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How to Straighten Frizzy Hair Without Flat Iron

Your hair is beautiful, stylish and it makes you look more dazzling when it does not have any frizzes, right? The issue, in any case, is that a significant number of the apparatuses utilized, for example, flat irons and chemical straighteners are downright terrible for your hair. After some time, they dry it out, split the finishes and you end up with straight hair that is not as alluring as it once might have been. Luckily there are some different strategies for empowering frizzy hair to fix normally, without utilizing flat irons. Yes, there are some and that is what we are going to talk about in this article. Featured Image of Straighten Frizzy Hair Without Flat Iron It is true that flat iron is very much popular and yes, very much helpful to get rid of frizzes from hair. But these irons use too much, way more heat than the heat used in hair dryers to cool down those frizzes. As a result, it brings damages with the result, to some extent. From our deep research, we have come up with some tricks that can help to straighten those frizzes. Since these tricks are not related to flat irons at all, we want to clarify that these tricks will work perfectly to the people who have straight to wavy hair. Curly hair people will also be able to reduce frizzes but kinky or extremely curly hair people will not able to straighten their frizzes 100% but 70-80% which is we believe, a pretty good deal as you do not have to deal with those damages that a flat iron does to your hair. So let’s check out those secrets.

Brushing Wet Hair - V1 Sep

Subsequent to washing your hair, let it air dry totally, however, keep on brushing it at regular intervals. Haul out and hold each segment of hair for a couple of moments to urge it to rectify. You can likewise do this before a fan, which is quicker, however, requires steady brushing.

2. Wrap Wet Hair Tightly

Hair wrapping is one of the more prominent approaches to get your frizzes straight hair without utilizing any flat iron. While there are various techniques for various hair types and lengths, but the basics are not very different, they are quite the same. You will require bobby pins that are quite three inches long, and a silk hair wrapping turban or scarf.

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To wrap hair, separate the top segment where you part your hair and utilize a fine-toothed brush to brush it out level. Holding hair rigid, bring the hair around to the contrary side of your head from where it normally falls and stick it firmly to the side of your head. You’ll have to rehash this technique for each segment of your hair and secure with a hair turban before you go to bed.

3. Sleep With Your Wet Hair

In the event that it is hard to envision laying down with a hair wrap or huge rollers on your head, begin with little and basic: Try lying down with your hair wet. Utilize a hairband to tie a free braid at the highest point of your head, at that point make a bun shape by folding your hair over that ponytail and protecting it with another barrette.

Sleeping on a Silk Pillow Case - V1 Sep

In case you are sleeping with wet hair, you might need to consider getting a silk pillowcase. This will trim down on grinding against your hair that can occur while you sleep and this way will give your hair a frizz-free straighter appearance once you let it free after few hours.

4. Jumbo Rollers Without Heat is Lit

The use of large size (the size of a soda can) rollers which are also known as jumbo rollers (recommended diameter is 1 ¾ inch or above) are very much effective to straighten frizzes from hair, and yes, no heat required. Basically part your wet hair into medium segments and fold the rollers into your hair before you go to sleep, or around four to five hours before you mean to take them out. The main point is that you have to let it dry completely otherwise a little amount of moisture can bring back those annoying frizzes back.

5. Use of Low Heat Setting in Hair Dryer With Perfect Material

Hair Dryer Low Heat Settings

In spite of the fact that it generally feels like heated tools can straighten frizz once the hair is styled, the inverse really occurs in case you’re utilizing your heated apparatuses on a very high setting. Anything over 365 degrees can possibly swell the cuticle of your hair, which will really wind up accomplishing more mischief than anything. As in this article, we are talking about straightening frizzes without a flat iron, here, heated tool represents blow dryers. Blow dryers are amazing to fight against frizzes. Dryers that have ionic technology, ceramic coated material are very good for fixing frizzes. In this case, use the lowest heat setting of your dryer which will ultimately give you a frizz-free look without harming the health of your hair.

6. Concentrator With Blow Dryers is Advantageous

Knowing appropriately blow dry your hair without making frizz is an artistic expression, however, when you ace it, the outcomes are constantly beneficial. One of the pro tips when blow-drying, particularly for wavy or wavy hair, is to utilize a concentrator. Including a hair concentrator onto your blow dryer will restrict the measure of direct heat and compelling air hitting your hair, which does some incredible things at keeping the hair smooth. As far as possible your hair from moving around when you dry, which thusly, makes less rubbing and helps to straighten frizzes.

7. Hair Care Product to Straighten Frizzes

frizzy to straight hair by products

There are shampoos, conditioners, and other products like hairsprays, and so many types of items available in every beauty shop that are aimed to make your hair smooth and most importantly, free of frizzes. Sprays and conditioners that have keratin in it and other smoothing serums can straighten the frizzes of your hair.

8. Combination of Mascara Wand and Hair Spray

If you are facing frizzes in little regions of your hair, we recommend using a mascara wand with hair spray. This enables you to focus on certain little, rowdy territories of the hair that should be straightened out rapidly. This trick is one that is well-cherished by numerous big names and beauticians and has demonstrated to be a particularly helpful strategy when in a hurry. If you are going for this trick, you should be aware of using hair sprays that are free of alcohol because the sprays that have alcohol in it can swell the cuticle of the hair and make the hair more frizzy later time.

9. Use of Hair Mask 2-3 Times a Week

Using Hair Mask - V1 Sep

Lack of moisture in hair and the opening of hair cuticles is the biggest supporter of frizzy hair. If you keep your hydrated enough, it will help vastly to straighten those frizzes. There are many products, which are known as hair mask available that contain coconut oil or castor oil. These oils are very good for the hydration of hair and they can straighten a very good amount of frizzes. Depending on how much your hair is frizz-prone, you may use this kind of masks 2-3 times a week for better result.

10. Essential Oils Are Amazing

There are some basic oils that cause the hair to show up without frizz. Some fundamental oils are more promptly assimilated into your hair than concoction items. Argan oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, and almond oil would all be able to infiltrate your hair follicles, fixing and sealing the cells inside. Warming the oil by scouring it between your palms may make it simpler to spread the oil through your hair uniformly. Concentrate on the closures of your hair, and be mindful so as not to apply in excess of a dime-sized sum. In addition to the fact that this adds a sweet fragrance and a lovely sparkle to your hair, it will straighten the frizzes of your hair marginally.


As we have said earlier in this article, highly heated tools like flat iron are very much capable to straighten frizzy hair but at the same time, it has some drawbacks too. To avoid the paths of those drawbacks, we have suggested 10 ways which can help you to straighten your frizzes more or less. It has to be said that each and every one of these steps may not work for you as one hair type is different from another but we believe these tricks will work one or another, no doubt.

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