Mistakes You Should Avoid While Blow Drying Your Hair

Want to keep your hair healthy while blow-drying it?

Avoid these 5 COSTLY mistakes that can ruin your hair FOREVER!

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Mistakes To Avoid When Blow-Drying Your Hair

Whether you naturally air dry your hair or use a blow dryer, the hair shouldn’t be wet as heat on wet hair can do serious damages to your locks. 

Besides, if you are in a hurry and need to go outside just after having your shower, you should use a blow dryer to dry your hair quickly to protect it from the sun.

But there are some demerits of using a blow dryer if you do not use it properly.

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You Are Using Low Quality or Cheap Blow Dryer

Budget hair tools are not good most of the times. 

These products can save your money though at some point these products cannot provide good performance. 

At times, the performance of cheap hair products and tools lack its efficiency and then it starts damaging your hair.

If you are not a frequent user of a blow dryer and little short of money, the budget blow dryers can be okay. 

But if your hair is thick or coarse hair or you are habituated with a blow-dry your hair every time you take shower, buy a high-quality blow dryer like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer or Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 or even BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer (cheaper than the first two). 

These expensive and high-quality blow dryers have the features like multiple heat settings, cool shot, ionic air technology, high power, etc. which can provide extra protection and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, damaged and other harms.

Compared to the cheap or budget blow dryers, these high-quality blow dryers cost between $50-$100 which is not a big deal comparing the quality and protection your hair can have.

2. Brushing on Wet Hair

Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Brushing on wet hair is another big mistake like applying blow dryer on wet hair. 

If you brush on your wet hair, it creates a lot more tension on the hairs. 

And after brushing the wet hair and start blow-drying immediately on the strands, it causes major damages and breakage. 

However, brushing the strands regularly helps stimulate the roots of the hair and indorse faster growth. But that doesn’t mean you should brush now and then. Just do not bush and apply blow dryer on wet hair. 

Besides, try to keep your brush clean always. The dirty brush can lead your scalp having bacteria and destroy your natural scalp oil.

If you have not much time in your hand, allow the hair air-dry at least for 5-10 minutes. This can reduce damage.

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3. Putting the Towel on Hair for Too Long

Do Not Use Hair Towel for Too Long

Glasmsquad’s creative director, Giovanni Vaccaro says that “After getting out of the shower, women tend to leave their hair in the towel for like 30 minutes”. He also says, “A cotton-based towel causes friction on the hair, and it’s more prone to damaging the strands to the point where the hair breaks off”.

So, from Giovanni Vaccaro, a professional hair expert, we have come to know that if you have the habit of letting your towel stay on your wet hair for so long, your hair is in danger. 

To prevent this, Vaccaro suggests using an old clean t-shirt to get rid of the excess water. But let it stay on your wet hair for not more than 10 minutes. The only best thing is to let your hair air dry it then use a blow dryer.

Here’s a quick suggestion to remove all of your confusion. 

  • If your hair is fine to medium, let your hair dry at least 80% before blow dries it.
  • If the hair is thick, curly, or coarse, about 50% dry will be okay to blow dry it. You can also squeeze your hair with your hands and get rid of the excess water and then wrap it with a microfiber towel for about 5-10 minutes, then blow-dry the hair. You can use Zwipes 735 Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths instead of your regular towel.

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4. Skipping the Heat Protectant Spray

Yes, heat protectants can really protect your hair from severe damages.

If you want to save your strands from breakage and want to make your blowout last longer, a heat protectant will be the best buddy for your hair while blow-drying it.

However, you should apply it correctly.

If you are not used to spraying the heat protectant all over your hair, do not do it the next time. Spray it on your whole hair and do not forget to spray the protectant on the backside of your hair too.

However, it is best practice to spray the heat protectant on your section by section and start working from the mid-shaft to the ends.

After finishing the spray, you can comb your hair smoothly with a wide-toothed comb. If you are in a hurry, you can do it with your fingers also.

Always try to use high-quality spray.

Low-quality heat protectants can make your hair dry and breakage-prone. 

5. Blow-drying in the Wrong Direction

If you start blowout from the back of your hair, you are doing it wrong.

This blow dry procedure makes your hair dry at the top and it will be harder to get a smoother finish. The root of your strands takes a longer time to dry than the ends.

Blow Drying Hair on the Roots

If you do not want more heat on your locks than is necessary, it is better to focus on the roots before you move on the ends. This procedure will prevent split ends, breakage, and overworked locks.

Besides, the most visible part of your hair is the front and top. And this part tends to be the most challenging to smooth. So start from the tough part first.

Blow-dry downward and keep the airflow with the direction of your strands and continue doing it till you have smooth and dry sections.

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If you have any confusion regarding the mistakes or any steps, you can comment below. Avoid these mistakes. You will have long-lasting healthy hair for sure.


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  1. This is a nicely penned down article with so much authentic information. I agree with this article fully. From my own experience, I can say that a cheap hair dryer will surely take a toll on your precious hair, especially if you have fine, sensitive manes. I bought a 20 dollar blow dryer a few years back, initially, it worked exceptionally well on my hair. But over time I realized that it is harming my manes. I stopped it right here. And saw a gradual change in the condition of my manes.

    I would suggest you, girls, to invest in an expensive hairdryer if you don’t want to damage your manes permanently.

    Thank you for taking the time and reading my comment.

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