Do Hair Straighteners Cause Hair Loss?

Adorning your tresses with different hairstyles is a very vital part of personal grooming, and many of us fantasize about sporting pin-straight hair strands that would flow unfettered even in the slightest wind.

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But; there is always a But!

Many of us are afraid that styling our tresses with a flat iron on a regular basis might have a very negative effect on our manes and can cause extreme hair fall.


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Now the real question is “do hair straighteners actually cause hair loss?”

Not Really! A Hair straightening iron directly cannot cause hair loss unless you pull it quite vigorously.

But then again, straightening your delicate hair on a regular basis has some adverse effects on them which in return can weaken your hair strands and eventually cause severe, untimely hair fall.

Let’s discuss the negative effects of a straightening iron on your precious tresses so that you understand the root of your problem and how to solve them.

The first thing you need to know is that when you apply high heat to your manes on regular basis to adorn them with different hairstyles, the straightening tool strips off the natural moisture and nourishment from your precious tresses making the hydrogen bonds deep inside the hair cuticle to break down and alter the inner structure of the hair.

Over time, because of lack of moisture and broken hydrogen bonds, the hair cuticle layer becomes overly damaged which results in extreme dryness, roughness and causes annoying frizz that makes your manes weak and causes hair breakage and premature hair fall.

Also, if you unknowingly or by mistake put your wet or damp hair strands inside the blazing hot plates of a flat iron, your gentle locks would literally fry and burn down in no time resulting in severe breakage. Read this guide for more details: can we use hair straightener on wet hair.

How to AVOID Adverse Effects of Heat Styling: 7 Tips!

To avoid any adverse effects of heat styling or straightening on your manes and also to hold them in place on your scalp, the first and foremost step is to keep them healthy.

1- Use Natural Moisturizing Hair Masks

You can try several natural moisturizing hair masks and packs (like honey yogurt, honey banana, or egg protein pack) that would naturally keep your manes hydrated so that they become soft, silky, and tolerant of a high-temperature level.

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2- Deep Conditioning is A Must

Then again, if you are not comfortable using natural ingredients on your hair, then we would suggest you adopt a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week (depending on your mane’s condition) to treat your hair strands from deep inside so that they don’t suffer from dryness or roughness due to heat styling.

You can try the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask and see the difference yourself.

Even when you are using organic masks and packs, we would still suggest you try deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to keep your tresses silky, supple, and immune to breakage and fall with extra moisture and nourishment.

3- Consider Oil Massages For Your Hair

Another excellent way to reduce hair fall and also keep your manes away from the harmful effects of heat styling is by adopting oil massage in your regular hair care regime.

Hair oil, especially coconut oil like this Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, provides the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your hair locks as well as the scalp so that they are not only moisturized and hydrated for a healthier outlook but are also stronger from the inside.

4- Opt For an Iconic Flat Iron

On the other hand, before straightening your hair, we would recommend that you opt for an ionic flat iron because the negative ions from an ionic generator lock in your hairs’ natural moisture so that they don’t suffer from dryness and frizziness which might potentially lead to hair fall and breakage.

You might try this Bio Ionic 10x straightener for a healthy, silky smooth straightening result.

5- Lower Heat Settings

Also, while using the flat iron, always keep in mind to choose a temperature level that is most suitable for your hair type. I WOULD recommend adopting heat settings that are relatively low because high heat can burn your tresses beyond repair and at the same time contribute to the factors responsible for extreme hair fall.

6- Don’t forget the HEAT Protectant

In addition to a safe straightener, don’t forget to apply an excellent quality heat protectant (Must Read: HSI heat protectant spray reviews) to your precious manes to not only protect them from the ever damaging effects of the high heat of a heat styling tool but at the same time also help to style them effortlessly.

7- Have A Good Hair Routine

Lastly, we would like to reveal that a good hair care routine is the key to maintaining healthy hair locks even when you try regular heat styling on them.

Heat styling might not cause hair to fall directly but it has the potential to trigger other factors that result in severe breakage as well as intense hair fall. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you adopt a proper hair care routine to preserve your tresses completely.