Straight Ahead Beauty 1″ Pro Elite Ceramic Flat Iron; to Buy or Not to Buy

Straight Ahead is known to manufacture some of the most high-end hairstyling tools for its users and this product is no different.

It is beautiful to look at and comes with many advanced features to make your hairstyling sessions smooth and enjoyable.

However, if you are skeptical about buying this straightener because of its price tag, then we would suggest you go through this article thoroughly. Here, we have discussed the benefits and flaws of this tool so that you know everything about it and make your buying decision accordingly.

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Straight ahead flat iron

Let’s have a quick overlook at the specifications of this extraordinary flat iron.

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Features We Loved about Straight Ahead Beauty 1″ Pro Elite Ceramic Flat Iron

There are several reasons that made this Straight Ahead Beauty Pro Flat Iron one of the most popular hair styling tool that it is today. From its alluring look to its extraordinary features, this hair straightening iron never fails to impress its users. Here, we have analyzed and discussed the top qualities of this flat iron for which absolutely loved it.

Straight ahead flat iron

Extremely Suitable for Delicate Fine Hair

Being true to its name, this hair straightening iron comes with two pure ceramic constructed and coated straightening plates that made it super suitable for styling your sensitive fine tresses without any burns and damages.

The ceramic in the plates help them to heat up evenly with a very gentle amount of heat and distributes the heat uniformly to each hair strands so that your delicate fine tresses are straightened perfectly without any hot spots or heat burns.

Furthermore, as this tool incorporates a very low starting temperature level, you have the opportunity to choose a suitable heat according to your hair’s heat tolerance level. Also, because of such low-temperature options, this flat iron is an excellent option for damaged tresses as well.

Additionally, with the help of the advanced LCD screen and the integrated buttons, you have the flexibility to choose your desired heat level effortlessly for better convenience.

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Appropriate for All Hair Length

Suitable for All Hair Length

Straight Ahead incorporated two 1 Inch plates to this Flat Iron keeping in mind about the needs of all lengths of hair. These universal plates can style your short as well as long manes perfectly to produce a precise result in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, with this “not so narrow, not so wide” plate size, you can easily reach super close to the roots for a more defined and precise straightening results.

Offers Precise Styling; Shiny Hair

One excellent aspect of this extraordinary flat iron is that it comes with an infrared emission technology that helps to style your manes precisely yet quickly from the inside out without any damages. The heat energy from infrared emission penetrates each of your hair strands and styles them from the inside so that the straightening process is not only quick but also flawless. Moreover, as this heat emission technology cuts down styling time by several notches, it means that your tresses are less exposed to heat and suffer from less damage.

In addition to the precise straightening, this flat iron also makes your straightened hair silky and shiny. Straight Ahead installed Nano silver technology to the plates of this wonderful flat iron that disperses microparticles of silver to the hair strands to make them super shiny as well as healthy.

These silver particles also act as an antibacterial and anti-fungal to minimize the spread of bacteria and keep your hair fresh and clean as new.

Fights Frizz and Flyaways Perfectly

Another great benefit you will enjoy from this product is that it makes your hair nourished and moisturized and helps to eliminate frizz completely. And how does it do this? Well, this amazing flat iron comes with a built-in ionic generator that releases millions of negative ions to the hair to seal in hair’s natural moisture and nourishment so that it is silky, smooth, and manageable. In addition to making your tresses super silky, these negatively charged ions also establish a balance between the positive and negative ions of the manes to make them free from frizz and flyaways and result in flawless straightened hair.

Quick Styling

Quick Styling Hair

Keeping in mind about the busy women of this era, this amazing straightening iron promotes a quick styling process better than ever before. It comes with an integrated ceramic heater that heats the styling plates instantly in just 5 seconds and helps you to start your hair straightening session almost immediately without wasting any time in waiting.

In addition to instant heating, this ceramic heater also senses any heat loss from the plate surface and replaces the lost heat immediately to make sure that you have a consistent temperature throughout the straightening session. Consistent heat level not only decreases styling duration but also ensures “hot spot” less styling.

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Suitable for Versatile Hairstyles

Aside from straightening your tresses, you can also use this outstanding flat iron for other hairstyles as well. The floating plates of this tool are capable of furling and waving your manes perfectly so that you get an all in one hair styling tool at the cost of one.

Besides, these bevel plates also limit hair damage and hair breakage by always applying the right amount of pressure on the hair strands and continuously adjusting their angles towards the direction you flip and pull your hair.

Travel Friendly

Even though this product is a regular hairstyling tool, its weight and dimensions made it extremely suitable for traveling also. At about 0.6 Pound of weight and 10.5″ x 1.1254″ x 1.375″ dimension, this straightener is incredibly lightweight and compact and therefore, can be carried around with you easily and effortlessly.

Moreover, as it comes with a dual voltage feature, this machine is also suitable for international travels as well.

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Maximum Safety

Maximum Safety

To ensure the maximum safety of its users, this flat iron comes with a cool tip that keeps your hands safe from the blazing plates of this tool.

Furthermore, to ensure additional safety, it has an auto-shutoff feature that turns down the tool automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity to reduce the chances of any hazardous incidents.

A Few Flaws

In addition to its extraordinary features, this product also comes with a few flaws. We have listed and talked about them in detail below so that you don’t feel cheated or disappointed after buying for your precious hair locks.

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Compared to many of its close competitors, the price range of this product is extremely high. But then again, as it offers some exceptional features and comes with a lifetime warranty period, the price tag is justified and can be considered as an investment.

The Controls Are Not Conveniently Placed

One major flaw of this straightening iron is its integrated control buttons. The buttons are placed inside the tool and below the plates which makes it quite difficult to use especially in the middle of the styling session; you might burn your hands with the blazing hot plates when you try to operate the buttons in the middle of the styling.

Final Words

After going through the article carefully, there is no doubt that you know everything you need to know about this flat iron to make a buying decision. Even though it is quite highly-priced, we would still suggest you buy this tool because of its outstanding features and its cute look. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after adding it to your vanity accessories.



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