Best Flat Iron for Frizzy Hair – Buyer’s Guide

Not all of us are blessed with naturally silky and straight hair. Moreover, some of you may face hair problems like frizziness. This is why we will show you some options for the best flat iron for frizzy hair on the market.

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Frizziness is a common hair problem faced by most girls. Are you one of them?

If so, we may have found your dream product by which you will be able to style your hair with less effort.

We are talking about flat irons that will help you out in such situations.

Namely, with the right flat iron, you can smile when you see someone with smooth, silky, and shiny hair like yours.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that flat irons can save your hair or ruin them. So you have to be careful when choosing one.

Hence, we researched the internet and conducted real-life testing to find some of the best flat irons for frizzy hair. Let’s have a look.

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Best Flat Irons for Frizzy Hair at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Top Flat Irons for Frizzy Hair

Now you are much more aware of which features are good for your hair and which aspects should be considered before buying the best flat iron for frizzy hair.

We have analyzed about 50 flat irons and came up with the best products to buy.

Some of these products and brands are so good that we could recommend these with a mere glance.

Nevertheless, there are things to check and thus only included a product in our list when it matched all of the requirements we believe essential.

Now let’s move on to the flat iron reviews for frizzy hair below to see which top flat irons made the list.

Best Flat Irons for Thick Frizzy Hair

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#1 Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Best for Thick Frizzy Hair

Why We Love It

We chose this product as the best flat iron for thick frizzy hair for 2 reasons.

You all know, thick frizzy hair is always messy and hard to maintain. To straighten this type of hair, you need high heat and a longer plate for easy control.

And these two things convinced us to put this flat iron in first place on our top flat iron for frizzy hair list.

Namely, this professional Titanium Flat Iron has a 1.75-inch floating plate, which is the perfect size to manage your thick kinky hair.

Additionally, this hair iron provides high (enough) heat to make your thick hair smooth and silky.

However, we did not stop there. This product also includes Nano titanium technology.

As we stated earlier, titanium is a must for thick frizzy hair, and Nano titanium technology makes it superior to most of the flat irons available.

It has the fastest heat transfer available while distributing heat evenly and has outstanding high–temperature balance, which is always good for damaged/kinky hair.

Moreover, Nano titanium technology is best for better heat conductivity and provides a larger amount of negative ions, which is mandatory for keeping moisture on your frizzy hair.

More importantly, along with Nano titanium, the company has added an Isotherm titanium plate, which is great at recovering heat quickly.

Thus, giving you an extra advantage in styling your hair. Lastly, the added infrared tech makes it one of the best flat irons for frizzy hair you can buy.

Additionally, we should praise its durability and usability. This flat iron is also very lightweight. 

This is a brand you can rely on. It meets all the requirements we need in a flat iron.

The build is excellent, while the plate quality and the real-life hair straightening performance is excellent.

The price is also fair, making it the perfect buying option.

Additional Features

  • A durable handle will keep your hand safe from the heat.
  • The rounded design will provide you full control while styling your hair.
  • 8 foot long swivel for excellent usability.
  • LCD display, with adjustable temperatures.
  • Includes 1 straightener with 1 traveling velvet pouch.

#2 Croc Classic Nano-titanium Flat Iron

CROC flat iron

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Best for Thick Frizzy Hair

Why We Love It

This product is very similar to the previous one we discussed. It has the same titanium ionic plate quality as the previous flat iron, which produces many negative ions.

Moreover, the negative ions from Nano-silver titanium and the included far-infrared technology are capable of taking away the annoying frizz from your hair.

But the aspects that make this flat iron from the KIPOZI special are its design and the price.

This flat iron for frizzy hair is more expensive, whereas the KIPOZI professional is more affordable.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to buy modern designed hair straighteners and want to have long-lasting performance, you can invest in this product.

Although there is a little difference in these two flat irons’ plate size, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

However, in terms of the design, it looks very premium and unique. Namely, this flat iron will give you the feeling of a high-end product.

Additionally, this Nano-Titanium Flat Iron includes features like the floating plate, auto shut off, adjustable temperature, instant heat up, amongst others.

Furthermore, this hair straightener also has 25 temperature settings with a digital display, which inevitably comes in handy.

But with all these praiseworthy features, we are not fully satisfied with its price. Basically, we feel it is a bit overpriced.

