Little Secrets of Andis Multi Heat Ceramic Flat Iron

Since the last eight decades, Andis has provided spanking flat irons to the beauty industry.

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They have possessed a remarkable reputation by proving quality products. Andis CSI-1EA iron is no exception. A lady would love to carry one of it in their toolkit.

This high heat flat iron gives you the ability to smoothly style your hair at an affordable price. But Before having one, you must know the good and the bad in it. Let’s grab some knowledge about it then.

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Andis 67095 High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron Review

JAndis 67095 High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron, 1-Inch, High Heat 450ºF, Black


Weight0.70 lbs.
Length10.25 inch
Size 1 inch
Body materialPolymer
Metal of PlateCeramic
FinishMatte black
Number of heat settings20
Minimum time to heat-up?30 second
Maximum temperature450 °F
ColourBlack and Gold
Is the cord swivel?Yes
Automatic on-offYes
Is there any indicator light?Yes
Volts120 V
Frequency60 Hz

What’s Great About Andis 67095 High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron Review?

Some excellent features make this flat iron perfect for your hair. Find those positive sides below to make a decision easily.

High-Quality Plate Material

You can create shiny and glossy hair with Andis flat iron as its metal plate is made of ceramic which is a quality material for hot tools. Ceramic plates conserve moisture, produce negative ions, and heat evenly which gives you smoother results. This 1-inch multi heat flat iron is great for flattening all types of hair.

The ceramic plates are associated with a clamp that makes you able to flip or curl your hair easily by holding hair tightly.

If you want to know more about ceramic flat irons, then you can click here.

Gets Heated within 30 Second

You can start flattening or styling your hair just after it has come to your mind cause this hot tool gets heated only in 30 seconds. So, you don’t need to wait up long for your elegant hair.

20 Different Heat Settings up to 450 °F

20 Different Heat Facility

Depending on your hair type, you can iron your hair at a suitable temperature up to 450 °F because Andis CSI-1EA Iron gives you 20 different heat settings with a maximum 450 °F. This will make sure to style your hair at the right temperature.

Fine, damaged, and chemically treated hair can be ironed below 300 degrees while thick, extra curly or coarse hair at 350-400 and normal hair at 300-380 degrees. So, if your sibling has a different type of hair than yours, you both can use one.

Automatic On-off

Suppose, you are straightening your hair and your phone rings. So, you pick up that call and forget to turn off the iron for hours. What happens then? Any accident may occur and damage your belongings, right? It won’t if your tool is Andis high heat flat iron! Because it has this exclusive feature that turns off your iron automatically when you forget.

I think this is a safety feature that is very important because you don’t know when you are running out of time and leave the house without unplugging.

Swivel Cord

Swivel Cord

You can use this iron in any position and it is easy to handle because it has a 360-degree swivel cord that gives you a limitless angle. Some irons occupy cord that is static and this causes a barrier to easy styling. This is really a good thing that Andis gives you a swivel cord!

Round Edge

Andis multi heat flat iron ends with a round edge instead of blunt age. The round edge gives you the capability of creating different looks besides straightening your hair. You can style your hair differently like curl, bend, twist, spiral, flip or crimp for various programs with this iron.

Red and Green Indicator Light

Indicator Light

Don’t be confused about whether your straightener has been reached the desired temperature or not! Because this flat iron has two indicator lights instead of one light. Old-fashioned iron possesses one light that only lets you know when it is on or off.

In the case of this iron, the red light is on until the iron gets heat at its temperature and the green one lights when it is heated completely. In this way, you will know when your hot tool is ready to use!

Cheap Price

Most of the quality flat iron ranges up to 300 dollars and they don’t give perfect services according to the users. While you can purchase Andis high heat flat iron at a very low price, within 30 dollars only, and it doesn’t give you any fewer services than other irons.

So, if you are running low on money but desire to style your hair, you don’t need to worry at all.

Five-year Warranty

Andis maintains its reputation as always and gives you a five-year warranty to your straightener. If you find any complication or find the iron unsuitable for any reason, you can exchange it or repair it within time. 

Five years a lot! Isn’t it?

Andis High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron 450 ºF, Black or Gold, 1"
  • Heats to 450 degrees with 20 different heat settings
  • Clamp style holds hair tight for quick results
  • Great for straightening thick or fine hair
  • Ceramic plates preserve moisture, creating incredible luster and shine
  • Auto shut-off

What’s Not So Great?

Besides maximum good features, it has a few faulty sides too which you must give a look at.

Absence of Dual Voltage Facility

If you live outside of the USA or want to travel to Europe or Asia then this iron may not be your travel partner because of the absence of dual voltage facilities. It can be used only at 120V and 60 Hz as almost all other equipment in the USA. Normally European and Asian companies make equipment of 220V and 50 Hz.

You cannot mix both systems. So, when you travel to Europe or Asia, your flat iron won’t be suitable for that power supply. Nowadays many irons have dual voltage facilities to overcome this problem which is not found in this product. So, this reduces its usability at all places.

Well, you can use frequency and voltage converter such as RJTEK Step Up Voltage Converter if you are outside the USA but that is extra trouble, right?

No Ionic Output Booster

This flat iron doesn’t give a very high number of negative ions as it is only made of ceramic. Ceramic plates generate negative ions almost the same as titanium but when it’s added to tourmaline, it creates negative ions at a much higher rate. It makes this iron less qualitative than other irons in the market that have used ionic output booster and heat more smoothly.


Now that you know every detail about Andis CSI-1EA flat iron, it will be easy to decide whether you would like to buy it or not. As it works for every type of hair and gives you a high heat with multiple options, it will be a good choice for your precious hair. Feel free to share your experience if you have used or are using one in the comment box below.

Andis High Heat Ceramic Hair Flat Iron 450 ºF, Black or Gold, 1"
  • Heats to 450 degrees with 20 different heat settings
  • Clamp style holds hair tight for quick results
  • Great for straightening thick or fine hair
  • Ceramic plates preserve moisture, creating incredible luster and shine
  • Auto shut-off


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