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Best Curved Edge Flat Iron – Buying Guide

Have you ever thought of getting something handy that you could use for both straightening and curling your hair? Surely, such a device would’ve been a great cost-effective solution for achieving smooth, sleek, straight hair or wavy curls, and flips.

Featured Image of Best Curved Edge Flat Irons

Well, you’re fortunate enough since the curved edge flat irons are around the corner. They are hair straighteners with rounded edges that efficiently do almost the same job of a curling iron. In this article, we’ll discuss the best curved edge flat irons available in the market, and we’re hopeful that you’ll figure out the one that suits your hair type and preference.

Best Curved Edge Flat Irons at a Glance

After spending hours in research, testing so many of them, and going through their nooks and crannies, we’ve sorted out the best hair straighteners in the market with curved edges.

We’ll look into their details and discuss different aspects. But before that, let’s have a quick glance at our recommended ones, so you get a comprehensive idea in short.

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Styler
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Babylisspro Nano Titanium Styler - Small INS010$$$
CHI Miss Universe Volumizing Iron
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CHI Miss Universe Volumizing Iron - Small INS010$$$
Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron
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Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron - Small INS010$$$

Curved Edge Flat Irons Buying Guide

What Is a Curved Edge Flat Iron?

Curved Edge Flat Iron

The term ‘Curved Edge’ says it all, quite simply. Rather than being straight, the edges of the plates of a curved edge flat iron are bent down, sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot. Among various hair straightener types, this is the only one categorized by the plate shape.

Why curved edges? When you’re up to making curls with a flat iron, those rounded plate edges make it easier for you. They allow much smoother maneuvers than the regular ones, so you get the freedom of moving it every direction without irritation.

Other than these traits, a curved edge flat iron is pretty similar to the straight ones. Like the regular flat irons, their plates are made of titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline. Also, a curved hair straightener can be ionic, wet to dry, travel-friendly and such. So what differences the curved edges bring? Stay with us, and you’ll know.

Who Can Use It?

As we’ve said before, a curved edge flat iron comes with better maneuverability than a regular one. It means you can move it as you wish. It doesn’t require you to be a professional to use it. It’s a user-friendly hair styling device even for the beginners.

A hair straightener with rounded edges suits every hair type and provides numerous style options in no time. You can achieve straight hair, smooth curls, flips, waves, and plenty more. Whether you’re a beginner or in a hurry, it’s the best solution out there to get quick and efficient results effortlessly.

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  1. Maneuverability: The curved edges beat the rest of the hair straightener types with the maneuverability it offers. The beveled edges allow the plates to move free and smooth without any hassle. You can twist and curl or spiral your hair around easily even if you’re a beginner.
  2. Volume: To add adorable volumes to your hair, whether it’s fine or thick, there’s no better maestro than a curved edge flat iron. Especially with a steep plate, achieving perfect volumes is a piece of cake.
  3. Style Options: Where your regular hair straightener limits the style option to only straightening or frizziness reduction, a hair straightener with curved edges lets you style beyond any limit. You can achieve straight hair, smooth curls, flips, cute beach waves, sleek and healthy-looking hair and so much more.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, a good curved edge flat iron provides burn and damage protection to your hair, dent-free straightening, and even surround heat for perfect luster.

The Distinctive Features of a Curved Edge Flat Iron

The curved hair straighteners do boast some distinct features that distinguish them from the regular ones. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Beveled Edges

Flat Iron Curved Edges

It’s a trait that mainly differentiates a curved edge flat iron from a regular one. After all, they’re the reason why we call it a curved edge. The curvature of the sloped down edges can range from 15-70 degrees.

When your hair straightener comes with rounded edges, you get to maneuver it with more comfort. But to avail this benefit, the straighteners should have beveled edges angled within a suitable range. 45-60 degrees is the range that we suggest in this regard.

