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Curly Hair Care Routine

Do you have curly hair? Morning of a curly hair girl is always an adventure. No doubt, most of the women with curly hair find their hair irritating and difficult to manage.

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But about 60% of people around the world have curly hair. As a result, obstacles of curly hair are not any exception. Many people face them and many professionals are specifically experts in curly hair. From various world-famous curly hair specialists, we have come up with some curly hair care routines that will make your curly hair healthy, strong, voluminous and make you look elegant with your gorgeous hair.

Pre-shampoo Treatment

Many hair experts suggest a pre-shampoo routine especially for curly hair because, through this process, a person can condition, soften and detangle her curls before shampooing. While you shampoo your hair, it gets slightly damaged and creates roughness. But if you follow the pre-shampoo routine, you can easily get rid of these complications. On the other hand, this process will save time after shampooing by making your hair easy to detangle, no doubt.

2. Do Not Shampoo Daily

The build of curly hair is very much different from straight hair. Straight hair needs to be shampooed regularly to hold its charisma. On the other hand, hair experts recommend not shampooing curly hair daily because it can damage your hair by stretching and stressing out the fragile strands.

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It also dries out the curls which can bring a good amount of damage in your hair. But conditioners are great for curly hair. So, apply the conditioner in your hair even the day you skip the shampoo.

3. Choosing the Right Shampoo is Important

Choosing Shampoo

We already have said that you should not shampoo your hair on a daily basis. But when you do, you should be very careful in choosing the shampoo for your curly hair. Curly hair is very much sensitive and very much prone to damage. So, if you use regular shampoo or any other rough shampoos to your curly hair, it will damage your hair, no doubt because curly hair is like an Irish or Aran wool sweater. These sweaters will definitely lose their charm if they are washed with harsh detergent. You should go with a low lather or mild shampoo that will get the washing job done without stripping away the natural oils and moisture from your hair.

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4. Properly Wash Your Hair to Avoid Tangle

Tangled hair is one of the major concerns of the people who have curly hair. Curly hair easily gets tangled while shampooing. People usually rub, swirl, scrub on the top of their heads while they shampoo their hair but doing so can damage curly hair vastly- it creates a very bad type of tangle in hair. To avoid this problem, you should section your hair into four parts. If you have very thick hair, you should consider sectioning into more parts. After doing so, clip away all the sections except the first one. Apply a very small amount of cleansing conditioner or mild shampoo to your scalp. Go gentle with your fingers and cover your lengths as well. Do the same to all of the sections and wash it out in the same manner, section by section.

While washing your hair, do not use hot water, rather use cold water. It will make your hair frizz-free, shinier by shutting down the cuticles which will ultimately lock the moisture in your hair.

5. Combing in the Right Way

Combing Curly Hair

Curly hair people even have to be careful about their brush or comb the use after washing their hair to detangle. The combing manner also is a big concern for them. First of all, they should not comb their hair the way everyone does. Rather, they should comb their hair from the bottom because when you start detangling your hair from bottom to upper portion, it is easier to remove all the tangles from your hair and it does not allow your hair to tangle while combing.

A wide-tooth comb is always recommended by experts to detangle curly hair as bristle brushes or narrow tooth comb can be a great cause to damage your hair. Here is an interesting fact. Nowadays, many hair specialists use web brushes to detangle hair after shampooing. They claim that it works like magic but it is only beneficial when this specific tool, the wet brush, is used in wet hair. If it is used following the condition properly, it can be less damaging during the whole detangling process.

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6. Solutions for Curly Hair After Washing

After you completely dry your curly hair naturally or with a hairdryer, there are some solutions from professionals that will make your hair look less dry, will hold the definitions of the curls, hydrate and smooths them and add enough shine. Hair serum is one of the solutions. Another solution is applying styling cream with wet hands. Does it seem somewhat weird? Well, it does not matter because it works like a charm. When you combine styling cream with water, it will refresh your curl pattern and confirm that your curls will stay out of frizzes. Cocktailing products are one of the greatest ways to take care of your curly hair. Cocktailing products mean mixing two or more products. The most popular product cocktail for curly hair is a mousse with smoothing serum and styling gel with coconut oil.

