Should You Use a Hair dryer to Dry and Style Your Hair?

Recently, a friend asked me, “Should we use a hair dryer to dry and style our hair?”

lady blow drying her hair but should we use a hairdryer?

To this, my immediate response was yes, why not?

But after pondering upon this question for a while, I realized the answer is not that simple.

Here is what I think about the use of blow dryers, and what this tool does to our hair and scalp. Keep reading to know more…!

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Should We use a hair dryer or not?

As I said above, my immediate reaction is “yes!” I mean, I’ve been using a hairdryer a few times a week for years now, and never have I ever noticed any signs of damage to my healthy hair.

Besides, when it comes to heat hair styling tools, nothing works quite like a blow dryer! Pretty much every styling method starts with “wash and blow dry your hair,” after all.

Even my stylist agrees it’s extremely useful! But, she also told me that it can be very damaging if not used correctly.

So, to answer the question, yes you should use a hairdryer, but with proper care and well-spaced intervals in between each session.

This device is perfect as a quick and hassle-free hair styling product, but it does come with its drawbacks (even when used properly).

woman blow drying her hair

Pros and Cons of Using a Hair Dryer

Let’s evaluate the Pros and Cons of using a blow dryer. Check out the table below for a quick rundown, then keep reading and I’ll discuss them in more detail.

Makes Styling Hair Easy Heat Damage
Blow Dryers are Cheap Steals the Natural Shine of Hair
Saves Time Hair Loss
Prevents breakage Hearing Issues


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits, shall we?

Makes Styling Hair Easy

Blow dryers dry your hair quickly which makes styling it comparatively easy. You can easily use any styling tool on dry hair, but very few tools work on wet hair.

Plus, blow dryers practically work on all hair types, be it curly hair, straight hair, natural hair, or wavy hair.

Blow Dryers are Cheap

Compared to other styling tools hair dryers are economic. Yes, there are some that cost $100+, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can easily find a really good one for under $25.

Plus, if you get the hang of this tool you can style your hair to achieve almost any given look for a fraction of the cost of a salon.

Saves Time

Air drying or natural drying takes ages, especially if you have thick hair! That means that if you want your hair dry enough to style before work, you’ll have to get up well before the crack of dawn. No thank you!

Prevents Breakage

As  Beth Sissons explains on Medical News Today, “Wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair.” You don’t need an expert to know that’s true, though!

If you’ve ever brushed your wet hair rather than combed it, or tried tying it back with an elastic, chances are you’ve experienced it for yourself. I know I have!


Of course, there are just as many drawbacks to using a hair dryer. Let’s check them out in more detail.

Heat Damage

It’s a no-brainer that if you use a blow dryer regularly, the signs of heat damage will be gradually evident, even with the use of a heat protectant. Extreme heat damage is one of the main downsides of this product.

Steals the Natural Shine of Hair

Heating your hair from root to tip will eventually steal its natural luster, causing irreversible damage.

Hair Loss

Excessive heat from blow-drying results in hair loss, especially if you have stiff and dry hair.

Hearing Issues

The noise of a hairdryer is similar to that of a jet engine. If you use too much hair dryer, over time it will meddle with your hearing organs.

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Easy Steps to Blow Dry Your Hair

When it comes to exact steps on how to blow dry your hair, there’s really no single right answer. I have watched plenty of videos, some of which were of professional stylists and very tough to replicate.

However, amid all these practical and impractical videos, I created my own easy way to blow dry my hair perfectly.

Below I have shared it in a step-by-step process, along with all the hair tools you will be needing.

Tools Needed

  1. A Hair Dryer (obviously)
  2. Hair Brush
  3. Heat protectant spray/ serum
  4. A Towel

Step 1- Towel dry your hair

Don’t ever blow dry dripping-wet hair. Use a towel to pat excess water from your hair, before you bring it anywhere near a heat drying machine.

towel drying of the hair

Use a soft microfiber towel as it prevents frizzy hair. Do not rub your hair. Just pat it gently in a downward direction.  

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Step 2- Heat protection is a Must

Spray/ apply your heat protectant evenly. Make sure no sections of your hair are left untouched.

Step 3- Detangle a little

Do not use your brush to detangle your hair just yet. Brushing wet hair leads to hair breakage and a damaged hair cuticle.

Instead, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair as much as possible. So, do not pull or tug at your hair.

You need not untangle your hair fully. A hair serum or a leave-in conditioner will make this process smoother.

Step 4- Blow Dry

Do not blast hot air from your hairdryer. Firstly, use the lowest heat setting to get your hair tough dry, the temperature should be approximately 45°C.

Dr. Tim Moore, of Cambridge University suggests that “It’s best to use the blow dryer at a low or medium heat setting while blow-drying your hair. Keep moving your hairdryer and do not concentrate on a single point for too long. Switch to another section if you feel the current one heating up.”

pretty girl blow drying her hair but Should We Use A Hairdryer daily?

Once your hair starts to dry use the hairbrush very lightly to fully unknot your hair.  

Step 5- Style Your Hair

Now that you have dried your hair, feel free to use a heating tool to style your hair.

Check out more amazing tips in this video:

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Is it good to use a hairdryer every day?

pretty girl drying her hair after shower

No! Blow dryers project a lot of heat onto the hair which causes heart damage. If you blow-dry your hair every day it will eventually lead to brittle hair and hair breakage. So, it’s good to avoid blow-drying every day.

Is it better to let your hair dry naturally?

Air-drying your hair seems like a good option as you minimize heat damage. However, on the contrary, if your hair retains moisture for too long the cortex swells and cracks, permanently damaging hair. So, there is not much difference between air drying and blow-drying.

How often is it ok to blow dry hair?

pretty girl blow drying hair in front of the mirror

Experts suggest that it’s best to blow dry your hair as little as possible. Unlike other heat styling tools blow dyers do not have a controlled heat setting, which makes it a bit extreme for our hair. However, with a heat protectant, you can blow dry one every two to three days, without causing any significant damage.


Blow drying is a fun activity and beneficial for your hair only if done right.

I hope this shared knowledge about blow-drying was helpful.

Also, comment down below to let me know how many times you use a hairdryer per week


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woman drying her hair using a blow dryer

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