How to Make Rebonded Hair Less Flat (5 EFFECTIVE Ways)

model showing how to make rebonded hair less flat

After undergoing the hair rebonding process, many people have the same question in mind: how to make rebonded hair less flat? I’ve been there.

Hair rebonding works deep within your strands, rendering your hair flat and lifeless. But there’s a way around it and as a beauty vet, I’m going to tell you how!

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How to add volume to rebonded hair: 5 tips to get bouncy hair

No matter your hair type, these tried and tested methods should add a little, if not tons of volume, to your chemically processed hair. It sure helped keep my hair healthy and voluminous.

1. Get a volume rebond

woman with rebonded hair

Volume rebounding is a chemical treatment by which you can get your hair permanently straightened without the usual dullness and lack of moisture.

The chemicals used in the process are infused with intense moisturizing ingredients that will help keep your strands straight and healthy at the same time.

The technique used in a volume rebond is different from the regular rebonds and it may be slightly more expensive.

But your hair will thank you for it. You will have volume and sleek hair.

2. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

leave-on conditioner

Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons [1] recommends using a special shampoo for straight hair to get rid of product and oil build-up from the scalp, which weighs the hair down, making it look flat.

“Weekly conditioning treatments are a must to create volume and vitality,” he says. Do not overwash your hair as shampoo deprives your hair of its natural moisture. It is best to stick to two to three times a week.

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3. Blow-dry your hair after washing

lady drying her hair using one of the best t3 hair dryers

The best way to add some volume after washing is to blow-dry the hair. The heat from the dryer in itself adds some volume to your manes.

You may even benefit from drying your hair upside down [2] to add volume to the crown. Some girls swear by air-drying their hair upside down, and if that works for you and you have the time, go for it!

After drying the hair upside down, it may help to wait around 30 seconds before flipping your hair upright, letting the hair cool down like that. 

4. Use a dry shampoo

One major reason for flat hair is product buildup and oil that accumulates around the roots. An oily scalp not only looks bad but results in boring, flat hair!

lady spraying her hair with dry shampoo

Dry shampoo comes to the rescue! It is a hair product with an alcohol or a starch base that soaks up all the grease and oil from the scalp of the hair.

You’ll have a clean-feeling scalp, rid of all the excess oils, and your hair will not fall flat anymore.

You need to not only apply it on second or third-day hair. Some hairstylists recommend its use on the first day itself as a preventive measure to keep the natural hair oils at bay.

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5. Set your hair with hair rollers

Hair rollers are a great way to give you a big volume style that will keep the luxurious volume in your hair all day long.

Velcro rollers [3] are meant to go on the hair after getting it hot with a curling rod or a blow dryer. They stick on the hair without the need for a clip, but you can add a hair clip to ensure they won’t roll out.

hair curlers

Setting your hair with a roller helps to add some healthy bounce to the hair and also keeps your roots voluminous and sexy.

Simply roll a section of your hair all the way to the roots. 

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Getting your hair permanently rebonded can help save a lot of time by cutting down on your hair styling process. But along with straight hair comes the nuisance of having to make the volume.

These tips on how to make rebonded hair less flat will help you achieve the perfect combination of slim and volume.


Why Is My Hair So Flat And Lifeless?

The most common reason is dirt and oils that weigh your hair down. Regularly washing your hair may help keep oils at bay and add some soft volume.

Does Conditioner Cause Flat Hair?

lady with hair conditioner

No, but applying conditioner on the root and scalp not only leads to greasy hair but also loss of volume. As a rule of thumb, apply conditioner only on the hair strands and not on the roots.

Will Rebonded Hair Go Back To Normal?

No, the hair rebonding process is a permanent procedure. It is not possible for the straightened hair to go back to its natural texture.

model with sleek colored hair

Do you have other tips on how to make rebonded hair less flat? Please share below!


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