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As a team of hair experts, the most common complaints we have got among the women around the world are “flat” and “thin hair problem”.

But unfortunately, we cannot give many solutions but recommend using a Volumizing product.

Though most of the cases these products work well on most of the hairs, that would not up to the expectations of some girls out there.

And the experience becomes more frustrating after using a hair straightener or trying to make a straight styled hair.

So, if your favorite hair styling tool is flat iron, Volumizing hair products are then your daily essential item.

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Besides, the other products and hair treatments that claim to thicken your hair are only effective on the hair which has become fine or thin due to damages and other causes. But if you are born with fine hair, no treatments come of much use most of the time. So, the only alternative or recommendation lefts on our hand is to suggest using Volumizing products.

But are these products really giving volume to your tresses? Are those products really worth to buy? How does it work actually? Let us answer and clear out all of your questions about the Volumizing products in this article today. Let’s talk about some real facts honestly this time. Hold tight and read till the end.

However, in this article, we have used some best Volumizing hair products for our testing purpose. We will share our results, findings, and all of our experience with those products. For getting better product suggestions you can check out our Product Review section.

How Do Volumizing Products Work?

Before learning about that, ask yourself what do you think of Volumizing products? In recent times, you can find Volumizing shampoo, conditioners, mousse, gel, and hair spray. Are all of ‘em comes in handy or useful? Maybe or maybe not. It actually depends on how you want to provide volume to your hair.

If you want to get the volume to your hair like “magic” do not go for shampoo or conditioner. Because there are no such “magic” ingredients in Volumizing shampoo and conditioners that can add and amp up the volume to your thin, flat hair. You better go for Volumizing gel, hairspray, or mousse. In these products, there is polymer technology that helps your hair to hold strongly in one place. When you apply a Volumizing gel or spray at the roots of your hair, these products can lift the hair away from your head and give the illusion of more body and volume.

Good quality Volumizing hair products also contain cationic charges and some additional ingredients which help the tresses become weightless thus your hair stays lifted and bulky for a longer time. The additional ingredients consist of an oil-control composite (which helps limit sebum that weighs down the hair and makes your hair thin, dull, limp, and flat), which makes your hair appear fullness and more body.

Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Using Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing shampoo and conditioner help in mainly two ways: these products remove residue and provide a small amount of stiffening polymers which help the hair gain more body. This is effective you do not over-condition your hair after washing the strands with shampoo.

However, most of the time the Volumizing shampoo weighs down the naturally fine hair. Especially be stay away from the shampoo and conditioners which contain Shea butter and argan oil. These ingredients are too heavy for fine and thin hair. If your hair is dry prone, you can use the products contained with lighter ingredients like royal jelly and linseed oil in the wintertime.

And finally, it is best to try a few shampoo and conditioners with your own and see what’s working best on your hair. For someone, Volumizing shampoo and conditioners are a myth and for someone, it works like magic. If you are confused, you can start your trying by using the Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Thick, Full Body Shampoo.

What Are the Best Volumizing Hair Products?

Are you wondering How to Care for Fine Hair?

As we said before, Volumizing gel, mousse, and hairsprays work faster like magic than the Volumizing shampoo and conditioners. To be more specific, if you want to know, which ingredients should you search for while planning a purchase? Our answer would go for, pick up a Volumizing hair product that has one of these ingredients: polymers, quaternized proteins, powders like starch and talc, and surfactants.


Because polymers coat the hair fiber and add toughness and add volume to the hair while quaternized proteins make the hair cuticles stronger without weighing it down. The starch and talc powder can make friction together and improve hair volume. And finally, the surfactants do not leave any residue and this ingredient is very lightweight. It can cleanse your hair without adding weight.

After testing with a lot of Volumizing hair products, we find mousse is one of the best effects to lift up the tresses and give it more body. The foam is lightweight and it never weighs the hair down. Mousse coats each fiber ad give your hair some stiffness. When the film dries out, each hair pushes the other hair and your overall hair gets more volume and lifts up.

However, we have used numerous Volumizing products and we find these products helpful for most of the hair types. So our recommendation goes:

Here’s one more thing, other than using good quality Volumizing hair products, you need to prepare your hair to get the maximum output of it. Preparing your hair to get volume in it is not a lot to do a thing. Just do not apply the Volumizing products on wet hair as water dilutes the products and makes it spread to unwanted areas and makes your hair sticky. When your hair becomes at least 80%-90% dry, apply the Volumizing hair products and use a large brush to comb it, and give shape to your hair to your desired style.

What Are the Other Volumizing Options

Volumizing Hair

If you are more conscious about your hair health and want to have natural Volumizing products, you can have that but those are not as effective as the other products you are seeing on the market. Comparing the polymers and other ingredients (not natural), no other natural ingredients can give great hair Volumizing result.

However, there are no perfect solutions or products that can provide volume to your hair. Proper use of styling products can give certain results, but that is not any permanent or perfect solution. Besides, some recommend coloring your hair to get more volume but this one is not satisfying too. For someone, these Volumizing products work like magic and for someone, it’s like a myth.

Bottom Line

The best way to get the volume to your hair is by trying each product and seeing the result with your own. If you have healthy hair, it is okay to apply styling tools and products to get more volume. Try using different styles and products and come to a conclusion with your own. We only can help you with suggestions. But the real testing should be run by you with your own hair.


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    However, something caught my eyes and I cannot get over it. As far as I know, dry shampoos are excellent volumizing products, especially when you are not up for any styling. Why haven’t you talked about it? A curious mind wants to know the logic.

    Thank you very much.

    • Dear Edith,

      First of all, thank you very much for your kind words. We are overwhelmed with your response.

      Secondly, as wet shampoos and dry shampoos work similarly when it comes to adding volume, we didn’t mention it. However, thank you for asking. This would clear other readers’ confusion as well.

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    Now, I have a thought that I would like to share. While reading this blog, I found that you haven’t talked about the volumizing conditioner much. Why is that? And is there actually anything as “volumizing conditioner”? I haven’t seen one in the market.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Dear Kristin,

      Thank you very much for your sweet feedback. We appreciate our readers’ response.

      And yes there are several “volumizing conditioners” available in the market, one of which is this ColorProof SuperPlump Volumizing Conditioner.

      We hope this would help.

  3. This is crap. You have slapped the word “polymer” to your readers’ faces. Every other line readers will find the “word” polymer. Also, the idea seems scattered and the explanation is not up to the mark. I am very disappointed with this piece of article. This is not what I expect from your guys.

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