Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best flat iron for curling hair that will provide you with styling versatility?

Searching for that one flat iron, which will fulfill all your day-to-day hair styling needs perfectly?

Then you are in the right place because in this article we will discuss in detail the flat irons that not only straighten your locks but also create gorgeous beachy waves in your hair effortlessly.

Featured Image of Best Flat Iron for Beachy Wave

In addition to suggesting flat irons that create beach waves in different hair types, we will also discuss how different hair types and hair length play a role in the flat iron selection process.

And, how to turn your locks into luscious beach waves using a straightening iron.

Therefore, let’s jump into the article for more details:


An Overview of the Best Flat Iron for Beachy Waves

We have spent an enormous amount of time researching the best flat irons for beachy waves, among many other straightening irons available in the market.

It is important to note that all these flat irons are not suitable for all types of hair; hence, we have chosen different straighteners for different hair types.

Before learning more about these tools, let’s have a quick peek at the top-recommended products:

If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via my referral links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Flat Iron to Create Beachy Waves

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch
BaBylissPRO BABSS3100T Nano Titanium Prima3100 Ionic Hair Straightener, 1 Inch
Product Name
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch
BaBylissPRO BABSS3100T Nano Titanium Prima3100 Ionic Hair Straightener, 1 Inch
Top Benefit
Ensures that your fine hair is styled properly while remaining healthy after styling
Keeps your hair strands soft while protecting moisture
Can absorb the highest amount of heat in a few seconds to straighten and create curls and waves
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch
Product Name
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch
Top Benefit
Ensures that your fine hair is styled properly while remaining healthy after styling
Check Latest Price
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch
Product Name
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch
Top Benefit
Keeps your hair strands soft while protecting moisture
Check Latest Price
BaBylissPRO BABSS3100T Nano Titanium Prima3100 Ionic Hair Straightener, 1 Inch
Product Name
BaBylissPRO BABSS3100T Nano Titanium Prima3100 Ionic Hair Straightener, 1 Inch
Top Benefit
Can absorb the highest amount of heat in a few seconds to straighten and create curls and waves
Check Latest Price

Top Flat Irons for Beachy Waves

Our Recommended Best Flat Iron for Beachy Waves in Fine/thin Hair

Fine/thin hair is sensitive and might suffer more heat damage than any other type of hair.

Hence, to straighten or create beach waves in fine tresses, we need a flat iron that styles fine hair to perfection and protects them from any impairments.

To achieve this, look for the following features when shopping for a flat iron to style your fine tresses:

Must-have Features

Let’s compare some of our initial flat iron picks for a better understanding of our choices:

Comparison table

Solano SleekHeat 450

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • Floating plates with Beveled Edges
  • Ionic Technology & Infrared Emissions
  • Multi-Level temperature Settings

Infiniti Pro By Conair

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • Floating plates engineering
  • Ionic Technology & Infrared Emissions
  • 30 temperature settings with wide ranges

Bio Ionic Pro Styling Iron

  • Proprietary mineral complex
  • Volcanic Rock Minerals for Heat moisturizing
  • BioCeramic Heaters For Constant Heat
  • Incorporates vibrating plates design

The Reasons for Not Choosing the below products:

GHD Gold Professional Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron

GHD is widely known because of the exceptional quality hair styling tools it produces.

This GHD Professional Styler flat iron is also an amazing tool, but because of the following reason, we didn’t consider this flat iron as one of the best to create beachy waves in fine/thin hair:

This GHD flat iron doesn’t include ionic technology, a must-have feature to keep hair healthy and manageable.

Additionally, ionic technology ensures that the hair is silky, smooth, and frizz-free after finishing the styling process.

Moreover, even though it is not an essential feature, this straightening iron doesn’t come with infrared emission technology to make your waves more precise and the styling process quicker.

Furthermore, another weakness of this straightening iron is that it functions at a constant heat of 365° F.

This is much higher than the suitable heat range applied on fine hair to style them without any burn damages.

This GHD Gold Professional Styler straightener also doesn’t have an indicator light to signal the machine is on.

Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic Smooth Flat Iron

Over the years, Revlon has established itself as one of the most popular brands in producing versatile hair styling tools packed with amazing features, and this  Salon Straight Flat Iron is no different.

But even with some notable features, we still didn’t include this tool in our “Best” list because of the following:

Even though the plates of this straightening iron has a ceramic coating, they are actually made of copper, which gets really hot quickly and has the potential to burn down your fine hair locks during the styling process.

Another flaw of this Revlon flat iron is that it doesn’t come with floating plates. Which are an absolute “must-have” to create beachy waves in your hair; with floating plates, you eliminate the risk of breaking your delicate hair strands from the middle.

Moreover, even if you turn up the heat slightly, the plates’ outside surface becomes as hot as the plates inside. Which makes it extremely dangerous to touch the tool with bare hands.

Additionally, the handles are not non-slip and might not provide a strong grip comparatively. 

#1 Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: For Fine Hair

The Solano Sleekheat450 is an outstanding hair styling tool for delicate fine hair.

Therefore, it grabbed the top position in this list because it comes with all the features that we look for in a great-quality flat iron to straighten and create luxurious beach waves in our fine locks.

Furthermore, even though Solano’s flat iron has a higher price point, we still consider it the best.

Moreover, Solano makes sure that you get the best value for your money by adding some extraordinary features to this straightening iron.

Firstly, this Sleekheat450 straightening iron includes ceramic tourmaline constructed floating plates with all-around (4 sided) beveled edges to provide ultimate styling versatility to its users; with these curved edged plates, you can not only enjoy smoother straightened locks but can also create big curls and beachy waves in your fine tresses.

In addition to straightening fine hair without any damage, these beveled edged floating plates also make sure that your hair strands glide through the plates smoothly and without any snagging.

Note: floating plates with beveled edges mean that the straightener plates come with tapered sides that protect your fine hair locks from breakage while also preventing demarcation lines and wrinkles in your styled tresses.

These plates also ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer any tugging, pulling, or breakage during the styling process.

Moreover, Solano also incorporated both ionic technology and infrared emission technology in this flat iron to ensure that the styling process is quick and precise while keeping your hair healthy and manageable.

The ionic generator used in the ionic technology releases plenty of negative ions to the hair to balance and lock in hair moisture and nourishment to make them silky, smooth, and frizz-free.

While the infrared emission mechanism uses heat energy to penetrate the hair strand so that each of your strands is straightened or waved from the inside out for a perfect result.

Furthermore, this technology also reduces styling time by minutes.

Another great feature of this Sleekheat450 flat iron is its temperature settings and control system.

Solano added a rheostat control dial, which labels every heat level, to the handle of this straightener to make the heat selection process easier.

Thus, you can select your preferred heat level to create waves in your hairs just by turning around the dial.

Additionally, this flat iron also includes instant heating technology that heats the plates in just 60 seconds.

Additional Features

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: For Fine Hair

If you are looking for a more affordable flat iron to straighten and create beach waves in your hair, then this INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is the straightening tool for you.

This straightener comes with all of the essential features required to successfully and safely style your fine hair.

Conair incorporated ceramic tourmaline constructed plates to this INFINITI PRO flat iron to ensure that your fine hair is styled properly while remaining healthy after styling.

The tourmaline heats the plates with a gentle amount of heat in 15 seconds while the ceramic in the plates helps distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair.

So that each of your hair strands receives the same amount of heat for a uniform straightening, curling, or waving.

Additionally, Conair added 29% longer plates in this INFINITI PRO straightening iron to make sure that you can style more of your hair strands at once and make it easier to create curls and beachy waves.

Moreover, the floating plates in this flat iron contribute to this straightener’s styling versatility by eliminating the risk of kinks, snagging, and breakage.

The floating plates do this by applying the right amount of pressure in your delicate hair strands and adjusting their angle with the hair pull’s direction to minimize hair damage. 

Additionally, these plates’ smooth and sleek surface help the tresses glide through them swiftly without hair-pulling.

