Pixie Cut for Fine Hair; Everything You Need to Know

They say “A woman who cut her hair is about to change her life” and if, you too, want to start newly, what’s better than to sport a new, bold and sexy haircut?

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But then again, if you have fine tresses, you might always be in a dilemma whether a short haircut, like a pixie cut, would be the best choice for your hair type or not.

Do not worry anymore because in this article we have talked about every little aspect you should know about before going for a pixie in your fine manes.

So, without wasting more time, let’s start.

Well, if you want to chop off your fine locks then we would definitely say that pixie is just the right cut for you. That’s because this particular hair cut not only adds texture and layers in your manes but at the same time also make them look fuller and voluminous (which is rare characteristics for fine, flat hair locks). Another aspect you must know is that when you have such short manes, you need to put on fewer products in them which will help them to be healthier as we know fine hairs are super sensitive and the less is more for this hair type.

Pixie Cut Benefits for Fine Hair

Now if you are not determined and somewhat skeptical about going for hairs as short as a pixie, let’s talk about all its benefits so that you can shed all your confusion and adorn you’re fine/thin tresses with a gorgeous pixie cut:

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  • This Cut is Expressive: Fine tresses are flat, limp and lackluster. A well-styled pixie perfectly frames the face and makes your cheekbones pop to create an illusion of more defined and sharp facial features. This cut also gives you a sense of uniqueness and confidence because not all the girls out there have the boldness to chop off their long, luscious locks to rock a shorty short haircut.
  • It’s Practical: Compared to your long tresses, this shorty short haircut requires less time (as well as less money) on styling. The chore of washing, drying and styling your manes will be gone with your long manes and you can literally spend no time decking up your pixie.
  • Get Rid of Damaged Hair: One way to get rid of your un-flattering tresses yet look super stylish is by adorning a pixie cut in your fine manes; this hairstyle is an efficient way to start fresh, with healthy hair. Rather than watching your delicate tresses to break off and fall, it’s rather clever to rock a fashionable cut and at the same time also start caring for them so that they grow stronger and healthier than before.
  • It Helps You to Grow Out a Permanent Hairstyle: Often we try different types of permanent hairstyle in our tresses, like perming, relaxing or rebounding, to elevate our look. After a few months, these styles tend to grow out revealing our normal manes which looks awful to look at. Also, permanent hairdos damage your hair locks so much that it takes extreme care to get them back to their normal state (which is not possible all the time). With the “big chop” you can not only get rid of the damages permanently but also can provide your tresses an even texture (by getting rid of the perming, relaxing, etc.).

Disadvantages of a Pixie Cut on Fine Hair

After reading all those great benefits of pixie cut on your fine/thin manes, you might be a bit awestruck to learn that this sexy style also has a few drawbacks.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages so that your decision about chopping your manes becomes easier.

  • Your Hair Will Take Forever to Grow: After chopping off your luscious hair locks into a pixie, you might start missing your “old hair days” and might even want to grow them back. But the tragedy lies here, you just cannot grow them overnight; you must wait for an at least 6-12 months before rocking your long manes again.
  • Beauty Standards Can Show Its Ugly Side: After having a pixie cut, some people (really dumb head) may start questioning about your sexuality based on your new short manes, they just will and there is no way to stop them. If you are not as thick-skinned as some other women out there, these remarks will bother you and even might attack your confidence level to the core.

Best Pixie Cut Style Ideas for Fine Hair

Now let’s talk about how you can style your pixie manes so that you can enjoy versatile styles every day.

Voluminous, Miranda Priestly Hairs

Even though this short haircut already adds texture and volume to your fine, flat tresses, you still might want to add a bit more volume to rock a Miranda Priestly vibe and to do so, you will only need a narrow plated flat iron (such as this Bed Head Pixie 1/2″ Straightener). We always suggest using low heat settings to straight fine or thin hair.

Start off by taking a section of your hair from the crown and place it in between the blazing hot plates of the straightener. Now, flip it inward and hold the iron in this position for 2-3 seconds before pulling it downwards. Repeat this for the rest of the hairs on the crown and finish off by spritzing some holding spray like this L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray to keep the style in place for all day long.

Classic Sleek Look

This is just the hairdo you would want to flaunt at any formal dinner or evening party. For this look, apply an adequate amount of styling gel to your pixie and comb it with a fine-tooth comb with a side part (or maybe backcomb). Tuck the ends behind your ears and voila! You have a very sleek yet formal look.

We prefer this R+Co Wall Street Strong Hold Gel because of its stronghold yet sleek results.

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