5 Beautiful Haircuts for Rebonded Hair To Complete Your Look!

lady getting a hair cut for rebonded hair

Now that you’re flaunting a straight, sleek mane, it is crucial to find the best haircut after rebonding to suit your face and your lifestyle.

Some women love a simple hairstyle, while others prefer an elaborate up-do.

No matter the choice, though, here are a few hairstyles for rebonded hair [1] that I am sure you’ll dig.

Best of all, all of these styles require zero to low maintenance and can get you looking pretty and out of the door in just a few minutes.

Let’s check them out!

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5 Hairstyles for Rebonded Hair

1. Haircut for rebonded Short Hair

A short hair rebond style is fun and flirty. Think Rihanna in her single ‘Umbrella’ (low-key dancing to it right now!)

A bob with a sharp edge is smart for work and camera-ready for any event you need to attend. No more reaching for your flat iron.

Plus any hair type can rock this style.

With your rebonded straight hair, hitting the shower and leaving your apartment is as easy as 1,2,3.

2. Haircut for rebonded Long Hair

If you have managed to get your hair extra long (and trust me, that is a feat in itself), a sleek straight style like our very own Kim Kardashian may be your go-to style.

I love how she pulls off a shiny, glossy, and voluminous, sleek mane that looks polished and sexy at the same time.

Celebrity hairstylist Tony Chaar says, “If you have long, straight hair, then I would definitely put some long layers in.

The layers have to be almost choppy so that when they lay down with the rest of the hair, they look strong.”

Dry your hair upside down for more volume after your shower, and make sure to slather some hair serum or keratin lotion to give it that extra shine.

Make sure you know how to wash rebonded hair properly so you can give it some extra attention.


3. Hairstyle for rebonded hair with thick bangs

If you’ve got the kind of face that bangs compliment, you may want to opt for a shoulder-length style that accentuates your features softly.

I especially love how Anne Hathaway styles her poker-straight hair with blunt, thick bangs that almost cover her eyes.

To get it to stay a little curved at the forehead, you may have to go over your bangs with a flat iron before heading out the door.

However, the style will last throughout the day and looks perfect for whatever task you’re out to achieve next. 

Celebrity hair stylist Eli Thomas suggests getting a hair blow-out to smooth the hair.

He recommends brushing and blow-drying each side of the hair in the direction of your part to smooth it out.  

4. Hairstyle for rebonded hair with side bangs

Another prominent style for those who rock thick locks is side bangs. If blunt or curtain bangs don’t suit your face structure, chances are side bangs will.

Think Emma Stone and her beautiful hair that frames her face so elegantly; it makes you want to hit the salon right away.

You will need to tame your frame with a round brush and a hair dryer to get your bangs looking like that. But in the end, it’s all worth it. I promise you!

5. Haircut for Layered Rebonded hair

A layered style will look great on several face types and suit your everyday needs beautifully.

Jennifer Aniston comes instantly to mind when thinking of layered, straight hairstyles.

Her hairstylists make sure to give her some volume and give her hair some fun texture.

The result? Her bouncy hair, [2] curly hair is sleek and flirty and definitely not plain boring, frizzy hair!

To get her style, use a big round brush to dry your hair after washing it with a mild shampoo and slightly curl the hair inwards to get your wavy hair.

You need not even hit the hair salon to sport a straight hairdo. You can do so in the comfort of your own home in a short time.

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve colored your hair as you can learn how to rebond hair with color at home as well!


Can I cut my hair short after rebonding?

side view of a lady with medium bob

Definitely, lots of straight hair styles can be adopted after you have successfully rebonded your hair. You can flaunt a sleek style for as long as the effects of hair rebonding remain, which is about 6-7 months. 

Is rebonding good for hair?

Hair rebonding uses powerful chemical treatments to give you smooth hair every day. However, these chemicals can cause some hair damage and cause hair loss. As such, it may not be a good idea to do it often.

How many times can you rebond your hair?

how to rebond hair at home demo

As a rule, it is best not to use harsh chemicals on the same hair more than twice a year. By keeping the use of such chemicals at a minimum, you could take better care of hair and promote hair growth. 

Is rebonding permanent?

Hair rebonding treatment is permanent and will last on the hair for a long time.
However, you can learn how to remove rebonded hair if you wish to get rid of the straight look and return to your natural hair texture.


The best part about rebonding hair is how smooth the hair feels after you’re done with the process.

But along with the good comes the inevitable hair damage due to the strong chemicals required for the hair rebonding process.

It is crucial to remember to use a deep conditioner at least once every week to take care of your hair after rebonding.

Using a homemade hair mask can help give you healthier hair shafts and reduce hair breakage. If taken good care of, you’ll flaunt healthy hair every day that will be the envy of many women!


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lady getting a haircut after rebonding

What is your favorite haircut for rebonded hair? Let us know in the comments below!