The Reasons to Buy the CHI Volcanic Lava Ceramic Flat Iron

There is no doubt that this product is an incredible hair straightener to style your hair precisely and safely.

Featured Image of Chi Volcanic Lava Flat Iron

But is it worth the praise it is getting? – Simone wonders this often because she wants to buy this tool but is not 100% sure whether it would be a good investment or not.

To help Simone and many other skeptical buyers like her, in this article, we have analyzed and listed the benefits as well as the drawbacks of this volcanic lava flat iron so that you know more about it and make a buying decision accordingly.

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CHI Original Lava 1” Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron Review

CHI Original Lava 1” Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron, with On/Off Switch, Red, 1 Count


The specifications of this extraordinary flat iron in a nutshell.

Technology Used
Ionic Technology, Smart Chip Sensor Technology
Plate MaterialVolcanic Lave and Pure Ceramic
Plate Size1 Inch
Plate Length4 Inch
Floating PlatesYes
Heater TypeCeramic Heater
Heat SettingsUnlimited
Heat Range200° F to 450° F
Heat Control SystemIntegrated Buttons
LCD DisplayYes
Instant Heat UpYes
Weight1 Pound
Dimension12.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 inches
Price RangeLess than $100

What are the Benefits?

There is no doubt that this model is an excellent tool to style your manes. It is small, beautiful and offers numerous amazing features to its users to satisfy their daily styling needs. Below, we have discussed the most prominent advantages of this hair straightener in great detail so that you know why it is one of the most loved flat irons among its users.

Excellent for Sensitive Fine Hair

Fine Hair Texture

One of the most amazing aspects of this Chi flat iron is that it works wonders on sensitive fine hair. The lava infused pure ceramic plates of this straightening iron generates a very gentle amount of heat and spread it evenly to each hair strands so that your delicate manes are straightened precisely without any burns or hot spots.

Additionally, the minerals present in the volcanic lava help to strengthen your hair quickly while making them silky and shiny so that they feel smooth and manageable even after styling them with a heat styling tool.

Moreover, as this innovative combination of materials makes the plates’ surface sleek and smooth, you can glide it through your hair strands swiftly without causing any damage, breakage, tugging, and snagging.

Fights Frizz and Static Actively

More often than not, fine tresses tend to suffer from frizz and static. And as this flat iron is specially designed keeping in mind about the requirements of sensitive fine tresses, Chi used ionic technology in this tool to make sure that it fights frizz and flyaways actively to make your hair silky, smooth and manageable.

The ionic generator disperses an abundance of negatively charged ions to the hair strands to lock in hair’s natural moisture and nourishment and hydrate them from the inside out to eliminate frizz and static completely. You can enjoy smooth beautiful hair all day long after styling it with this incredible flat iron.


Suitable for All Lengths of Hair

Another feature of this straightening iron that we love is its plate size and length. Chi incorporated two 1 Inch, universal plates to this straightening iron to make it extremely suitable to straighten all lengths of hair effortlessly. From short to medium and long tresses, you can straighten any hair length with utmost precision with these plates without facing any difficulties.

Additionally, at about 4 inches of length, these volcanic ceramic plates are longer than any regular flat iron plates and can grab more of your hair strands and straightened them at a time to cut down the overall straightening duration. Also, as you are capable of straightening more of your hair at once, you will fewer pass and hence can reduce heat application by several notches.

Can Also Be Used for Other Hairstyles

Styling Hair With Chi Volcanic Lava Ceramic Flat Iron

The extraordinary plates of this flat iron are floating, which means that these plates bevel and straighten your manes without causing any snagging, tugging, or breakages. These plates do this by always applying the right amount of pressure in your delicate hair strands while reaching as close as possible to the scalp to transfer the heat even better and minimize damage.

In addition to limiting breakage and damage, the floating plates also make this straightener extremely suitable for creating versatile hairstyles like curling and waving. They continuously adjust their angles towards the direction you flip and pull your manes so that you can curl and waves your precious tresses effectively without any kinks and breakages.

Wide Range of Heat Settings

Keeping in mind about the different needs and heat tolerance levels of your hair, Chi installed a wide range of heat settings, ranging from 200° F to 450° F to this wonderful straightening iron so that you can pick just the right one according to your preference.

Furthermore, it paired this temperature setting with an LCD display and integrated “+” “-“buttons to ensure that changing between the heat levels and choosing the right level is exceptionally easy and effortless.

Instant Heat and Recovery Mechanism

Another phenomenal aspect of the Chi flat iron is its instant heat and recovery mechanism. The ceramic heater heats the floating plates of this hair styling tool in just 65 seconds so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to start your styling after plugging in the machine.

Moreover, as these plates come with Smart Chip Sensor Technology, they can detect the slightest amount of heat loss from the plate surface and recovers the heat instantly so that the plates provide a constant heat throughout the styling process for a quick and uniform result.

Freedom of Movement

Long Power Cord

To provide its users maximum convenience, Chi included a super long power cord to this straightening iron to make sure that you can enjoy the freedom of movement while styling your manes. This 11 ft. long cord and its swivel end provide you the flexibility to use it with both right and left hand without resulting in any knots and tangles.

Additionally, as, at about 1 pound of weight, this hair straightener is extremely lightweight, you can easily maneuver it without causing any ache or fatigue in your arms.

Travel Friendly

Aside from super light in weight, this flat iron is also quite compact. This amazing combination of weight and dimension makes this tool extremely easy to travel with. Moreover, because of its dual voltage feature, you can also use it outside the US without carrying any voltage converter or adapter.

Incredibly Safe and Secure

In addition to the amazing hairstyling features, Chi also made sure that this iron is extremely safe and secure for the users as well as their vanity. It comes with a 60 minutes auto-shutoff feature that helps to turn down the tool automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity so that, even if you forget to shut it down before leaving the house, this tool won’t fire up the house and cause any hazardous incidents.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

In addition to its outstanding benefits, this volcanic flat iron from Chi also comes with a few flaws. Let’s talk about them here so that you know everything about this styling tool doesn’t feel cheated after buying one for yourself.

Doesn’t Come With a Travel Pouch

Even though this Chi flat iron is extremely travel friendly, it doesn’t come in a travel pouch for easy and safe carrying. A travel pouch would have helped you to carry it effortlessly inside your bag or luggage for fuss-free traveling.

Final Words

We are confident that after reading this article, you know everything you need to know about this Chi Lave flat iron to make a purchase decision. Whether to buy it or not is completely your decision, but we would like to point out that it’s an excellent hair straightener to buy for your delicate fine hair without cutting deep into your pocket. If you do not like this model, then you can check other ceramic flat irons here.

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