Thus reducing the risk of breakage and kinks so that you can enjoy creaseless, straight hair, or luxurious waves in your fine tresses.

Moreover,  we would like to point out that this straightener iron has a built-in ionic generator that disperses negative ions to your fine hair to lock in the moisture and nourishment to reduce frizz and static.

Which will result in silky, smooth hair even after you styled them with heat. Ionic technology also protects your tresses against heat damage and burns.

Another feature included in this straightening iron is its true ceramic heater; In addition to its 15 seconds instant heat up feature, this heater also recovers the heat lost from the plates’ surface uniformly so that the plates remain hot and active at your preferred heat. 

Additional Features

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: For Fine Hair

This 10x Pro Styling Iron by Bio IONIC has an array of features that make it one of the best available on the market. 

Firstly, it includes their proprietary mineral complex, that in combination with volcanic rock(natural), will create the right amount of moisturizing heat.  Such heat will allow you to create long-lasting styles. 

These volcanic rock minerals are refined to allow the emission of negative ions that will infuse tiny water molecules deep into your fine hair.

Thus, it will make sure to keep your hair strands soft while protecting moisture. Additionally, BioCeramic heaters will make sure you have constant and even heat during the styling session.

Furthermore, the Pro Styling Iron includes vibrating plates designed to smooth and help style your hair in less than 1o minutes.

Meanwhile, the rounded tips will give the user versatility when styling from the roots to the ends. 

Please note that the manufacturer suggests you use a fine-toothed comb when ironing. Mainly to make sure you iron your hair neatly. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that this product is on the high-end spectrum in pricing.

Additionally,  while the digital heat control can mark up to 450 F, the iron temperature tends to be lower after a few uses, and it does not go higher than 260 degrees. 

That being said, it is still an impressive tool with the following additional features:

Additional Features

Our Recommended Best Flat Iron for Beachy Waves in Thick Hair (curly, wavy, Natural, Type 3 or Type 4 hair)

A head full of thick hair is an absolute blessing; you have gorgeous volume, you can style your hair as you wish, and your style holds up better and longer. However, there is always a “but”; thick hair locks require more time, heat, and other features to style them without causing any damage.

Below, we have listed the “must-have” features that you must consider while shopping for your ultimate flat iron to style your thick hair quickly, precisely and safely:

Must-have Feature

Nevertheless, let’s compare some of our selected straighteners for thick hair:

Comparison table

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima

  • Nano Titanium
  • Floating plates
  • Ionic Tech & Infrared Emissions
  • 5 temperature Settings

Remington Anti-static S5500 Flat Iron

  • Titanium Ceramic
  • Floating plates
  • Ionic Tech & Infrared Emissions
  • 6 temperature settings

Kipozi Titanium Plates Rose Pink Flat Iron

  • Nano Titanium
  • No floating plates
  • Ionic Tech & Infrared Emission
  • Multi-level Temp Setting

The Reasons for Not Choosing the below products:

Ovonni Nano Titanium Flat Iron

There is no doubt that this Nano Titanium flat iron from Ovonni is an amazing flat iron to straighten thick hair locks at a reasonable price tag.

It comes with quite a few features to entice its customers. Nevertheless, we don’t consider this flat iron as one of the best options to create beach waves in thick hair locks because:

This Nano titanium straightening iron doesn’t include floating plates that are essential for flat irons intended to curl or create waves in thick hair locks; without floating plates, you tresses will break whenever you try to flip them for styling purpose.

Ovonni also didn’t incorporate an ionic generator or infrared emission technology, which are also “must-have” features, in a straightening iron.

The ionic technology keeps hair frizz-free, silky, and manageable while the infrared emission styles thick hair strands from the inside out so that all the tresses are styles uniformly.

Dnsly Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Dnsly installed many features on this Professional quality hair straightener to provide incredible straightening results in thick tresses.

But, we couldn’t include this straightening iron in our Bests list as:

This flat iron also doesn’t include ionic technology or an infrared emission mechanism, both of which are important to safely hairstyle.