But if the price is not an issue and you prefer to own a premium looking flat iron, this flat iron model is perfect for straightening up your frizzy hair.

Additional Features

  • FND digital display for easy operating.
  • A digital temperature control system.
  • Fast heat up.
  • Dual voltage feature.

CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch
  • PROFESSIONAL FLAT IRON – CROC’s Nano classic flat iron combines professionalism and luxury. This iron provides the ultimate styling experience for true professionals. It’s ergonomically designed, technologically complete, and ready for everyday use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Further customize your hair with this lightweight, powerful hair straightener. Floating plates move with the hair, creating a smooth glide, and the deluxe thumb grip makes styling more comfortable.
  • FEATURES – CROC’s Nano classic flat iron boasts titanium plates which lock in moisture and reduce static, negative ions which reduce and close cuticles to increase shine, fully digital temperature settings and dual voltage capability.
  • ERGONOMIC FEEL – The Nano classic flat iron is a part of our luxury collection, with extra features, professional components and luxury styling. Designed with our Slipless Comfort Grip, the handle on the flat iron offers a tight press with less grip strain and stays cool even after repeated use.
  • Fully digital temperature options ranging from 280F° – 450F°

Why We Didn’t Choose The Babylisspro Nano Titanium Ultra-thin Straightening Iron

It’s no doubt that Babyliss is a worldwide renowned brand, and they do not compromise the quality of their products.

But in terms of a hair straightener for frizzy hair, we found they were missing some essential features in this flat iron.

Firstly, it has no infrared technology which is very beneficial for your hair. Additionally, there are no floating plates nor an auto shut off feature.

And in practical terms, we did not get much performance compared to the first two flat irons.

Hence, although most internet suggestions show you this hair straightener as the best flat iron for your frizzy hair, customer reviews and our own experience say otherwise.

Why Didn’t We Choose The Chi Pro G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron?

Chi is another favorite brand in women’s beauty products. But, we found this flat iron is missing a few features to handle frizzy hair

It lacks major technology and features like floating plates and Nano and infrared technology.

Moreover, this flat iron is made with infused ceramic. Since we need deep and smooth iron than instantly heat up for thick hair, we do not like ceramic for thick frizzy hair.

Additionally, this flat iron has terrible durability. It does not get hot enough and doesn’t include an auto shut off feature.

Best Flat Iron for Thin Frizzy Hair

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#1 Mondava Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Mondava flat iron

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Best for Thin Frizzy Hair

Why We Love It

Firstly, we chose this as the best flat iron for frizzy hair, due to its excellent quality tourmaline-ceramic combination.

We previously discussed the importance of a tourmaline-ceramic combination in a flat iron plate, and this product covers this.

This Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron meets all the requirements to be the best flat iron for thin frizzy hair on our list.

If you have frizzy hair, you will love its result as it includes ionic and infrared technology.

It is the latest technology implemented by this flat iron company in recent product line ups. It will provide and maintain moisture in your hair.

On the other hand, most flat irons tend to make your hair dry.

Additionally, infrared technology provides gentle and even heat spontaneously, which is what frizzy and thin hair needs most.

Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature to match the hair type. 

Its ceramic floating plate will give you a smooth surface in which your hair will glide through without any breakage and even heat distribution.

Additionally, it heats up instantly. Furthermore, it shuts off automatically

Additional Features

  • Heat resistant gloves.
  • dual voltage feature.
  • tangle Free 300V Salon Swivel Cord.

MONDAVA Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener - Dual Voltage Adjustable Digital Technology, Straighten & Style Wild Hair Under 8 Min (Classic)
  • 🔥 THE SECRET TO SEXY, SMOOTH, SHINY HAIR… Do you ever wonder how stunning celebrities seem to always have perfect hair? The secret is using the right tools! Our #1 Professional Mondava Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener provides you with the top hair styling results to get silky straight or beachy waves within minutes!
  • ❤️FIGHT OFF FRIZZY HAIR FAST! Are you looking for the best way to tame frizzy hair? Our Ceramic Flat Irons are plated with premium tourmaline that provide up to 3 million negatively charged ions per minute to smooth down frizz and give you sleek, straight, and shiny hair right away!
  • 🔥 ITALY’S #1 AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLING BRAND: You deserve the best hair care tools, and we are here to provide you with the most technologically advanced, ergonomic, and elegant hair tools used by salon professionals worldwide. It features the Highest Rated and Award Winning IONIC throughout as compared to CHI, BaBylissPro, and GHD brands.
  • ❤️AMAZING RESULTS FOR ALL HAIR TYPES… If you are looking for a premium hair straightener that has consistent temperature heat distribution for gorgeous and fast results, then you have found the best hair straightener! It provides excellent heat distribution to safely and effectively stye all hair types including: delicate, dry, thin, thick, straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair.
  • 🔥 GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU A GOOD HAIR DAY— EVERYDAY! You deserve to feel and look your best everyday! Our professional salon-grade, Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron delivers gorgeous results every time you turn it on! Our Mondava Set includes a Heat Resistant Glove, a Flat Iron Travel Pouch, a Salon Styling Comb, (2) Alligator Hair Clips, and a Velcro Cord Management Strap. Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today to enjoy your best hair days ever!