Because, when the edges of your iron are angled at less than that range, like 30 degrees that most of them come with, you hardly get the privilege. It’ll act much like a regular one than a rounded one, and you won’t get to move it smoothly through your hair strands. Besides, similar to the regular ones, leaving dents and lines on your hair would be a possibility when you wrap your hair around it.

And annoyances will follow you the other way around as well. When the angles are more than 60 degrees, it’ll be more of a curling iron than a curved one. As a result, you’ll have to struggle while straightening your hair. And even if you get to straighten it, the results won’t be long-lasting.

But when your iron has edges angled at the range of 45-60 degrees, you get all the privilege of a straightening iron, and it’ll provide you with almost all the same benefits like a curling iron as well. So, doing both of their jobs becomes a piece of cake.

Covering Sideways

The upper part of some of the curved edge hair straighteners comes with bent down sideways that cover the lower part. They ensure getting a better hold of your hair and even heat distribution. Not only that, but they also protect your skin from burning in case the iron touches your cheek accidentally.

The risk of burning your cheek is much of a possibility when you’re using a regular straightener that lacks such sideways, especially if you are a beginner. It’s a feature available only in hair straighteners with rounded edges that eliminates any chances of possible burns. And they enable you to try out various curling iron techniques.

Plate Shape Variations

They come with different plate shapes along with beveled edges. The plates can be steep in the middle section, inclined from a particular direction, or simply leveled.

Features of Curved Edge Flat Iron

Few Additional Features

There are some other important features you’ll find in a hair straightener with curved plates. They are as followed.

The Must-haves of an Ideal Curved Edge Flat Iron

There are some key aspects you must look for before purchasing a hair straightener with rounded edges. The chart below will clarify for you.

PropertiesMust-have Characteristics
Plate Material
  • For Fine Hair: Ceramic, Ceramic Tourmaline
  • For Thick Hair: Titanium, Nano-titanium, Titanium Tourmaline
Ionic TechnologyMust Include
Angular Value of the Beveled Edges45-60 Degrees
Covering SidewaysMust Include
Plate Width1-1.5 Inches
Bar Thickness0.3-0.5 Inches

Top Curved Edge Flat Irons

Choosing the precise curved flat iron is essential for retaining the healthiness of your hair. There are dozens of them in the market. There are Andis 1, Andis 66040, Andis 66045 vibrating, and the popular ones from Andis professional series. HSI, Conair Infinity, Drybar, Shake Beauty and similar fan favorite brands have also produced a lot of them.  

But not all of them include the key features your hair needs. And a wrong selection could even result in long term hair damage. So you’ll have to act wisely while making the selection.

Here, we’ll introduce you with five of the most popular curved edge flat irons in the market. We’ve researched, tested, and gone through the nooks and crannies, so it becomes easier for you to figure out the best one.

But before we discuss them in details, let’s have a look at the comparative chart below.

A Comparative Chart for Clarification

The Must-havesBabylisspro Nano Titanium StylerCHI Miss Universe Volumizing IronKarmin G3 Salon Professional Flat IronHealthy Care Professional 2-in-1 Ceramic Flat IronHSI Professional Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron
Plate MaterialNano TitaniumTitaniumCeramicCeramicTitanium Tourmaline
Ionic TechnologyYesYesYesYesYes
Angular Value of the Beveled Edges (Degrees)6060453030
Covering SidewaysYesYesYesNoNo
Plate Width (Inches)1.50.75111
Bar Thickness (Inches)
Price Range ($)More than $100More than $100More than $100More than $50More than $100

Babylisspro Nano Titanium Styler

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Best for Thick hair

BabylissPro is one of the most reputed brands in producing quality hair products. Over the years, they’ve continuously produced a lot of top-notch hair styling tools to become a brand name of reliability and trust. This curved edge Nano Titanium styler is yet another great addition among their top-grades.

Jam-packed with so many outstanding features, the C styler is surely able to produce exceptional results on thick hair whether you use it to achieve smooth curls, straight hair, cute beach waves, flips, stunning fringes and more.