Without ionic technology or infrared emission, there is a high possibility that your precious thick hair won’t style properly and might suffer from burns and severe heat damage.

Instead, it includes a PTC Heating technology that heats the plates quickly and imposes the risk of harming the tresses.

Moreover, even though it’s not a notable fault, the user manual that comes with this straightening iron is full of errors and incorrect information.

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: For Thick Hair (Winner)

BaByliss PRO has been a game-changer in the hairstyling tools industry for a long time.

For years it has been producing amazing styling tools to satisfy its users’ needs, and this new Prima from its Nano Titanium series is no different.

This flat iron includes many wonderful features to straighten, curl, and wave thick hair, making it easy to pick this flat iron as our number 1 styling tool for thick hair locks.

Crafted from advanced materials, this styling tool includes Aircraft-Grade Nano titanium floating plates that are an excellent heat conductor.

And can absorb the highest amount of heat in a few seconds to straighten and create curls and waves.

The infrared emission technology also contributes to fast and precise hairstyling by transferring the heat to the strands’ core to style them from the inside out for a more uniform look.

Moreover, even though the Nano titanium plates transfer a high amount of heat to the hair, using this flat iron is still safe thanks to its included IonMultiplier Technology that disperses 2x greater negative ion concentration, which forms a layer over hair by sealing in moisture and nourishment to protects your tresses from burning.

The negatively charged ions also help eliminate any frizz and static from your hair and create smoother styling results.

Note: the curved edges and the sleek and polished surface of the plates help to flip hair effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy beach waves without any crease or breakage.

Moving on, the outer body (or the housing) of this Prima straightening iron is constructed using Convex SUS304 Stainless Steel to ensure that this tool is durable.

The Stainless Steel is lightweight, corrosion, and warp-resistant and delivers perfect plate alignment for cutting-edge styling results.

Additionally, this Prima styling tool includes a HI Density Dual-Ceramic Heating System; this heating mechanism includes a double ceramic heater that provides exceptional heat transfer for perfect styling results while heating the plates at your preferred temperature 20% faster.

Additionally, the Full Wave Thermal Science mechanism detects the slightest heat loss from the plate surface and provides instant heat recovery to maintain a constant temperature. 

Constant heat not only makes the styling process quicker but also ensures a consistent result.

Additional Features

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: For Thick Hair  (Runner Up)

If you don’t want to spend a lot on one styling tool while still enjoying amazing features and styling results, then this Remington S5500 flat iron is the right choice.

This straightening iron includes all the features we look for in a flat iron to straighten and create curls and waves in thick hair locks.

Thus, we consider this S5500 the best alternate styling tool of the Babyliss PRO Prima.

Firstly, this straightening iron comes with revolutionary floating plates that, aside from breakage-free straightening, create fabulous curls and waves.

These floating plates also ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from any creases or breakage.

Remington constructed these floating plates with ceramic-titanium to quickly absorb a high amount of heat to straighten and style hair.

The titanium gains high heat while the ceramic helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the hair to straighten or curl them consistently.

Despite transferring a very high amount of heat with this flat iron to your hair, there is zero chance of burning your hair.

Mainly because the ionic technology of this tool discharges plenty of negatively charged ions to the hair to protect them against high heat.

These ions also lock in hair moisture.

Additionally, these plates are comparatively longer than other flat iron plates; with these 1 inch long plates, you can grab more strands of your hair and straighten or curl them at once.

Moreover, the plates’ smooth surface helps your hair enjoy snag-less glide even when you try to style a lot of your tresses at once.

Furthermore, the temperature range and the control system of this Remington straightening iron is another outstanding aspect.

This tool includes 6 different temperature settings, ranging between 215° F to 410° F, from which you can select your preferred heat by just pressing the “+” or the “-“ button situated on the side of the handles while you monitor the heat change in the LCD screen.

Moreover, this S5500 flat iron also incorporates a Turbo Boost mechanism that heats the plates in just 30 seconds so that you can start your styling session immediately.

