Easy Wavy Hairstyles You Can Do Without Any Heat Tools

By nature, humans try to invent tools to make their work easier. So, why not for styling our hair? We have created many types of heat tools to shape our hair with different styles. It saves a lot of time and does an expert-level job without spending much.

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Did you know that you have the same wavy hairstyles without applying any heat to your hair? Yes, you can do it without compromising anything.

Here we’ve described six easy wavy hairstyles to achieve using regular items. The standard preparation includes creating damp hair (not water-dripping wet). Also, remember to do these methods without completely drying it.

Hairstyle 1 – Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves

For cute hairstyles for straight hair, you’ll need a rat-tail comb, some Flexi rods, a brush, and hairspray(optional). Choose the barrel size of the Flexi rod as per your hair length. Pick larger barrel size for longer hair.

At first comb through your half-wet hair to remove hair-locks. Pick a small section and start wrapping around the rod from the end to the top. Make sure that the rod stays horizontal. Do it for all parts of your hair and sleep with the rods. These are soft and squishy. So, you’ll sleep without any problem.

Now, remove those rods one by one when you wake up and brush thoroughly. If you see some messy parts, using a bit of hairspray will make it right. That’s how you’ll get an old Hollywood wavy hairstyle.

Hairstyle 2 – Beach Waves

Beach Waves - V1 Sep

This one of the most famous wave styles will require a rat-tail comb, hair curlers, and bobby pins. Curlers are optional. If you feel confident that your curls will stay curled with bobby pins, you’ll not need them.

The process is the same as above. Instead of wrapping the hair around Flexi rods, wrap it around your finger. Does it from the end to the hair base? Use curlers to avoid any messy part of the wave. Now, pin down to secure the curl.

When your hair is dehydrated, remove those pins, and there’ll be your beautiful wavy hair ready. You can also use headbands to have beachy hair waves.

This process is time-consuming. If you need a faster result, then you need the help of hair styling tools like flat iron to achieve beautiful beach waves.

Hairstyle 3 – Loose Waves

Loose Waves

The loose wave is one of the most natural waves to have without heat tools. You’ll require nothing more than a regular comb to achieve loose waves. It can be done on short hair as well as long hair.

First, comb your hair to remove any locks before going to be. Don’t forget to wet your hair using water or hair products. Then, make it half a day. Now, make four or five small sections of your hair to make braids. Take each part, comb again, make braids, and go to sleep with those braids.

Finally, you’ll feel that your hair is dry when you wake up in the morning. No brushing, finger through your hair, and you’ll have gentle loose waves.

Hairstyle 4 – Donut Waves

Donut wave is also one of the easiest methods to have wavy hair. For this, you’ll need some bobby pins, a hairband, and the hair product you like. It can be some serum or oil or whatever your hair suits them best.

Begin the process by making a very high and tight ponytail. Now, use the serum or oil on the divided hair section made by the ponytail. Grab a hairband, place it at the base of the ponytail, and wrap your hair around that band like a donut. Pin down the end with pins. Also, use hair clips so that the parts don’t get loose or fall. Go to sleep that way.

In the morning, unwrap the hair and remove the band. Shake and finger through your hair, and you’ll have a friendly and bouncy donut wave. This style suits best for the long hair.

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Hairstyle 5 – Short Hair Beach Waves

Short Hair Beach Waves

This one is for those who want haircuts for long straight hair and want to have beach waves. Get any styling cream for your hair, some pins, a rat-tail comb, and lightweight hairspray(optional).

Use the styling cream to have a shiny look, moisture, and smooth feel on your hair. Apply it on damp hair of course. Now, comb through your hair and make a total of four sections. Make every sections rope braid and twist it to create a bun-like shape. Secure those buns by using pins. If you want strong waves and more curls, you can use lightweight hairspray. Otherwise, skip it.

Now, it’s time to undo the buns when you feel the hair is dry enough. Slowly unbraid the hair and finger through. You’ll get beachy waves without doing anything else.

Hairstyle 6 – Dutch Braid Waves

Dutch Braid Waves

You’ll need only a pin or band to have braid waves. That’s how easy it is. This method goes for all types of braids out there.

Before you prepare to sleep, wet the hair and half-dry it. Comb through to remove dreadlocks. Now do the Dutch braid. If you don’t know how to do it, you should watch a video instead of reading some description. This way, you can do it better. Sleep with the braid, and it’ll cause no problem in your sleeping.

Release the braid in the morning, and you’ll have Dutch braid waves. Shake it up and finger through. You can use the product of your choice to get a smooth and shiny look. There are tons of different wavy styles to do, which will not require any heat tools. Just be creative.

Final Words

Different studies have revealed that our hair gets damaged due to excessive use of heat tools. But don’t you all get panicked if you use these devices daily. It’s because our hair can recover small damages daily. So, if you’re using the right products, tools, and methods, you’ll be fine.

Those who use these devices multiple times each day and don’t follow proper methods, suffer the most. You should look for some wave-encouraging lotion and hairspray to get long-lasting waves. Also, if you have frizz problem, you’ll be needing frizz control products or shiny serum.

Hair and teeth are two of the most precious items that define or appearances. So, caring for them is a must. Our easy ways to get wavy hairstyles without any heat tools replicate the expert styling without doing any damages like those devices.

So, choose the hairstyle you want for today’s outing, and you’ll be looking like a princess with healthy and shiny hair. If you know any other styles, please feel free to let us know about it.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have been one of the most loyal readers of your blog since I don’t know when. Each of your articles is just amazing and well thought off. And this piece of an informative article is no different. You have explained the hairstyle so nicely and clearly that even the “no so expert” readers can try these on their hair effortlessly.

    However, I have a small question. Don’t you think my hair strands will suffer from breakage if I sleep with braids?

    Keep up the good work and keep providing us with great writings.

    I wish all the success or you guys.

    • Dear Nora,

      First of all, thank you very much for your sweet praise. We are overwhelmed with your response.

      Secondly, no, your hair won’t suffer from severe breakage due to the braid. As you are undoing it after a couple of hours, there are fewer possibilities of breakage.

      Please keep coming back for more amazing articles.

  2. Hello,

    There is no doubt that it is an excellent article with lots of hairstyles to try without heat. But while going through this piece of writing, I realized that you haven’t talked about or even mention Velcro rollers. Why is that?

    I use Velcro rollers to curls and wave my hair and I can vouch that these are the most reliable “non-heat” rollers that can produce gorgeous results.

    I would like to know your justification.

    Nevertheless, I loved the way you have penned it down. Very commendable.

    • Dear Bernice,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We are inspired by our readers’ feedback.

      Well, we have mentioned Velcro rollers in the form of hair “curlers”. We are sorry that you didn’t find it instantly.

      Please keep coming back for more articles in the future.

  3. Hi guys,

    I have read about the different hairstyles and tried the Loose Waves. I followed your instructions properly and still didn’t get the desired results. Can you please tell me what’s wrong? Why my hair didn’t create the waves?

    • Dear Mary,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We are always happy to help our readers.

      Well, we think that your hair wasn’t prepared fully before the styling process and that might be the reason your manes were not waved.

      We hope this would help you.


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