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Types of Flat Irons That Every Girl Should Know Before Buying One

Every woman likes to have their hair as smooth, shiny, straight and healthy. There are lots of products that can help you achieve the shiny, glossy, and healthy hair you wish to have, but the products cannot alone make your hair straight and smooth like the flat irons can. With the flat irons or hair straightener, you can also quickly make your hair ready for a party or occasions. But there are various brands and types of flat irons around the market, so which one particularly will be best suited for you is the question now.

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No worries, in this article have talked about all of the types of flat irons according to its materials, their uses and which one will be the best for you according to your hair type.

However, we have made the types this time according to the materials used in the flat irons. Generally, this is the main thing where most of the flat irons differ from each other and where you should give most of your concentration while buying a new hair iron for you.

Hair straightener companies make their straighteners with different types of materials and technologies which are good for different hairs. Mainly there are 3 types of materials you find in the market – Titanium, Tourmaline, and Ceramic flat irons. There are other materials too like ionic, professional and wet to dry flat iron. We will cover all of them in below within a short. Without farther ado, let’s scroll down to see what we have got below.

Titanium is a durable metal which can be found in the earth and it is now been widely used in flat irons. Titanium flat iron is extremely beneficial for thick or coarse hair because of its heat transfer system. It can transfer heat quickly and evenly. So, if you are tired of wasting your time in straitening hair you should get one of these. Titanium flat iron not only distributes heat perfectly of generates the heat by producing negative ions. Negative ions produce infrared technology which can tam your frizzy hair really well. It just not only tames the frizz but also makes the hair look shiny and sleek.

On the other hand, those who have thick hair, struggle with straightening the hair because it causes so much time for them. Titanium made straightener has the modern heat transfer process which can transfer the heat from the iron to the hair fast and even. So it takes less time to straighten the hair.

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But those who have thin hair also can use it without any hesitation. Titanium flat irons generally have a wide range of heat settings. The temperature can be controlled as it needed. So, you can always avoid the hair damage with it. Plus titanium is well known flat iron which does least possible damage to your hair. It is a long term investment for your hair care. Moreover, titanium is one of the most durable flat irons so you will not have to replace it quickly. Though good quality titanium flat iron can cost a little more than the other flat irons, it is completely worth the price.

Tourmaline Flat Iron

About the negative ions we have talked above in titanium flat iron, you will also get it in tourmaline flat iron. So if your hair is frizzy, damaged or unhealthy this flat iron will suit you best. Because that kind of hair is rich with positive ions and negative ions can perfectly tame it down. It will give your hair a shiny and healthy look by securing the moisture in the hair.  On the other hand tourmaline flat iron needs less heat to straighten the hair so there are fewer possibilities for your hair to get damaged.

One of the many reasons when flat iron damages hair is the lack of smoothness on the flat iron surface. As tourmaline is not a single metal it cannot be used as a single material. Generally, it is used as a coat of dust over the ceramic surface. We all know by now that ceramic is one of the smooth surfaces that can be used in flat irons. So the surface of tourmaline flat iron is so smooth that there will not be any damages in your hair.

Tourmaline flat iron distributes heat evenly to your hair so that it does not need more than a few seconds to straighten one section of the hair. It will cut your hair styling time into half. Moreover, tourmaline also helps to repair the damages of your hair and prevent farther damage as tourmaline dust protects the hair from excessive heat.

Another cause of hair damage and fizziness is the lack of moisture of our hair. Flat iron generally brings out all the moisture and makes it drier. But tourmaline flat iron prevents this process and locks the moistures in the hair so it makes the hair healthier and shinier.

Ceramic Flat Iron

First of all, ceramic flat irons are made of ceramic. So, what is ceramic then? It is an inorganic nonmetallic material which is become very hard by heat. It is also corrosion-resistant.

The main reason that ceramic is used in flat irons for its even heat distribution and cheaper price. The flat iron plates made with ceramic have smooth finish thus it is most suitable for fine and thin hair. This is another one of the main reasons that these plates are nowadays become very popular all over the world. With the exceptionally smooth finish, you can experience flawless and smooth ironing while straightening or styling your hair with ceramic flat irons.

