Home Remedies to Straighten Curly Hair

Who would go to salons for a solution if it can be solved at home? Many women want to straighten their beautiful curly hair but do not want to go to salons.

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Some of them want to save some money, and some do not want to face the hassle. The good news is, they do not have to go to salons at all! There are plenty of choices they have to make their curls straighter at home. Surprised? Don’t be, because we are going to reveal all the secrets in this article. But the following tips will take a lot of time. If you need a faster result, then we suggest straight your curly hair with a flat iron.

There are many natural ingredients which are very good for the health of our hair and additionally, they are very much able to turn the curls of our hair straight. Some of them work fine as a solitary ingredient; some of them work the best when they are mixed with another ingredient.

Egg & Olive Oil

Eggs are pressed with proteins that help sustain and smoothen your hair, while olive oil is a magnificent hair conditioner. Consolidating these elements will give you delicate, without frizz and straighten the hair if you utilize this pack once per week.

Required Ingredients: Olive Oil – 3 tablespoons, 2 whole Eggs

2. Rice Flour, Fuller’s eath & Egg Mask

Not just only a home answer for straightening curly hair, fuller’s earth takes out dandruff from the roots when you clean your hair with it. Since it contains an organic earth material ‘Bentonite,’ it’s presently conceivable to have the straight hair you want. Every element in this pack cooperates to abolish frizzy hair and leave your hair smooth and clean. Applying this pack once every seven days will sustain your hair, wipe out all the dirt, and make it healthy with a solid and straight look.

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Required Ingredients: Rice flour – 5 tablespoons, 1 Egg white, a quarter cup of milk, and 1 cup fuller’s earth

3. Banana & Papaya Mask

Banana & Papaya

Banana and papaya cooperate to improve the rigidity of your hair while sustaining and molding it. Utilizing this veil once seven days will give you delicate, straight, and sparkly hair that looks and feels sound.

Required Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 papaya

4. Milk & Eggs

Eggs are the most beneficial thing you can put on your hair when it comes to making curly hair somewhat straight. Keep in mind though that this combination can smell a bit, however, once you wash it off, it will not be a problem anymore.

Required Ingredients: 1 cup of egg and 2 whole eggs

5. Lemon Juice & Coconut Milk

Lemon & Coconut Milk

Lemon juice is great for straightening curly hair. In mix with coconut milk, it conditions your hair while giving your scalp some vitamin C help. Use it once every week, and this mask will leave your hair feeling luxurious and delicate, and you will see the difference after the very first use of this mask.

Required Ingredients: 1 tablespoon lemon juice and a quarter cup of coconut milk

6. Milk Spray

The proteins in milk help invigorate the hair shafts by controlling frizz and causing your hair to show up straight. If you apply this more than once per week on your hair, it will make your curly hair straighter.

Required Ingredients: Quarter cup milk and a spray bottle

7. Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey

While the proteins in milk help sustain and brace your hair, the honey goes about as an emollient which helps seal dampness, further controlling frizz. Applying this blend once seven days will make your hair too smooth, gleaming, and in particular straighter.

Required Ingredients: 3 tablespoon honey and ½ cup milk

8. Banana, Curd, Honey, & Olive Oil

This straightening hair pack serves as a profound molding treatment that improves the texture and quality of your hair. It will help dispose of the vast majority of your frizz while making your hair straight and strong also in the event that it is applied once per week.

Required Ingredients: 2 tablespoon of honey, curd, olive oil, and 2 bananas – ripe

9. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is pressed with compounds that help keep your hair smooth and delicate while advancing hair development. The ingredients enter your hair shaft, hydrating it and smoothing out frizz and crimps. Apply this mask once every week to rectify your curly hair.

Required Ingredients: ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel and ¼ cup olive oil is need. Instead of olive oil, coconut oil also can be used.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is extraordinary for disposing of dirt and oil from your hair. It ousts any dirt from your cuticle and makes hair smooth. Applying this once in seven days disposes of any frizz and leaves your hair looking straight and shiny.

Required Ingredients: 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

11. Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment​

Castor oil conditions and fixes your hair like no other fixing. It controls the frizzes while leaving your hair feeling delicate and hydrated. It makes your hair smooth and it additionally gives your curly hair a straighter look in the event that you do it two times every week.

Required Ingredients: 1 tablespoon coconut oil and the same amount of castor oil

12. Celery Leaves

Celery leaves have extraordinarily advantageous properties for your hair. The supplements present in celery leaves help to invigorate hair development and normally straighten your curly hair.

Required Ingredients: celery leaves, water, spray bottle

13. Almond Oil & Conditioner

Almond oil is a prominent hair product since it truly gives your hair the ultimate care it needs. It fills in as a powerful home answer for straightening curly, bunched up hair and fixes harmed and broken strands like an all-out supervisor. Performing it two times every month will give you the best outcome.

Required Ingredients: almond oil and a mild conditioner

14. Beer


Beer is stuffed with proteins and nutrients that help improve the surface of your hair by making it smooth and normally straight.  Apply it at least once per week.  Required Ingredients: a can of beer, mild shampoo, and conditioner

Final Verdict

These are great methods that do not harm your hair at all, but rather develop the overall health of your curly hair and most importantly, make them straighter. For your convenience, we have mentioned the detailed process to make each of the remedies.  So which one is your favorite?