5 Amazing Haircuts for Damaged Hair to Achieve Fresher Look!

Heat styling and hair damage go hand-in-hand, and in no time you find yourself scouring for haircuts for damaged hair!

Blow-dry, straightening, curling, perming, chemical treatments.

lady getting one of the haircuts for damaged hair at the salon

Your hair can only take so much.

All the heat and harsh chemicals can make your hair look lifeless and limp. The best bet is to chop it all off and get a fresh start. 

But hold up, check these haircuts for damaged hair first.

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5 of The Best Haircuts for Over-Processed Hair 

Here are the top five picks you may want to show your hairstylist to protect your damaged hair.  

1. A Short Bob

Heat tools and harmful hair products usually cause hair breakage [1], splits, and frizzy hair towards the end.

By opting for a short, cute bob, you could instantly bid goodbye to damaged split ends and enjoy this timeless hairstyle instead.

If you have natural curls or soft waves, you could choose a messy bob. These hairstyles look carefree and sassy and are easy to maintain. 

Of course, straight hair can achieve messy bobs, too, but that would mean applying tons of products to maintain that messy texture.

There are various types of bobs for straight-haired beauties too.

Celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Demi Lovato, and Cameron Diaz have flaunted poker-straight bobs that look polished and professional. 

2. A Layered Lob

A lob is a slightly longer hairstyle than the average bob. [3] While a classic bob ends somewhere around your chin, a lob will usually finish around your collar bone.

A lob looks feminine and classy. They look incredible when styled into beach waves which can be easily achieved with a few spritzes of texturizing spray and a curling rod.

If taken care of, the curls could last you 3 to 4 days or until your next hair wash, meaning you refrain from restyling your hair again with heat tools. It’s a win-win. 

But that’s not to say; a straight lob will not look great. We have all loved a sleek, straight lob since Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella.’

It is a great everyday look that looks polished and sexy.

Other celebrities like Katy Perry, Kristen Bell, and Selena Gomez have been seen flaunting their straight poker lobs on the red carpet.

I especially love this lob with bangs and think it looks divine. Don’t you agree? 

3. Pixie-Cuts

Pixie cuts are oh-so-cute. They look fun and flirty at the same time and help shed off at least five years of your age.

That’s sort of their superpower: the ability to make you look and feel younger. Short, shaggy hair with bangs is the in-thing right now.

They are easy to manage, make your tresses look voluminous, and add pizazz to your overall look.

You could go for a long layered pixie cut or keep your look androgynous by holding your short hair with a hard gel. 

Feeling bolder than usual?

Why not try an asymmetrical pixie with highlights? Granted, they may not look professional for work, but if you have the luxury of sporting such a hair-do, why not give it a try?

Highlighting your hair with a lighter shade can lighten your overall complexion and add color to your face. 

4. Shaved Hairstyle

A great way to bid adieu to your old, fragile hair and introduce some ‘alpha woman’ attitude is to get a shaved hairstyle.

A shaved hairstyle works great for those with straight hair or curly hair, accentuating your face and your pretty head.

You could opt to shave the back and leave the top for a sexy-looking short hairstyle. 

Mohawks are edgy and easy to style. Not to mention, it looks super sexy.

You achieve this clean look by shaving each side of the head and leaving the middle section.

Some women take it one step further by getting cool patterns on their shaved sides. Feel brave enough to flaunt such a style? 

You need not only embrace the shaved style on a pixie cut. Women with bobs, lobs, and even shoulder-length and long hair make the most of this fashion statement. 

5. Go All The Way

Not every woman can carry off an utterly bald look, but if you’re one of those badasses who can look extremely cool even without a strand of hair on your head, then, by all means, Queen, go for it!

However, if you only want to shave your head because you think it’s going to come back thicker, then steer off the razor!

Shaving the hair will not affect your natural hair texture or thickness. But if you can make it work, girl, you’re going to rock your bald head and give off confidence goals. 

Tons of celebrities have been seen sporting a buzzcut after shaving off their head, including the likes of Cara Delevigne and Kirsten Stewart.

These women challenge beauty standards by showing their fans that beauty is more than a head full of hair!  


Can a haircut help damaged hair?

cutting rebonded hair at the salon

Getting a haircut can help get rid of all the heat damage you may have due to a multitude of reasons. When you are free of the over-processed hair, you gain back your hair health and shine. 

How do you style significantly damaged hair?

You can try styling your fragile hair with a hairdryer used on low heat or with a diffuser to bring out your natural waves.
You could also tie your hair into a low bun or a ponytail, but it is best to chop off the dry hair.

What happens if you don’t cut damaged hair?

When you skip trimming the damaged parts of your tresses, it takes a toll on your overall hair health.
Not only will your mane lose shine, but it will also look and feel flat and brittle.

Will damaged hair still grow?

Yes. After chopping off your fragile hair, you can expect your natural texture to come back over time.
The growth time may differ from one person to another, but rest assured, your natural hair will come back! 

To Wrap It Up

Over-using heat tools such as a blow dryer and a curling rod can rid your hair of its natural moisture, causing it to lose its elasticity.

Sometimes the damage is reversible, but often, the only solution is to chop off the fried hair.

Getting a regular haircut can help you gain healthy hair and maintain its natural moisture and texture. [2]

Which one of these haircuts for damaged hair will you be trying next? 


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A smiling lady with a short haircut for damaged hair

What are your favorite haircuts for damaged hair? Let us know below!