popular styles, and for a reason. They look flattering on almost everyone. [1]

Korean girl with curtain bangs


Make sure your hair is properly moist. This can be done in the shower or by spraying them wet.

Tip: Apply a heat protectant on your wet hair to prevent it from getting dry and dull!


Put your round brush under your bangs and then gently roll them so that the hair is perfectly rolled in the brush.

Take your time with this, as this step is critical and a little tricky for beginners. Make sure your bangs are detangled, to avoid hair breakage.


Lift the brush and keep rolling it away from the roots. This helps you to create some volume under the bangs. Make sure the airflow follows the movement of your round brush as it goes back and forth.

If you are using a flat brush, then keep the movement of the brush from side to side in a cross pattern.


Aim the nozzle of your blow dryer downwards, so, that hot air blasts on your hair directly. This is extremely important to keep the air directed only on your bangs.

Do not direct the nozzle at your roots as it may overheat your scalp.


Do the above steps by taking small sections of hair, till your bangs are dry.

If you want some more volume, take a large hair roller and wrap your bangs around it and pin it up. This will allow your hair to cool down without losing volume in the process.

I personally, love doing this as it adds a natural bounce to my fringes. 

Later, you can finish the process by spraying styling spray on your curtain fringes and swooping them back to give a perfect look! 

Here’s a short video on how to style curtain bangs the right way, so you don’t miss any step.

How to Blow Dry Wispy Bangs

For wispy bangs, repeat the above steps with only a slight change in step 3.

Korean lady with perfect wispy bangs

I would recommend a flat brush for this or an even smaller round brush. Instead of moving the brush back and forth, this time move it from right to left and then back left to right. 

This will help you keep your forehead covered with your wispy fringes and avoid having any sections or partitions in between.

I often do the wispy style fringe while wearing a sundress or a high neck top. It compliments my outfit and completes it.

Here’s another quick video on how to style your wispy bangs to keep your haircare going!

How to Blow Dry Side-Swept Curtain Bangs

Again, the first few steps are the same! 

Here, the only difference is that when you are blow-drying your fringes, continuously sweep your hair in one direction while blasting the heat in the same direction. Keep the movement of your round brush frontward.

Korean with side-swept bangs but how to blow dry bangs like hers?

If you are using a flat brush then keep sweeping your hair in the direction it usually is swept in. 

Once you are done, spritz some styling spray and get it going!

In the music videos of the songs Style and Blank Space, you can see Singer Taylor Swift rocking the side-swept bangs with her stunning outfits.

Need a video on how to style the perfect side-swept bangs?? I got you!

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Things to consider when you blow-dry bangs at home

I personally believe blow drying bangs at home is a skill that you get better with over time. The little sweet spots of the styling techniques can be found only after trial and error. Practice makes perfect, in other words!

However, here are a few things that you need to know before you even consider blow-drying your fringes at home.

4 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong While Blow Drying Your Hair/Bangs at Home

These things will prevent you from damaging your hair and styling your bangs in an odd shape. 

1. Use A Towel, but Later.

If you are someone who uses a towel to dry your hair right after showering then stop immediately! This habit can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy.

towel drying of the hair

Instead allow your hair to air dry for some time. It helps your hair to get back its natural texture. [2]

Then pat your hair with a microfiber towel till it’s damp.

2. Dry Your Bangs from Root to Tips.

Healthy blow drying should start from the origin that is the root of your hair, and then till the end. Blow drying should always be done downwards, from your scalp to the ends.

Make sure you blow dry your damp ends properly, as it helps you get a more polished look.

3. Pay Attention to The Blow Dryer’s Setting.

Too hot air, blows off the natural surface moisture of your hair strands, leaving them frayed.

Unless you possess very thick hair, I would recommend not to let the air be too hot and keep it to a medium level.

If you have fine hair keep the blow dryer setting to low or medium at most.

4. Direction Of Blow-Drying Matters.

In the steps above I have stressed how important it is to blow the air in the right direction. Yes! It is necessary to direct the air in the right direction. Or else your bangs won’t end up looking as you pictured them to be.  

PRO TIP: While blow-drying the roots, dry them in the direction opposite to which you style your hair. This adds volume. But keep the heat setting low on your scalp.

What Products to Use and Do They Matter?

Yes! The products you use while blow-drying your hair count! 

Here’s why:

Why does the right heat protectant matter?

Heat protectant is a must before blow-drying your hair. It helps you protect your hair from damage and dullness caused by heat.

Did you know, without the right heat protectant spray, the heat strips off the natural or artificial color pigments in your hair? [3]

lady spraying dry shampoo to her hair

So do not skip this step while blow-drying not only your bangs but also whenever you use heat tools to style your hair.

Why is choosing the right hair brush important?

Choosing the right hairbrush according to your hair type is very important.

While choosing a hairbrush remember that the shorter the bangs smaller should be your hairbrush! This will hinder your bangs from hair breakage. 

A hairbrush with good quality bristles will last longer and reduce the friction between your hairbrush and your hair.

Why does the type of blow dryer you use to make a difference?

When you are choosing a blow-dryer, choose a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle.

lady blow drying her natural curly hair

This will help you concentrate the hot air on the section of hair you want it to be directed towards. Expensive hair dryers are better than cheap ones as they get the work done faster and last longer.

A good-quality hair dryer is often easy to handle and carry. Check our list of the best blow dryer that straightens hair.


How do you air dry your bangs?

Let your wet hair air dry for a few minutes then pat them lightly until they are damp. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your bangs. Take a medium or large hair roller. Wrap your untangled fringes around the roller and secure it. Now let your bangs air dry. You will achieve the same bouncy bangs without blow-drying.

Which face shapes should cut bangs?

Korean girl with perfect see through bangs

Circular, heart, and oblong are the face shapes that should go for bangs. Bangs create the illusion of symmetry and any face shape with a broad or long forehead should get bangs.
Not all square-faced people can carry bangs, so square-faced people should avoid them.

How to give bangs a lift?

The easiest way to lift your bangs is to keep your round brush a few inches in front of your forehead, while you blow-dry. Keep it rolling but do not touch it to your forehead.
Plus, once you are done, use a large hair roller to roll up your bangs. Then switch to the cool setting of your dryer and let the cool air on your rolled-up bangs. This will lock the volume in perfectly.


I hope you know how to blow dry your bangs correctly at home. Now it’s time for you to put these steps and tips into action and get yourself the perfect fringes you have always wanted!

Let me know in the comment section which of these techniques and tips did you liked the most


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lady showing How To Blow Dry Bangs For A Perfect Fringe

If you have more tips on how to blow dry bangs, let us know in the comments below!