Awesome Haircuts That Are Suitable for Long Hair

You may hear a lot that long hair needs to be maintained a lot and the styling is only limited within straight and wavy styles.

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However, this time we will make the saying wrongs as every major inch you have got, you will also have the major options to your long hair. You can have a lot of haircuts on your long hair and here we are going to show you some awesome and prettiest haircuts that can make your longer mane more beautiful and appealing.

Let’s scroll below to see all of the high-fashion haircuts for your long straight hair.

1. Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs

If your hair has a wavy texture and is long, you can cut the long bangs into a straight cross, which will give your hair nice movement and texture. Keep the length of the bangs right where your eyebrows end and keep the all other hair lengths the same all the way around. It will work as layers or angles the same as the face-framing cut. If you are comfortable with recurrent bang trims, this cut is worth a try for you as well as for the girls who want to keep their hair length as it is but still a mix-up style.

2. Different Length Sides Layer

Different Length Sides Layer

We all know the layer cut pretty well that is cut shorter in the two edges side and the middle part of the hair is kept long. But hairstyling and fashions have changed and we see asymmetrical short cuts with one side shorter than the other. This cut is popular for shorter hairs but this fashion has spread to long hair also. Keep your long straight hairstyles layered through the lengths and cut one side shorter than the other side. You will get a completely new and exciting haircut on your long straight hair.

3. Front Layers

If you follow Sara Jessica Parker (SJP), you will see recently that her hair is heavily layered around her face which gives her a more dramatic look. If your hair is naturally long and straight, this one is perhaps the easiest cut you can have on your long strands.

Keep the hairpieces with the layer that starts just above the cheekbones. It is suitable for girls who have a square jawline. However, if you have a heart-shaped or oval-shaped face, it will look perfect with the layers which start around your chin.

4. Volume Up Top

Volume Up Top

With this cut, you will have polished waves with more volume at the top of your head like a crown. This height will also add some charisma to your long, tapered layers. Try these easy wavy hairstyles with some volumizing spray and a good blowout (in upside-down method) to flash up your wavy style for a big event or a party.

5. Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves Hairstyle

One of the easiest and most used haircuts for long hair is random, undone but glamorous old Hollywood waves. You can have the famous beachy waves hairstyle with this cut, which is easily created on the type of long straight hair. If you like to keep your long straight hair simple but want to add some contemporary style, try this style with very few layers on your long strands. You can also cut your hair with a v-shaped form at the end of it and make waves in your long hair by a 2 inch flat iron and some blow-drying tricks.

6. Low Layers

Low Layers

If you keep your layers only down or ends of your long strands, there will be rhyme and glam in your hair. With this cut, a bunch of your thick hair and rounded layers scatters from your shoulder-length to down, which will look damn hot and modern. You will not need plenty of your strands to pull it off, rather the back will have a mullet like a vibe. However, this haircut flatters all face shapes and hair texture. For better understanding, you can follow Lais Ribeiro’s cut.

7. All-Around Layers

All-around Layers

For a simple and versatile option, you can try Martha hunt’s long, random layer cut. Take the bottom part of your hair about 2-inches and cut them in a way that is not too perfect or cut randomly by pointing the scissors downward. This slightly imperfect ends will give you a unique and bold look. It is also a wash-and-go type of haircut for long straight hair and can be styled with a middle or side part.

8. Flipped Out Straight

Flipped Out Straight

If you are ready to have a classic long on your long straight hair, this one can provide an extra vibe to your hairstyling and look. Besides, the multiple layers of this flat ironed natural hairstyle will give your hair some extra body. To have this style one your mane, brush your hair with a round brush first. This will build volume. Then flip the ends out. You will have a deep side part that will create a fantastic cascade to one side and make another side slightly messy but fully elegant style.

9. Face-framing Somber

Face-framing Somber

Layers always look good on long hair as it adds movement and volume to the long mane. This face-framing style for long hair transforms the length in such a way that with this style, any girl transforms girlish look to a womanly and sophisticated look. Besides, if you add any trending hair color it will give you an extraordinary look. However, hand-painted highlights will add a contemporary touch, where you can get a classic feminine look with curled ends and smooth styling on the rest of the hair.

10. Feathered Dark Brown Cut

Feathered Dark Brown Cut

A shag always looks good on long straight hair. It may tend to feel a little lifeless. But while paired in the center and styled the locks with a round brush, the bountiful layers will have a light, floating movement, which is reminiscent like soft feathers. The shades of color will really bring life and joy to your beloved long strands.


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    • Dear Anna,

      First of all, thank you very much for your kind words. We appreciate our readers’ feedback.

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      We hope this would help you.

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