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Curly Ponytail Ideas That You Should Try

Are you looking for some exciting ponytail ideas for your curly hair? Well, then you are in the right place. Ponytails look so incredible in curly hairs. If you do not have naturally curly hair, you can also achieve curly ponytails.

Featured Image of Curly Ponytail Ideas

Though doing ponytails needs some creativity, but it is possible with minimal effort. You can make curly ponytails your hairstyle arsenal when you are going to a party, or a date, or workplaces. Sure, everyone will be stunned, looking at you. There are numerous ways/ ideas to create lovely curly ponytails. These vary according to hair lengths. We will discuss here some popular curly ponytail ideas you can try at home and choose the right one matches with your look.

Curly Hair High Ponytail

Generally, any hairstyle can be created in your long curly hair. But long hair is hard to manage. Ponytails are great solutions in this regard. This high ponytail idea will work perfectly in your long curly hair. This means when you are gathering and securing your hair at the back of the head, you just need to keep that tying point slight high.

2. Low Ponytails for Curly Hair

Low Ponytail Curly Hair

This is another unique ponytail style. This time, you need to tie your hair at the lower back of your head. As a result, you will get a low curly ponytail for formal occasions. This style suits not only long hair but also the medium length hair.

3. Cute Curly Ponytails

This ponytail idea will make you look prettier and cuter. It is a perfect hairstyle before going out on a date and applicable for medium length curly hair. You do not need to use a flat iron this time. Just keep the hair in the way as it is.

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4. Messed-up Curly Ponytails

Messed-up Curly Ponytails

If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, then this can be the right curly ponytail style for you. It will give you a messy, disordered, careless look. Do not worry about it. Instead, this will make you more attractive. Just keep following the steps correctly in order to gain this lovely ponytail.

5. Side Curly Ponytails

Side Curly Ponytails

The idea of this curly ponytail is, you need to keep your ponytail at one side of your head, and you will keep some hair strands loose on the other side. It looks great in medium length hair. You can apply it for casual occasions.

6. Half-up Curly Ponytails for Short Hair

Half-up Curly Ponytails for Short Hair

A half-up curly ponytail is done when your hair is ponytailed at the upper side of the head. Actually, this hairstyle is applicable for short curly hair. It is for them who do not like long hair ponytails. So cut your hair and make it short, if you have long curly hair. The rest of the tricks are in the followings:

7. Pineapple Curly Ponytail

Pineapple Curly Ponytail

This ponytail style is called the ‘Pineapple Curly Ponytail’ because your hair looks like the pineapple thrones after you own this ponytail style. It has a slight difference from the half-up ponytail. Instead of keeping the ponytailed hair to the backward, you need to keep the hair tousled to the front section. That will give you a different look than others. If you have medium length curly hair, you can give it a try.

8. Curly Ponytails With Braids

Curly Ponytails With Braids

Making braids in hair is actually classy and fancy women like to do braids. You will be surprised to know that you can make cute curly ponytails with braids. This requires some extra effort. But a little effort will open the door of possibilities and make your day.

Bonus Tips

  • Use heat protector spray before using heat generator tools every time
  • Choose flat iron and curling iron with tourmaline technology.

Final Words

Any successful hairstyle depends on your caring for your hair. We have shared some trendy curly ponytail ideas with you above. Our endeavors will be fruitful if you can achieve your desired curly ponytails. So, do not be late and go, give a try.

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