How to Keep Hair Dryer Cord From Twisting (Expert Tips)

Prevention is always better than cure, and that’s why learning how to keep your hair dryer cord from tangling is as important as knowing how to untangle it.

plugged hairdryer on the wall (Can You Use A Hairdryer After It Gets Wet )

Don’t worry, I’ve prepared a few tricks you can use to make sure that the cord of your hair dryer will remain straight and untangled!

Before I get to that, though, do you know why it’s important to keep the cord untangled or untwisted?

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Hair Dryer Cord Untangled

Not only is a cable spaghetti counter-aesthetic, but it can also be hazardous and dangerous, especially when they’re left unattended.

They can attract dust and dirt [1], sipping through the spaces between the cords, adding to the “messy” look it already has.

Moreover, the copper wires inside the power cord could break eventually, too! These heat styling tools have complex wiring, don’t take the risk of getting into accidents. 

So, it will be best to make sure that your hair dryer cord is kept straight.

But how do you do this? What can you do to keep the cord of your hair dryer from forming and twisting on its own?

How to Keep Hair Dryer Cord From Twisting?

Today, you can buy a cord detangler to help with this dilemma. They’re usually cheap, and they come in all measurements and sizes.

However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your corded appliances won’t be such a nuisance to you. 

Tip 1: Use An Empty Toilet Paper Roll

One of the simplest and best ways to make sure that your hair dryer will greet you without tangled and twisted cords is to use an empty toilet paper roll.

empty toilet paper roll

To do this, simply fold the cord of your hair dryer compactly and slip it into the empty toilet paper roll. Leave it pressed on for about a few hours in order for the cord to be used to that position.

When you take it out, it’ll still follow the roll’s shape, allowing you to reorganize it when you’re using it, even when you are about to put it inside the roll again.

Viola! You now have your DIY cord detangler! 

NOTE: This is also an effective way to separate multiple cords and cables if you are storing them together.

Tip 2: Store Them Properly

The next thing you want to do is to make sure that you store them correctly and properly. What I mean by properly is that you should organize them.

What you can do is store devices and equipment that have long cords in separate containers to avoid tangling the cords up. 

This simple tip can save you a heap of time because it will less likely tangle with the cords of other devices. 

Another alternative would be to use a spiral wrap cord to make sure that it’s arranged and organized accordingly.

EXPERT TIP: Refrain from wrapping the dryer’s cord to the device because this can cause serious damages to the internal wiring of your hair dryer. 

Tip 3: Use Swivel or Retractable Cords

There are a lot of hair dryers out there equipped with a retractable or a swivel cord, which has been made to prevent overloading [2], which can result in massive fires.

woman using a hair dryer and showing how to keep hair dryer cord from twisting

What this will do is allow you to store the cord separately, keeping them away from all other cords and cables you have.

With a retractable or swivel cable, you wouldn’t need to stress out on your cables and cords tangling up!

Tip 4: Practice the Over-Under Method

The famous over-under method has been one, if not the most popular way of keeping and storing devices with cables or cords.

It’s famous for the fact that it’s easy to do, and it can be dismantled accordingly, too. To do the correct over-under method, follow these steps:

  1. Grab one (1) end of the wire with one (1) hand and raise it to eye level.
  2. Then, using your other hand, take the other hand and slide it a little down the wire.
  3. Your first (1st) coil is done.
  4. For the next coil, twist your hand, and then grab the wire with your palm in the same position (Step 2).
  5. As you are bringing the wire up, twist your palm backward.
  6. Alternate the steps until you coil the cord entirely.

Confused? Here’s a quick video you can use as a guide to learn the over-under method technique of coiling cables.

These are the top and best ways of keeping the cord of your hair dryer from twisting or coiling up.

Now, let me discuss the fastest and easiest way of detangling and straightening it in a few seconds!

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How to Swiftly Straighten and Detangle Your Hair Dryer Cord?

Take note that this method is not restricted to hair dryers alone. You can use it for other devices with wires or cables, too such as chargers cables headphone cables, cords of flat irons, and more!

spiral hair dryer holder

Step 1: Lift the Hair Dryer and Check

Before you go ahead and untangle them, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with.

So, the first thing you want to do is to check the hair dryer and the cord by lifting it to at least eye level. Check the volume of knots and tangles, and try to trace the original path of the cord.

Step 2: Loosen the Knots One By One

After identifying this, what you want to do next is loosen the knots one at a time. Yes, don’t focus on one (1) knot in doing this.

Instead, try to look for all the knots ad loosen them one by one.

QUICK NOTE: Make sure that when you loosen them, check if untangling them wouldn’t lead to a new knot. Don’t push it out of the knot yet, just loosen the compactness of the cables up first.

Step 3: Free the Loops

When the knots and tangles are loosened up, the next thing you want to do is to free the loops and straighten the power cord.

The best and easiest way to do this is to grab one (1) end of the hair dryer and use it as your lead to find and shoot through the loops.

QUICK NOTE: It’s important that you do them in order so that untangling the cords won’t lead to a new twist on the cable.

That’s just about it! That is how you untangle and straighten your hair dryer’s cord even if it’s nearing the point of no return from being twisted!



Here are a few answers to the questions you might have regarding the tangling and twisting of these hair dryer cords!

Why Do Electrical Cords Get Twisted?

plugged hairdryer on the bathroom

The twisting and tangling of the electrical cords are due to the design, the natural shape of the cables, as well as our efforts to pull the ends loose from the loops that have developed.
You can avoid this by organizing the loosening of the electrical cords and cables. Alternatively, you can use a cord detangler to avoid it, keeping it in its original position. 

Is It Bad To Wrap The Cord Around The Hair Dryer?

Although it’s good for the organization of the cables, wrapping it around the device or even only its handles can actually damage the internal wiring of the hair dryer.
Because of the stress and angles from the twisting, it could subtly be misaligning the formation of the copper wires inside the cord.

Do You Now Know How to Keep the Cords From Tangling Up?

If you’re interested to learn how to keep your hair dryer cord from twisting, go back to this guide and get all the information you need!

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine! Use a cord detangler, an empty paper towel roll, or any other product that can keep your electrical cables securely in place! 

hair dryer cord twisted to form a heart shape

Do you have more tips on how to keep hair dryer cord from twisting? Let us know below!


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