Is Rebonding Good for Thin Hair? (3 BEST Substitutes)

blonde lady getting a rebond at the salon but Is Rebonding Good for Thin Hair ?

You’re wondering if hair rebonding is a good idea for your thin hair. It’s a permanent process, so you have to be careful!

As a hair specialist, I will tell you about the process, if it’s good for you, and some alternatives. Read on to find out!

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Is it Good to Get Rebonding on Thin Hair?

The benefits of hair rebonding are pretty obvious. This hair straightening process can give a beautiful silky texture to those who undergo it.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and people with thin hair may be the ones who suffer the most with this.

Here are some drawbacks of rebonding thin hair.

Hair rebonding can be quite harsh

rebonding hair at the salon

The chemicals used in the hair rebonding process disrupt the natural bonds [1] in your hair structure to make it permanently straight.

Hair rebonding actually breaks the hydrogen bonds in our hair with powerful chemicals and then fuses it back together to get it to look straight. This can cause substantial damage to your hair fiber.

You would have straight hair, but the hair damage is just not worth it. Since you already have thin hair, the extra damage may cause more hair loss and hair breakage, making your hair thinner and fragile.

The process of rebonding requires hot tools such as a blow dryer and a ceramic iron straightener that can cause your hair to fry as well.

It adds no volume

The problem with thin hair, in the first place, is the near absence of volume. Getting it permanently straightened will not help you gain volume around your hair.

On the contrary, it is going to flatten it some more, rendering the entire look ineffective.

Hair rebonding is best done by those with extra thick and frizzy hair since the process will help them sleek their look without compromising on their volume.

You will have to repeat the process every six months

The rebonding process doesn’t change our natural hair growth and the new hair will show itself at the roots in about three to six months.

Unless you are okay with simply walking out with two different textures of hair, you will have to get the process done again. This leads to more damaged hair and more hair loss, which you don’t want with your already thin hair.

What can be a substitute for rebonding?

Here are a few substitutes that you might actually benefit from.

1. Hair Smoothening

Hair smoothening [2] is a perfect substitute for rebonded hair. The effects of hair smoothening are not as long-lasting as chemical rebonding, but it helps smoothen out the hair cuticles to keep your hair silky and smooth.

You might not achieve poker-straight hair with these hair treatments, but you will be doing your hair a favor. Hair smoothening is not harsh and will protect your hair strength without altering your natural texture.

It is a temporary procedure, so after several hair washes, the chemical will wash out and you’ll get your natural hair back.

Here’s a video to give you an idea.


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2. Keratin Hair Treatment

You might be confused with the terminologies: isn’t smoothening the same as a keratin hair treatment?

gorgeous lady with long, brown hair

Meri Kate O’Connor, a hairstylist at Tabb and Sparks salon [3], says, “A traditional keratin treatment, commonly called a Brazilian blowout, straightens out your hair texture while smoothing treatments, help de-frizz hair and add shine, without disrupting its texture.”

With a keratin lotion and formaldehyde, your hair strands will get a straight look without the hair damage of a rebonding chemical.

The treatment infuses your hair bonds with keratin protein to keep it looking smooth and straight from weeks up to six months.

3. Perming

If you are okay with not having straight hair but manageable curls, why not try perming instead? There are several kinds of perms [4] that will suit your thin hair.

First off, the body wave perm is quite popular because it gives you boho-chic waves. Your thin hair will look beautifully boosted with the procedure and give you an overall polished look.

beautiful blonde wavy hair

Another option is a beach wave perm, which gives you wavy hair since it is created with large rollers. If you love soft waves, you may benefit from having it done.

A root perm is a chemical treatment that is applied only to the roots of your hair. This treatment is best for those with thin hair, as it adds instant volume to the roots. This is also perfect for you if you already have curly hair.

Matilde Campos, a celebrity hairstylist, says, “A ‘root perm’ can give you the volume you want. Whatever you’re looking to do, there’s probably a perm that can do it for you.”

Look how this lady got voluminous hair after getting a root perm.


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How Long Does A Hair Rebond Last?

side view of a lady with rebonded hair

Hair rebonding is a permanent procedure and will stay on your hair until you cut it off. But since new hair shows on the roots in about 6 to 7 months, you’ll have to get the procedure done again.

Will My Hair Go Back To Normal After Rebonding?

No, it won’t. The effects of rebonding go deep in the hair follicles, permanently altering their structure. Meaning, they will never go back to their normal texture. The only solution is to chop the hair off.

How Many Times Can I Rebond My Hair?

woman with rebonded hair

It is best to not undergo the same chemical treatments in a previously treated area more than twice a year. Since hair growth occurs every 3 to 6 months, you can rebond your hair twice a year.


So, is rebonding good for thin hair? The cons of hair rebonding outweigh the benefit of hair rebonding. It causes breakage of hair, induces hair loss, and even thwarts the natural growth process.

If you want to take good care of your hair, it is best to steer away from this process. There are several other treatments that hairstylists recommend for your hair type.

For healthy hair growth, it is best to find suitable treatments for hair that will not strip your tresses of its moisture, making your hair dry.

brushing blonde straight hair

Is rebonding good for thin hair? Let us know your opinion below!


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