#2 CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

chi flat iron

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Best for Thin Frizzy Hair

Why We Love It

This product can compete with all the ones above. However, it lacks an instant heat-up feature. Nevertheless, it heats up pretty quickly.

But, for those who do not need an instant heat-up feature in their flat iron, and prefer a solid popular brand, this is a great choice.

Tourmaline flat irons are great for thin hair. In this regard, this product is made with a tourmaline and ceramics combination.

Allowing you to straighten your hair flawlessly. Furthermore, this combination made the surface smooth and durable.

In addition, this flat iron distributes heat evenly which is very important for a flat iron.

Furthermore, this flat iron has an adjustable temperature feature along with a LED indicator.

The range of temperatures you can choose from is quite big.

By using this hair straightener, you can straighten your hair quickly.  Furthermore, you can also curl, wave, bend, spiral, etc, with the same straightener.

Hence, it will be an excellent choice for those who style their hair often.

Also, it includes infrared and ionic technology to protect your hair from extreme dryness and frizz.

Namely, you can get all the advantages from the tourmaline-ceramic combination and the ionic and infrared technology in one tool.

Additional Features

  • 9 foot swivel cord.
  • Weighs only 1.19 pounds.

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
  • The CHI Flat Iron produces an exceptionally high amount of negative ions, and Far Infrared, which reduces static electricity for that perfect style
  • Features a temperature dial for variable heat settings, floating plates for professional results, quick heat up, and a 9' swivel cord
  • Ideal for all hair styling, including straightening, smoothing, curling, waving, spiraling, flipping and bending.
  • 9 ft. Swivel Cord for convenience ; Dual Voltage for Convenient Travel

Why Didn’t We Choose The Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron?

You can see that most websites and hair experts recommend this flat iron. But, this product is not good for your frizzy hair.

Despite containing some awesome features at an affordable price, it is missing one of the most important features: ionic technology.

Why Didn’t We Choose The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron?

The HSI flat iron is mostly useful for curly and flipped hair. Namely, for frizzy hair, we found better alternatives.

Although the brand is quite popular among most girls and hair experts, we cannot say it is the best straightener for thin frizzy hair.

Additionally, it does not have ionic or infrared technology, which is mandatory for frizzy hair.

Furthermore, it also lacks other important features like floating plates, an auto-shutoff feature, etc. Namely, keep in mind that this product is cheap in price and thus built cheaply.

Flat Iron Buying Guide for Frizzy Hair

What Is Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy Hair

In simple terms, frizzy hair means dry, rough, and a little damaged hair. Small hair strands in tight curls, is normally known as frizzy hair.

In general, curly and wavy hair is prone to frizz, but straight hair occasionally gets frizzy as well.

However, what is the main cause of frizz? The answer is simple, its dryness.

There are cuticles in our hair, and for various reasons, the cuticles rise, allowing all the moisture from the hair to pass through.

So whenever the hair finds moisture in the air, they are attracted to it, and you get frizzy, unmanageable hair.

Types of Frizzy Hair

When it comes to frizz, there are different kinds(1). Here they are below:

  1. The first type is surface frizz, which occurs only on your hair’s surface.
  2. The second type is called “hello frizz” which only happens on the crown of your head.

It is important to note that frizziness occurs on different types of hair.

Some people have thick frizzy hair, and others have thin frizzy hair.

Nevertheless, no matter which type of frizz you have, it always ruins a good hair day.