The great curved flat iron doubles up like a professional curling iron. The 60-degree angled perfect curves are super-efficient to create those beach waves and flips within minutes effortlessly whenever you decide to switch up the hairstyle. The makers have put all their effort to perfect the curves so you never have to struggle with the movement. The 5-inch extra-long plates with 1.5-inch width work really fast to get you quick results.

The covering sideways of the upper body is bent down with such accuracy, so you never have to worry about any possible burn to your hair or your skin. Also, it ensures perfect hold when you wrap your hair around it to get adorable bouncy waves and curls every time.

The prolonged bars that hold the plates come with a thickness of no more than half an inch. It eliminates any chances of irritating movement of the wrapped hair.

The steep middle section of the bottom plate adds to its goodness as well. With the help of the concave inner side of the upper body and the bent down sideways, it keeps maintenance of even heat distribution. It makes sure no crimp, dent or line is left behind.

But the best thing is, it helps produce splendid volumes to your hair. Especially when your hair is coarse or thick, this nano titanium curved hair straightener is the real deal for you.

Few Additional Features

CHI Miss Universe Volumizing Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Best for Thick Hair

A list of top hair products seems always incomplete without CHI. It’s one of the most trusted brands in the market that produces reliable hair care products. They have produced some amazing hair straightener models over the years including hair straighteners with rounded edges.

This pink colored compactly designed CHI curved edge flat iron of the brand’s MISS UNIVERSE series is one of their most expensive models. Being another thick hair specialist, it takes the runner-up spot in our list. The 0.75-inch plate width is the reason why it fell behind the BabylissPro C styler which boasts a width of massive 1.5-inch. Also, the comparatively lower price gives the C styler the upper hand.

The plate width does make a difference, and that’s why while volumizing your hair, comparatively you’ll have to work harder to get the same results as the C styler delivers. It may not be much of an issue if you have medium or short hair, but for long hair, it’ll definitely take a bit longer to get the desired result.

Don’t chuck it too soon though. The iron does come with some exciting features that you’ll definitely keep it in your consideration. The titanium plates have beveled edges angled at fine 60 degrees. The efficient curves will swimmingly create amazing beach waves, flips, and fringes in no time. The open ends ensure you can use the whole of it. The super smooth finish enables irritation-free hairstyle alteration.

Also, the delicately curved sideways of the upper part make sure you get a firm hold of your hair either you press it down or wrap around. It also protects your hair from burns and damages making sure of equal heat distribution. The sideways also aid the beveled edges for added volumes.

The curved hair straightener adds more support to shorter hair with its slim, compact design. The bars are thick by only half an inch so you can easily wrap your hair and hold them firm. And it makes it easier for you to reach between those tricky areas of your hair base.

The premium quality titanium plates ensure even heat and an adequate negative ion is infused through your hair. The temperature can reach up to 410-degree Fahrenheit and can be great on thick hair.

The inner arch of the upper part keeps the balance to protect your hair form crimps or lines. The compact sized, lightweight hair straightener is easy to carry inside your bag and can be a great option when you’re traveling.

Few Additional Features

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Best for Fine Hair

This Karmin G3 is a salon-quality high-end ceramic flat iron with curved plates that does a tremendous job, especially for fine hair. The excellent mini size hair straightener comes with tourmaline infused ceramic plates that provide proper heat production fine delicate hair require for perfections.

The beveled edges are angled precisely at 45 degrees that are able to provide you with numerous hairstyle options. The edges are not surrounded so you can utilize the whole of it. They’ve made them conveniently smooth as well so you never face irritation while maneuvering.

To add to that comfort, the upper body comes with extended sideways. They are wide enough to make sure even heat is distributed, and your sensitive delicate hair remains protected from burns.

The 1-inch curved plates are easy to wrap your hair around. The upper sideways ensure you hold the wrapped hair firm and the 0.5” thick smooth bars make the movements easier. Additionally, the mini flat iron comes with long enough plates so you get awesome volumed hair within minutes.

