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Why Should You Straighten Your Hair & How Often You Should Do It?

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People will be always debating on this one is better than that one! But talking about the hairstyles, the thing gives you comfort is the best thing you can ever have. Should you go for straight hair or not totally depends on which one you prefer. But today you have this guide to make the correct decision. So, let’s begin to scroll below to see what we have.

Why Straight Hair?

The Cons: From ancient day to recent, people love straight hair in the first place. It looks, trendy, healthy and versatile. There are lots of causes to fall in love with straight hair like it needs very fewer hair products, easy to have different styles on hair and easy to maintain. Girls with straight hair can wake up their bed with less messy hair and need a very little time to prepare their hair.

Besides, straightening hair needs less heat so there is less opportunity of damaging your hair. Straight hair is simple, smooth, silky and shines all day. You need less effort to style the straight hair. Sleek straight hair attracts all men and they give a pleasant impact on you. Straight hair is almost tangles free and even it does, you can remove it simply brushing and combing. And most of all, straight hair gives you comfort, better sleep at night and you can get rid of annoying fluffiness and everyday hair routine.

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The Cons: With lots of pros, straight hair has some cons too. Some say it is too boring to have the same straight style all the time. Girls who like fluffy hair do not love straight hair at all because it lacks volume. Besides, having straight hair or straight style, your hair gets greasy very easily. So, frequent wash is needed. And the last but not least, while straitening your hair you may get your hair damaged not having the right flat irons for your hair type.

However, flat irons are popular all over the world to straightening hairs. Whether you buy a professional salon quality flat iron like Karmin G3 or Infiniti Pro which is a budget one, you always remember that all of them use heat to straighten your hair. So, necessary precautions and steps should be taken whenever you opt to flat ironing your beloved hair.

How Often You Should Straighten Your Hair?

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Due to quick result, girls often flat ironing their hair before attending on an occasion and sometimes they do it regularly. But heat is one of the greatest enemies of our hair and we welcome this enemy pretty often and do damages more to the hair. So, if you are cautious about your hair health it is necessary to learn about how to use heat on your hair properly and how often you should use it. 

First of all, it depends on two points mostly.

Some hair textures can endure heat better than others. So, you can first know which type of hair texture you have then decided how often you should apply heat on it. Then it comes about the current condition of your hair. It is very important to know before using any heat tools whether your hair is damaged, frizzy, or weak.

After finding out your hair texture and its condition, you have to now select your hair products carefully. For thin hair, avoid blow dryer and the hair straighteners that use excessive heat. To straight thin and natural hair, you always need heat protectant and dry shampoo. Do not use heat product on thin hair more than twice a month. If your hair is thick or coarse hair, we would recommend you to use heat product on your hair once a week most.

And if your hair condition is not very well in recent, just totally avoid any type of heating tools on your hair for some months. Let your hair heal and take necessary hair care. If you think your hair is in a good state and you like to style it a lot, remember one thing, your hair may respond well throughout this week, but that doesn’t mean it will go well in the next week too. The more heat your hair is getting, it is losing its good condition gradually. So, you always should be careful about the condition of your hair before blow drying or flat ironing it.

Remember, there is actually no such specific timeline about how often you should straighten your hair. Every hair is different. So, it is hard to fix a general timeline. Just understand how your hair responds to the flat ironing and set your timing according to that.

However, if you blow dry your hair regularly, it will cause split ends and breakage. But if you have to do it, regular trimming is must then. Besides, before using hot tools like hair straighteners make sure your hair is washed and deep conditioned properly.

Is Heath the Greatest Enemy of Your Hair?

As most of the point, yes, it is. We all know that heat is no good for hair. But you can minimize or eliminate this enemy by maintaining some things. Here we are describing the fact you can consider and things you should do to prevent the damages of your hair from its greatest enemy “heat”.

A Note: The Optimal temperature to straighten hair is 150°C or 320°F. Between 160°C-175, °C hair becomes very elastic and it is easier for most of the styles with this hair. But in this case, you have to sacrifice your hair moisture and must use a heat protectant.

Using Heat Protectant Spray

You can minimize the heat damages by applying a heat protectant before apply heat tool to your hair. Heat protectant products protect your hair from heat through the chemicals in it. There are many kinds of heat protectants you can find in the market and our suggestion goes to TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Protectant for thin hair and GHD Style Heat Protect Spray for thick and curly hair.

However, these are some points below that you should maintain to keep your hair from heat damages.

The Final Verdict

Nowadays, straight hair is trendier than curly hair. There are many reasons for that. It is easier to maintain the style and manage. So girls are always looking forward to the methods of straightening the hair. Either it is temporary or permanent, it will require heat. And heat is never considered good for any kind of hair. As prevention is better than cure, all the necessary steps should be taken to protect the hair before you apply heat to your hair. Hope this guide will make you understand and help you decide should you straighten your hair or not. Let us know what’s in your mind in our comment section below.

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