Why You Have Frizzy Hair & Why It Occurs

Many people have naturally dry and curly hair which causes frizz. However, most of the frizziness occurs from damaged hair.  Here are some reasons that cause fizziness. 

  • Any action related to hair care starts with you. Frizz will happen when you don’t drink enough water or when your diet is not ideal, thus causing dehydration in your hair.
  • Damaged hair also causes frizz. There are many ways to cause damage to your hair. Chemical hair treatment or straightening, excessive heat, low quality, and unsuitable hair products all can damage your hair.
  • Showering with hot water for long periods of time also causes damage to your hair. Namely, the water enters the hair and strips it of the natural oils. Additionally, If you have a habit of over-shampooing your hair, stop doing it since it can cause frizziness as well.
  • Finally, use heat protectant products or hair ironing accessories if you use ironing products regularly. Constant or excessive use can dry out your hair.

How to Overcome Frizziness With a Flat Iron

Frizzy Hair to Straight Hair

We all want silky, straight, and manageable hair with no frizz in it. But it does not happen most of the time.

A flat iron is a lifesaver most times. But it needs to be a good one. Otherwise, after one or two hours it will get frizzy and unmanageable again.

Even though the heat from a flat iron makes the hair drier, you have to choose carefully.

Investing in a good flat iron is worth it at the end of the day. With some argan oil and heat protector serum, a good flat iron will give your hair a sleek look.

Some Signs That You Have Frizzy Hair

Depending on your hair type, the flat iron and hair care products you need will differ.

Therefore, it’s essential to know your exact hair type and frizz type as well. Afterward, it will be much easier to find the exact product suitable for your hair. 

So, how can you determine if you have frizzy hair? Or what does frizzy hair look like? Let’s find out:

  • If humidity messes your hair.
  • Your hair gets frizzier during the summer time.
  • Brushing your hair damages it more.
  • Your hair is only neat and straight after you shower.
  • Straightening does not work most of the time.

Flat irons differ according to hair types. A single flat iron will not be suitable for all types of hair.

For example, the best flat iron for curly hair might not be ideal for frizzy or wavy hair. 

Some flat irons are good for thick frizzy hair, and some are good for thin or fine frizzy hair.

Remember, there are different materials and types of technology used in flat irons.

But not every material/technology is right for every kind of hair. So it is necessary to determine the hair type first, then choose the right flat iron. 

Choosing the Right Flat Iron – an in-depth Materials Analysis

Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium is a type of metal and mineral from the earth that is very durable. Namely, it is sturdier than steel, while the weight is lighter than most other metals.

Titanium is excellent for faster and even heat distribution.  Moreover, titanium’s use varies thanks to its durability, excellent heat up frequency, and corrosion-resistant capability.

And most of all, titanium is harmless for the human body.

Types of Titanium

There are mainly two types of titanium: pure titanium and titanium alloy.

Pure titanium is used in chemicals and other industry-level products, and titanium alloy is used in flat irons, hairdryers, and many other heat appliances.

Titanium alloy is used in flat irons since it has a smooth surface allowing you to have smooth gliding through your hair while preventing breakage or pulling.

Additionally, titanium alloy creates and distributes negative ions, which are very beneficial for your hair.

How Does It Help With Frizziness?

Flat irons made with titanium are excellent for many reasons, and they work very well to de-frizz your hair.

Firstly, it heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly throughout your hair.

Namely, because titanium is an excellent heat conductor and provides consistent heat.

Moreover, faster heat transfer means there are fewer chances of heat damage.

If the plates stay on your hair too long, it causes more damage to your hair.

Notably, titanium has fast heat transfer capabilities, which can tame your frizzy hair easily.

Thick or coarse hair usually takes longer to heat up, and we have seen that the high-temperature balance of titanium made flat iron plates are perfect for thick hair.

The second important factor to de-frizz your hair is the negative ions.

Namely, titanium plates can generate heat using negative ions, which keeps moisture in your hair.

It speeds up the heating process to get better results in less time.

Therefore, with enough amounts of negative ions, you do not need high heat to straighten your hair, and the higher ions make your hair look shiny and smooth faster.

Another benefit of titanium flat irons is its durability.  Plates made with titanium are more durable, resistant, and suitable for heavy use.

Moreover, although titanium is durable and sturdy, it is lightweight, making it handy and user-friendly for everyday use.

Furthermore, some recent technological changes have made titanium flat irons superior to others in most cases.