But why these ceramic plates are leading preference of the girls worldwide? These plates are extremely safe and ideal for thin and fragile hairs. Ceramic flat irons do not get heated easily. The temperature is easily manageable as per everyone’s specific requirements. That means, in ceramic flat irons, you will find a wide range of temperature controls, so you can set the heat suitable for your hair.

Check These Ceramic Flat Irons

However, ceramic hair straighteners are also well known for providing consistent heat thus your hair gets less damage. Besides, it needs less time to iron your hair, so there will be extra protection for your fine strands. The “ionic technology” of ceramic straighteners can keep your hair frizz-free and keep the moisture by neutralizing positive ions.

And the last but not the least, ceramic flat irons are the most economical options among the others. If you are in searching for a great flat iron for your fine or thin hair, just go for the ceramic one.

Ionic Flat Iron

The term ionic means it generates negative ions and neutralizes positive ions. Our hair generally gets positively charged from the water content (H2O+), and humid weathers. The positive ions cause frizziness, damages, breakages and other damages to our hair. So, it needs to eliminate the positive ions to keep our hair health in good conditions. So, hair experts suggest using the hair tools that provide enough negative ions which will help to make your hair smoother, shinier and frizz-free hair.

The ionic flat irons are best for the hairs which are frizzy, dry, breakage-prone, curly or coarse. You can use the ionic flat iron on your fine hair but you should be careful and set the temperature at low. Ionic straighteners lock the moisture into your hair and make it smoother, softer and shinier. If your hair is too dry, damaged or breakage-prone, you can try the Bio 10x Pro 1-inch Styling iron to have 3 times smoother and shiner hairs. There are lots of other ionic flat irons you can find in the market, but this one is our recommendation if you have not used any ionic straightener before.

Wet to Dry Flat Iron

These flat irons are specially made for use on wet or damp hairs. The venting system will allow you to straighten your hair in just one step. If your hair is heavy in weight or if you have very thick, long, coarse hair, this flat iron is for you then. It can also prevent frizziness as well.

But if you want your hair smooth, shiny as you get from ironing by ionic or ceramic hair straighteners, you may get a little bit disappointed. But these irons are the great replacement of blow dryer. If you don’t have much time to blow dries your wet hair or if you want to get your hair to straighten real quickly, these irons can take care of that.

However, these flat irons are not as reliable as the other irons we have talked about, though these are usually high quality. Moreover, there is the absence of safe technology. That being said, there are other models with recent and advanced technologies that work really well on damp hairs. But no other flat irons perform well on your damp or wet hair, our recommendation goes to these two wet to dry flat iron:

Professional Flat Iron

This name indicates the flat irons which are recommended by the professional hair experts. You can see these hair straighteners are being used in the salon or beauty parlor. These are the flat irons with extremely superior and fine quality and have longer longevity than the other straighteners you have in your home.

These flat irons can give your hair incredible texture, glow and any professional styles you want. But keep in mind that these irons are too expensive and you need to be pro to use these irons at your home. Among some of the popular professional flat irons, we like Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron and RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron.

Are There Any Other Options?

There are other flat irons you can find around the market but not all of them are good or suitable to use. Some of them become old fashioned also. Some of them are made with silicon or rubber which can help you to sort out the strands when it is pulled out. Some irons you can find less expensive which are Teflon coated which plates are very small.

There are metal and glass flat irons too. But these are not popular as these are very low-quality irons and these iron plates can get heat spike which can burn your strands, break or damage easily. We always recommend our readers to get stay out of these hair straighteners.

Final Verdict

What if you have bought a flat iron but cannot get your desired result from it? You then change your flat iron and buy another. But then the situation remains. This will be an exhausting thing for any women in the world we know it well. So, it is really very important to fix what your hair suits most and then buy according to the needs of your hair. We have tried to help you take decision throughout this article and hope you can sort out your needs now. So, buy a flat iron according to your hair types and never ever get exhausted while straightening your hair.


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