The curved plates infuse your hair with a lot of negative ions while smoothly gliding down your hair. The ceramic plates make sure the adequate amount of ions are infused all over your hair, thanks to the super-efficient ionic technology it boasts. The feature is great for fine hair making them healthy and shiny effortlessly.

And for its compact, lightweight design with dual voltage feature, the rounded edge flat iron is a great traveler as well.

Few Additional Features

Why We Do Not Recommend

Healthy Care Professional 2-in-1 Ceramic Flat Iron

Healthy Care has brought this budget-friendly professional 2 in 1 tool that is compact in design, thin and small, and easy to carry. The straightener produces a shinier finish on fine hair. It heats up as fast as 15 seconds and features a 60 minutes auto-shutdown functionality.

The features are pretty convenient and come real handy for the professionals. Yet we couldn’t consider this hair styler as an ideal curved hair straightener.

First of all, the flattening iron comes with 30-degree angled beveled edges which don’t meet our standard value. As a result, you won’t get to maneuver it as smoothly as you should have.

The iron acts almost similarly like a regular one with the surrounding parts next to the edges making it harder for you to create curls. Also, creating front fringes with it takes as much effort as a regular flat iron. It’s definitely not what the rounded edges are meant for.

And for its lack of bent down upper sideways, the movement becomes more limited since you can’t get a firm enough hold. Especially when you try to add disparate volumes to different sections of your hair, you must put a lot of effort.

HSI Professional Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron

If you’re a hair-style hobbyist and regularly keep up with the trend of hair products, HSI is a name you must have come across. The well-renowned brand has been producing quality hair products for years.

This 1-inch professional curved flat iron with titanium tourmaline plates is another quality addition that works great on coarse hair. The product comes with some essential features including ionic technology, adjustable heat settings from 240°F- 450°F, and quick heat up.

However, the tool doesn’t stand up well as a rounded edge flat iron. It’s a great tool if you buy it for straightening your hair, but the style variations will be much limited.

The iron comes with beveled edges angled at 30 degrees, falling short from our standard value. Even though the edges have no surrounding parts, getting desired results will take more effort and time when you try to create beach waves or flips.

Moreover, the tool lacks bent down sideways in its upper body. It’s a flaw that’ll annoy the users, especially beginners when they’ll struggle to get hold of the wrapped around hair making bouncy curls. And the possibility of burns to both their hair and skin is always there.

How to Use a Curved Edge Flat Iron

Using Curved Edge Flat Iron

So, how are you going to use these devices? The applying procedure of these irons and the regular ones are pretty much alike. For better comprehension, follow the instructions below that shows a simple curling method.

  1. First thing first. Whenever using a hot tool, it’s recommended that you make sure to spray your hair with a heat protectant or thermal spray. Spray to get a comfy mist and comb it through.
  2. When the spray gets through all of your hair strands, it becomes easier to curl the ends from under of your hair. Take a two-inch section and lay it on your iron.
  3. Now wrap it around the rounded edges, hold it gently, and bring it down through the hair. It’ll create a soft wave.
  4. For larger curls, wrap it around and turn the iron over while going through the hair. It gives you a nice smooth, sleek look.
  5. For a more natural twisted look, comb on as you’re flat ironing when getting towards the hair ends. Shape as you like and repeat if necessary.

As mentioned above, you can do more a wider variety of styling other than just curling. And since an ideal curved iron comes with bent down sideways, you can implement various curling iron techniques as well.

Final Say

Hair straighteners with curved edges are really great cost-effective devices providing you with an efficient two-in-one solution. They are such stylers that hardly lets you feel the necessity of having a curling iron. The products we discussed above come with quality and convenience while also offering you the good value of your money. So go ahead, choose the one that suits your hair the most, and keep styling with ease.

If you need traditional hair straighteners, then you can check this page.


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