Such as Nano Titanium advanced technology, which boosts the performance of high heat conductivity of titanium.

Additionally, you also have Isotherm titanium plates, which are good at quick heat recovery, giving you the added value of styling your hair quickly and effortlessly.

Recommended Hair

Thick Frizzy Hair

The components and the working methods of titanium made flat irons are all good for thick frizzy hair.

Mainly, your hair benefits from advantages, with instant heat up, even heat distribution, and Nano titanium technology from titanium flat irons.

Thus, our recommended hair for titanium flat irons is thick/coarse hair.


Tourmaline is a famous semi-precious stone, but it is not a single metal. Tourmaline are a bunch of boron silicate minerals, considered the most multi-colored crystals.

It is used in various sectors and products ranging from medicine, cosmetics to jewelry.

This popular gemstone has different colors depending on the degree of magnesium, iron, and other shared minerals in it.

Types of Tourmaline

There are different types of tourmaline, and the types also vary according to their colors.

However, those are scientific terms. As we describe the materials of flat irons, it’s better to concentrate on which types of tourmaline we can get in tourmaline made flat irons.

As we said previously, tourmaline is not meant to be the only metal to use on a flat iron’s plate.

Instead, it is coated with ceramic. Basically, the crushed gemstone spreads over the ceramic plates of the flat irons; here’s why.

How It Fights With Frizziness

When a tourmaline made flat iron plate is heated, the tourmaline becomes rich with negative ions.

If your hair is frizzy, damaged, or unnatural, that means many parts of your hair are charged with positive ions.

The negative irons produced from heated tourmaline then naturalize those positive ion parts, repairing your hair and giving it a natural look.

Secondly, the tourmaline-ceramic combination generates infrared heat, which has the capability of de-frizzing any hair smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, it has the superior ability to minimize hair damage and keep the moisture in your hair.

The ceramic plate coated with tourmaline creates a smooth surface that has less friction with your hair.

The tourmaline is also electrically balanced, which is beneficial for any frizzy, damaged, or unnatural hair.

Moreover, tourmaline coating protects your hair from excessive heat and balances the perfect temperature within your hair.

Furthermore, tourmaline is also a great source of negative ions, which provides and keeps extreme moisture within your hair.

The excellent quality of negative ions can fight frizz well and makes your hair shiny and smooth.

Recommended Hair

Tourmaline made flat iron is great for those who have frizzy, damaged hair as it can work well without causing any additional damage to your hair.

However, keep in mind that tourmaline is expensive but has great value for your hair care.

The combination of tourmaline with ceramic makes flat irons cost-friendly and the perfect match for your thin/fine hair care.

Our recommended hair type for tourmaline (actually tourmaline coated ceramic plate) is thin frizzy hair.

Read our guide: 6 Types of Flat Irons For Each Hair Type


Ceramic is inorganic, nonmetallic material made up of both metal and nonmetal compounds and hardened by heat.

Ceramic is generally hard, corrosion-resistant, and breakable.

Advanced ceramic materials are used in various aspects of our lives. From pottery to electronics components, ceramics are widely used.

Additionally, ceramic can instantly heat up, and thus it is now used in most of the heating components like electronic heaters, flat irons, hairdryers, etc.

Types of Ceramic

There are 5 basic types of ceramic – structural, refractory, electrical, magnetic, and abrasives.

Electrical ceramic is used in flat irons, convenient for heating technology or most heating products.

Additionally, the instant heat up is the topmost feature for which ceramics are used in heating products like flat irons.

How It Fights Frizziness

Ceramic is popular and widely used in hair ironing products. The primary reason for that is ceramic flat irons are cheaper in price and very beginner-friendly.

It has almost no risk of damaging or frying your hair by overheating. The ceramic made flat iron plate uses gentle infrared energy.

Another feature that makes ceramic flat iron popular is its exceptionally smooth finish, giving you a flawless and smooth ironing experience while styling your hair.

This also causes less damage while styling quickly. Furthermore, it also has far-infrared and ionic technology that performs smooth and even heating throughout your hair (but not as good as titanium).

But, flat iron plates made only from ceramic finish are not that good for frizzy hair.

Mainly, it lacks a proper amount of negative ions and is prone to chipping.

As you know, negative ions are useful and a must-have element for repairing frizzy hair, so the flat iron plates that are entirely made with ceramic will not be that good for your hair.