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7. Deep Conditioning is a Must

Deep Conditioning Curly Hair

Deep conditioning after shampooing is one of the greatest methods to take care of curly hair. We are continuously saying that curly hair is very sensitive; it tends to be fragile, damaged so easily, it loses its moisture, natural shine, and gets dry easily as well. You can easily restore the moisture, shine and bring good volume in curls by deep conditioning your hair at least once in every week. There are some ready-made deep conditioners available in amazon which works pretty well. But most of the hair experts suggest using a homemade natural deep conditioner. Few common ingredients work like magic when they are used for deep conditioning. They are aloe vera, grapeseed oil, mayonnaise and eggs, honey mixed with different ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, etc.

8. Choosing the Right Conditioner

Speaking of the regular conditioner, you should always remember that you have to make a balance between the protein and the moisture in your hair. If your hair is overexposed to protein, it will become brittle and stiff. On the other hand, overexposure to moisture will make your hair mushy and limp. So, you should monitor the condition of your hair according to the facts we just have mentioned. And choose the right conditioner for your hair. The current season is also a considerable fact as dry air in winter and humidity in the summer days also have an impact on the condition of your hair. So, you should choose the conditioner wisely.

9. Towels Do Matter

Using Hair Towel

The towel we use to dry our curly hair has to be chosen carefully because most of our regular towels ruin the texture of our curls and creates frizzes. Excess moisture is also a reason for creating frizzes in hair that cannot be blotted by the regular towels. In this case, a micro-fiber towel or soft cotton t-shirt.

By following the process, the extra moisture in your hair will be absorbed, and your hair will become frizz-free and voluminous.

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10. Diffuser Attachment is a Blessing

Most of the women use a hairdryer to dry their curls as curly hair takes a lot of time to be dried naturally. If you have a hairdryer that provides diffuser attachment but you do not use it, you are definitely missing out. Blow drying with a diffuser can reduce frizzes in your hair, it evens out the curl pattern of your hair and most importantly, it adds a very good amount of volume in your hair which makes your hair look fuller. Diffuser attachment can be bought separately for your existing blow dryer.

11. Curling Iron Creates Magic

Using Curling Iron

A curling iron is a very popular tool to make hair curly. Here is a misconception- People think curling iron can only be used in fine hair to make curls in them. But the truth is, curling iron is very beneficial for curly hair as well according to some hairstylists in the USA. They say that curly hair is very prone to get unruly or saggy, and right at that moment, if you use a curling wand in your hair, it will reshape the curls where it needs to be. A curling iron can define your curls in the root, in the end, and mid-strand as well within a few minutes by adding texture and volume in your hair.

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12. Be Aware of Heat Tools

Heating tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons are vastly used to style curly hair. And sadly, they often lead your beautiful hair to damage. No, we are not telling you to stop using these tools, but with caution. Few things to be confirmed before using any hot tool in your curly hair:

13. Night-time Care

Night-time Care for Curly Hair

We are continuously saying that curly hair is very sensitive and needs to take care even the time you go to bed. While sleeping, you can break your curls as well. If your pillowcases are rough, it will expose your curls to friction and flatten them. So, you should switch to silk pillowcases which are super smooth and proven to reduce friction. You also can avoid flattening your curls by covering your hair around the roots with a silk or satin scarf. “Pineappling” your hair also helps to maintain curls while sleeping. “Pineappling” is a technique in which the hair is gathered at the top point of your head loosely.

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Bonus Tip
Split ends of your curly hair make your hair frizzy and make them look terrible. Trim your hair once every six to eight weeks to avoid split ends.


If you can take care of curly hair properly, curly hair can be a blessing. You can style your hair in various ways and change your overall look as well. You just have to follow the methods we have talked about in the above. Follow as much as you can for a better result.

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