Additional Features

#6 Kipozi Titanium Plates K-137 Rose Pink Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: For Thick Hair (2nd Runner Up)

Another straightening iron that we love because of its ability to create bouncy beachy waves in thick hair is this Pro Flat Iron from KIPOZI.

This vibrant looking straightener promises excellent quality and incredible features at a reasonable price tag.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for this straightening iron to secure the second-best position in our Bests list of flat irons for creating beachy waves in thick hair locks.

To compete with other high-end brands and create effortless beach waves in your thick hair, KIPOZI installed Nano titanium constructed floating plates in this pro straightening iron that adjusts its angles to the direction of your hair pull.

So that, even when you flip your hair for curling or waving purpose, your tresses glides through the plates smoothly and don’t suffer from any snagging and unwanted breakage.

Additionally, the Nano titanium in these plates, along with the infrared emission technology, absorbs the highest amount of heat and transfers this heat evenly to the core of each hair strands so that all your tresses are styled from the inside out for an even result.

This combination of material and technology also cuts down the straightening or waving duration by several notches.

Moreover, apart from being a good conductor of heat, the Nano titanium material is also very durable.

More importantly, KIPOZI incorporated a built-in ionic generator that releases an abundance of negative ions to your thick hair locks to protect them from any heat damage and hot spots; 

In addition to protecting your hair from heat damage, these negative ions are also responsible for eliminating frizz and static from your hair and make them smooth and silky.

Another aspect we really liked about this flat iron is that, for a quick and precise straightening or waving process, KIPOZI installed an advanced ceramic heater that helps the plates gain the required amount of heat in just 30 seconds.

The LCD screen and the conveniently placed “+” “-“ switches also play a great role in changing the heat level according to your demand and monitor the heat changes on the screen.

Additional Features

Flat Iron Buying Guide for Beachy Waves

What are Beachy Waves?

Beachy Waves

Beach waves or beachy waves, however you want to call them, are universally adored; these beautifully relaxed, messy curly waves are the perfect hairstyle for everyday events(from casual to a party).

Moreover, you can style these hair locks on their own, or put them in a half-up half-down look, or any other way for more definition.

However, if you wonder how to create the perfect beach waves in your tresses, rest assured because this sexy, beachy wave hairstyle is not hard to achieve.

Namely, all you need is the perfect tool to style your hair with not-too-perfect waves.

Additionally, while talking about this hair styling tool, we would like to point out that you don’t need to have a curling iron or hot rollers to create messy hair beach waves.

Mainly, you can actually style your tresses to have fantastic waves by using only a flat iron.

In fact, this is a fantastic way to get the most out of your straightening iron without having to spend more money on extra tools.

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Nevertheless, the question remains:

Can a Flat Iron Really Create Perfect Beachy Waves?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes!

A quality flat iron with the right features (more on this below) can create the relaxed, beautiful beachy waves that you want in your hair effortlessly;

Whether your hair is fine or thick, short, or long, you can style your hair with luxurious waves anytime with the right kind of straightening iron.

But before going into the detailed procedure of creating perfect beachy waves with a flat iron in your hair, let’s discuss the important features and aspects that we must consider before buying a flat iron.

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron to Create Beachy Waves?

We have mentioned that there are numerous brands and types of flat irons available in the market, depending on your hair(such as for natural hair).

Thus, it’s absolutely normal for you to get confused about which straightener to buy that would not only turn your hair into straight tresses but would also create luxurious beach waves.

More importantly, to make your selection process easier, we have listed some aspects that you must keep in mind when buying your ultimate flat iron for beachy waves:

Your Hair Type

Hair Types
Thin & thick Hair

Usually, we classify hair into two major categories:

  1. Fine/Thin Hair
  2. Thick Hair (curly, wavy, Natural, Type 3 or Type 4 hairs)

Both of these hair types are different from each other.

Hence, they require different care and features to style them without suffering from damages such as burns.

However, a few features are beneficial for both hair types to keep them healthy and fight some commonly associated hair problems.