Moreover, ceramic plates take a longer time to heat up, and the heat transfer is not as good as with titanium or tourmaline. 

But, it also means that the hair will be less damaged when using ceramic plate flat irons.

Ceramic made flat irons may have a smoother, softer finish and may come at a lower price, but it is not durable.

It can’t produce/transfer enough amounts of negative ions – which is good for frizzy hair.

However, ceramic is not that bad when it comes to tourmaline coating.

Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating produce infrared heat, which removes statics.

The ceramic-tourmaline combination also prevents the hair follicle from contact, minimizing damage and keeping the moisture within your hair.

Ceramic is okay when it is used as the heater of a flat iron. Nevertheless, the plates should be titanium or tourmaline infused.

Thin Frizzy Hair

Recommended Hair

Keep in mind that ceramic flat irons are not good for thick/coarse hair. It only works well on thin frizzy hair.

Titanium Vs. Tourmaline Vs. Ceramic Flat Iron Summary

For thick or coarse frizzy hair: titanium flat irons are the best if you are an expert flat iron user and don’t mind the price.

For fine or thin frizzy hair: tourmaline or Ceramic-Tourmaline is a must. Negative ions can keep the moisture, infrared produces gentler heat, and ceramic generates instant heat. All are good for fine/thin hair.

We take into consideration ceramic only for its instant heat up facility and its smooth finish capabilities

Must-have Technologies That Make a Flat Iron The Best for Frizzy Hair

How Important is “infrared” in Hair Care Technology

Infrared Technology

Infrared is a newly added superior technology in heating appliances. The traditional heating method only heats the surface of the plates.

It works and heats directly in your hair with infrared technology in flat irons and spreads out the heat gently and deeply throughout the hair.

More importantly, this heating process reduces heating time and exposure.

A hair straightener with infrared technology is a must-have for frizzy hair. Usually, hair tends to damage when in contact with heat.

Whereas infrared heating technology works faster and spreads heat evenly.

Therefore, to reduce the harm or damage your hair is exposed to, you need a flat iron for your frizzy hair with infrared technology in it.

Is Ionic Key to Solve Frizziness?

Ionic Technology - V1 Apr

The term ionic means that it is a place full of negative ions. There is no doubt about how good negative ions are for human hair.

Especially for those who have damaged, coarse or frizzy hair.

Generally, our hair gets positively charged from water, humid and other weather conditions.

Ionic technology can convert positive charges into negatives.

Which are beneficial as negative ions provide and keep moisture in our hair.

Hence, by straightening your hair with a hair tool that includes ionic technology, you ensure your hair will not suffer more frizz or damage with heating.

Negatives ions will neutralize the positive charges that harm your hair and make your hair straight, sleek, and shiny by sealing in moisture.

Also, titanium and tourmalines are very good at generating stronger ions.

What About Steam Hair Straighteners for Frizzy Hair?

Steam Technology - V1 Apr

The steam hair straightener is the new generation of hair styling tools/appliances.

It straights and smoothens hair with its built-in hydration system, which protects your hair from the heat of the plates.

But not all products or not all types of technology are suitable for all types of hair.

Namely, frizzy and damaged hair is more prone to damage if it stays wet.

Steam hair straighteners actually work by wetting your hair, and thus more positives ions are generated in your hair becoming frizzier.

Therefore, we strongly recommend against steam hair straighteners for frizzy hair.

Additional Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Flat Iron for Frizzy Hair

Plate Size

Most people hesitate about which plate size is best for their hair.

For your information, the general size of a flat iron plate is 1 inch, which is versatile. But in terms of hair types and styling, the size of plates may differ.

Usually, 1-inch plates are enough if you have short and thin hair.

But whenever the plate is larger in size, the plates contain large amounts of iron, and these plates work better with longer and thicker hair.

Keep in mind that you cannot do much with a larger flat iron, but it comes in handy and saves time if you have long or thick hair.

The plates ranging from 1.25-2.00 inches are the best for thick and long frizzy hair, whereas 1-inch plates are good enough for thin and short hair.

Floating Plates

Flat Iron Floating Plates - V1 Apr

A floating plate may be a simple feature but comes in handy if you have long, frizzy or curly hair.

Your hair will not get stuck within the plates if you use a flat iron that has a floating plate. With a floating plate, your hair can glide through smoothly without breaking or catching. Floating plates also provide consistent heat with smooth glides.

