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Curly to Straight Hair without Heat

No woman with curly hair can be found who hasn’t desired to straighten the crown she bears. It’s a spontaneous behavior to want something that you don’t have. While struggling with my curls, I have always searched for a natural, damage-free way to flatten my hair.

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Luckily, some of them have brought significant results. Yet they mostly depend on the type of curls; regular treatment can give a promising result.

Are you excited to know the fruitful but heat-free methods? This article will lead the way of your curl to straight without heat.

What kind of shampoo do you use? Curly hair needs straightening shampoo comprising some superior ingredients like polymers and silicones to minimize its tendency to curl up and help to become straight. Shampoo like OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo can soften your hair and improve the texture.

A leave-in conditioner like OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Conditioner or a smoothing serum such as Giovanni Repairing Hair Oil Serum will make your hair smooth and silky. Regular use can give you the straight hair you want.

2. Massage Your Scalp with Hot Oil


Hot Oil Scalp MassageOur ancestor wasn’t always wrong; instead, they used to practice some excellent techniques that give an unbelievable result. Massaging your scalp and hair with hot oil makes your hair straighten naturally. I usually mix some of my favorite oil; coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. They nourish hair from inside and grow new hair too. Mustard, almond, or tea tree oil can also be used.

You can select oil as your preference and take them sufficiently in a bowl, heat them for a few seconds to one minute and touch to feel warm. When the heat is endurable, apply it both on scalp and hair threads and massage thoroughly. Leave it overnight or wait three to four hours before washing. Repeat this daily, or you can apply three to four times a week to see the magic.

3. Apply Homemade Egg Mask

Flattening your hair permanently at home without huge expenses and heat damage isn’t impossible at all. You can do this with an easy homemade mask. Aren’t you curious how? Well, take an egg from your kitchen and whisk it with one cup of olive oil. Your pack is ready!

Put this mask on the scalp and hair. Then use a shower cap like Betty Dain Waterproof Shower Cap to cover your head. Keep this for at least one hour to overnight, if possible, and wash with cold water and shampoo. You will get salon type silky straight hair by using it every 15 days.

4. Use Hair Pack Made of Yoghurt and Banana

Yoghurt and Banana

If you cannot endure the odor of egg, then you may try this hair pack. It’s easy to make as well as enriched with vitamins that restore the frizz and curliness of your hair. The ingredients are none other than banana and yogurt.

Smash a ripe banana and mix it well with two tablespoon yogurt and the same amount of honey. Apply this pack on every inch of your hair and wrap with a shower cap for at least one hour. After that, wash it with shampoo and apply conditioner. You can repeat this twice a month. For the very curly hair, you can use it once a week. Indeed, you will experience a considerable change to your hair.

5. Soak Your Hair with Extra Absorbent Towel

All your attempts will be meaningless if you rub your hair while soaking after washing it. I had this bad habit that caused highly damaged hair; I am struggling to overcome it. Soaking wet hair with a microfiber towel like YoulerTex Microfiber Towel will absorb the water from it and make It less prone to frizz. You can wrap it in your desire shape until the hair dries to make it straight or wavy.

6. Wrap Wet Hair

Wrapping Wet Hair

There’s an easy way to strengthen your hair though it’s not friendly for them who often catch a cold. You have to comb the wet hair and split it into several sections. Then wrap each section against your head and pin them up. After pinning every section, let it fully dry. You may need at least six hours for it to dry. A Silk scarf can be wrapped around your head to save it from frizz. After drying, you will find straight hair when revealed.

7. Use Big-sized Hair Rollers

For long hair, it’s hard to wrap it around your head. In this case, you can use soda can-sized rollers. You will need about six rollers for it; plastic rollers work better. It’s almost the same as before; comb the wet hair, and divide them into six parts, wrap them around the rollers and keep overnight. Your hair will be less voluminous and straight the next morning.

8. Brush Wet Hair till Dry

Brushing Wet Hair - V2 16920753

Have you forgotten to roll your hair last night? There’s still a way that doesn’t take much time. Brushing wet hair frequently until it dries helps a lot. While brushing, pull the hair tightly, and leave it for a few minutes; repeating this technique makes the hair strings straight.

9. Use Hair Bands on Ponytail

While staying at the dorm, I saw many girls covering ponytails from root to tip with hairbands. I wondered why they do that! It became clear when I was searching for a remedy from damaged hair. This technique is handy to protect your hair from breakage and make them straight.

Firstly, apply some leave-in conditioner or light oil such as Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil all over your hair. Then you can make one or two ponytails and then add more soft hairbands like Hoyols Seamless Cotton Hair Band accordingly to the tip. It’s better if the hair is moist or wet.

Wrapping the pony with a silk or satin cloth before banding is preferable to avoid extra curves, but tying up the pony will work the same if it isn’t possible. Keep it overnight, and the next morning you will get your hair ready.

10. Make a Hair Bun

Hair Bun

Inspired by the Japanese top bun hairstyle, I started to make a bun on top of my head daily. Surprisingly, I noticed that my hair started to be flattened. It won’t straight the dense curl, will stretch the hair naturally.

Wet hair long enough to make a bun is good to go. Brush your hair nicely, then knot a bun on head top and leave it for hours. It will give a lovely wavy pattern to straight depending on the curl type when you lose the hair.

11. Blow Dry Your Hair with Cool Air

You cannot use heat, that doesn’t mean you will throw over the hairdryer too. Blow dryers consist of a cold air setting that emits cool air. When other natural techniques don’t straighten Type 3 curly hair, you can use this method.

To start, apply some blow-dry cream such as Shea Moisture Blow Dry Creme after combing your hair and then use both your fingers and comb to straighten the hair. Hold the hair straightly for few seconds and keep blowing cold air, continuing this process till drying will give the long-cherished hair. It will take more time than a flat iron, but worth trying.

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All of the above tips are time-consuming. If you need a quick result then my suggestion is to use a flat iron which is suitable for type 3 hair.

Girls with curls tend to love their hair the way it is. Yet wants to change the style sometimes. As curly hair tends to break and brittle more than straight hair, you must take action very carefully. As you are filled with several ways to straight hair from curly without heat, don’t wait up long and start your haircare. For more inquiries, feel free to comment.


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