One such feature required by fine and thick hair is ionic technology; the ionic generators’ negative ions keep hair moisturized while fighting frizz and protecting the tresses from heat burns and damage.

Namely, ionic technology is a “must-have” item for both hair types.

Another important feature that is optional for fine hair but is a “must-have” for thick tresses is infrared emission technology.

The infrared emission’s energy quickens the straightening and styling process and revitalizes the scalp for healthier and perfectly styled tresses.

Additional features that you should consider while buying the ultimate flat iron to create luscious beachy waves in your tresses are discussed in the table below:

Key FeaturesFine/thin HairThick Hair
The Plate MaterialFine/thin hair is sensitive and prone to heat damage. Hence, we suggest Pure ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, porcelain ceramic, or Nano ceramic constructed and coated plates to be used on fine/thin hair.Thick hair requires more heat and time to style properly. Therefore, you must look for plates made from Titanium, Nano titanium, Titanium Ceramic, or Titanium Tourmaline.
Temperature SettingsHair experts always suggest using a heat level between 200° F to 350° F on fine hair.A relatively low-temperature setting won’t create waves or straighten your hair, so go with mid-level temperature

*We have discussed the problems associated with fine and thick hair and how to solve them in detail in our “Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair” article here, and “Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair” article(linked above).

So make sure to check those out. 

The Length of your Hair and the Plate Size

Hair Length

The length of your tresses plays a role in the selection process of a flat iron to create beachy waves.

Namely, the straightening iron’s plate size depends on your hair length and the style you want to create.

Generally, we categorize hair lengths into:

Does the Plate Type Matter?

YES! The plate type matters.

When you try to create waves in your hair with a straightening iron with regular plates, there is a high possibility that your hair strands might break from the middle.

To avoid such problems, hair experts suggest that you buy a flat iron with floating plates.

Namely, this is because aside from providing styling versatility, floating plates help to limit breakage, snagging, or kinks by always applying the right amount of pressure in your hair strands and continuously adjusting its angles towards the direction you flip and pull your hair.

Flat Iron Vs Curling Iron - Which Is Better for Creating Beachy Waves?

This is a very controversial and questionable topic. Both these tools can create fabulous beach waves in any type and length of hair.

Basically, you have to select a good quality tool according to your hair type.

In our opinion, as a flat iron straightens as well as create incredible waves in hair, we would suggest you invest your money in a premium quality flat iron for your hair styling purpose so that you don’t have to spend your money on any other tools.

How to Create Beach Waves using a Flat Iron?

Creating Beach Waves Using a Flat Iron

Flat irons or hair straighteners are traditionally meant to straighten hair with straight tresses, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create amazing curls and beachy waves with this hair styling tool.

In fact, with the right flat iron, you can achieve the best beach waves of your lives.

So without any further ado, let’s discuss step-by-step how to attain those sexy waves that you have always wanted.

Nevertheless, we would like you to keep in mind the following aspects so that you can style your tresses easily without any damage.

Once you are done with preparing your hair, let’s move to the actual method of creating perfect beachy waves on your hair:

Step 1

Section out your hair; if you have short hair, then clip your hair up and work with the bottom section first.

On the other hand, you might need to do three sections for long hair and separate them with clips while you work on the different sections.

Step 2

Now take a 1-inch section of your hair and place them between the straightener plates but do not clamp down too hard.

Once your selected section is placed between the plates, twist your wrist towards or away from your face so that your hair leans over the straightening iron.

Now, hold the hair in this position and glide down your flat iron to the ends of your strands to form a wavy hairstyle.

Step 3

Continue repeating this method through all the sections of your hair.

Step 4

Once all your hair is done, spray on some holding spray to hold the waves in place. The L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray is one excellent holding spray that provides long-lasting brushable hold at an affordable price range.

Final Thoughts

Beach waves will never go out of style, and we understand your need to keep up.

It doesn’t matter if you have fine or thick hair; with the flat irons that we have suggested above, you can adorn your manes with gorgeous beach waves.

At Instraight, our goal is to give you as much information as possible, and let you ultimately decide what works best for you. 



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