Adjustable Temperature

 Another essential feature of flat irons, different types of hair need different amounts of heating.

For example, if you have thick frizzy hair, the plate should be heated between (380-410) °F.

Whereas for thin or fine hair, the temperature should not exceed 340 °F. Instead, use the heat between (250-300) °F.

If you buy a flat iron with a fixed heating temperature set by the manufacturer, you cannot use it on your hair type all the time.

Furthermore, it can cause hair damage if the temperature is not fit for your hair type.

Hence, the best flat irons for frizzy hair should have adjustable temperature settings/features.

Instant Heat Up

Quick Heat Up

Instant heat up is necessary for thin hair.

If the plate is heated and stays on your hair too long, your hair might be harmed.

Because thin or fine hair needs low heat.

Another good reason for buying a flat iron with instant heat-up is if you are in a hurry or traveling. Namely, with the instant heat up function, you can straighten your hair quickly.

Auto Shutoff

What if you forget to turn off your hair straightener and put it into the drawer or your bag?

The surroundings of that straightener will start to melt, or you can injure your hand by accidentally touching your flat iron.

At worse, it can cause a fire. To prevent such situations, we recommend buying a flat iron with an auto-shutoff feature.

This feature will also protect your product from being mechanically damaged.

Our Final Findings

We summarized all the options and we believe the best combinations are the following:

  • Titanium or Nano Titanium + Infrared = Best for Thick Frizzy Hair
  • Tourmaline or Ceramic Tourmaline = Best for Fine Frizzy Hair

Additionally, please have a look at the summary table below:

[table id=53 responsive=”scroll”/]

What Accessories Should You Buy?

  • Replace your regular shampoo with the ones for straight hair. You can use Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz-Immunity Shampoo for your frizzy hair.
  • Always use flat iron sprays and lotions for your frizzy hair before using any type of hair care that uses heat. We recommend you use TRESemmé Heat Protectant Spray as this is the best flat iron spray for frizzy hair.
  • Always use a flat iron on your dry hair. You can buy a hair dryer to dry your wet hair. We recommend these:


    1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer (Best Ceramic Hair Dryer)
    2. KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer, Nano Ionic Blow Dryer (Best Titanium Hair Dryer)
  • You can also use Aria Starr Beauty and ArtNaturals 100% Organic Morrocan Argan Oil before using a flat iron.
  • Use Streax Pro Hair Serum Vita Gloss and L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum after using a hot tool on your hair.

How to Use A Flat Iron on Your Frizzy Hair?

  1. If you have thick frizzy hair, go for a longer size plate, whereas a smaller size plate is good for thin/fine hair.
  2. Never forget to use heat protection (heat-protective styling spray or heat styling primer, or any hair serum) before ironing your hair.
  3. Use a flat iron only on dry hair. Flat irons work well on dry hair while avoiding damage.
  4. Before styling with a flat iron, separate your hair with a comb or your fingers into different layers.
  5. Do not set the temperature too high. Moderate and even-heat from flat irons is good for frizzy hair.
  6. After use, clean the flat iron and allow it to cool down.

Final Verdict

You are now capable of finding the best flat iron for your frizzy hair.

 All you need to do is determine your budget and get the best flat iron for frizzy hair. Never forget also to buy some of the necessary accessories along with it.

Finally, we suggest you also go back and check the top rated models for any hair type.

CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch
  • PROFESSIONAL FLAT IRON – CROC’s Nano classic flat iron combines professionalism and luxury. This iron provides the ultimate styling experience for true professionals. It’s ergonomically designed, technologically complete, and ready for everyday use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Further customize your hair with this lightweight, powerful hair straightener. Floating plates move with the hair, creating a smooth glide, and the deluxe thumb grip makes styling more comfortable.
  • FEATURES – CROC’s Nano classic flat iron boasts titanium plates which lock in moisture and reduce static, negative ions which reduce and close cuticles to increase shine, fully digital temperature settings and dual voltage capability.
  • ERGONOMIC FEEL – The Nano classic flat iron is a part of our luxury collection, with extra features, professional components and luxury styling. Designed with our Slipless Comfort Grip, the handle on the flat iron offers a tight press with less grip strain and stays cool even after repeated use.
  • Fully digital temperature options ranging from 280F° – 450F°



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