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Best Flat Irons for Short Hair 2020

Imagine you have the most gorgeous bob or Diana cut and you want to style them with versatile styles every now and then, but you don’t know which tool to use to style them perfectly; wouldn’t it be a very big letdown?

Well, obviously it would!

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And therefore, we have listed down some of the best flat irons for short hair according to different hair types that you can buy in order to not only straighten but also create other hairstyles like twist, curls and waves in your fabulous little manes easily and quickly and also without causing any damage to them.

A Quick Overlook at the Best Flat Irons for Short Hair

Before going into even the itty bitty details about our top favorite flat irons for short hair, let’s have a very quick glance at them for a very primary idea:

Top Flat Iron for Fine/thin Short Hair

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
Check Price
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron - Small INS016$$
Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron
Check Price
Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron - Small INS016$$
MHD MHU Professional Mini Travel Flat Iron
Check Price
MHD MHU Professional Mini Travel Flat Iron - Small INS016

Top Flat Iron for Thick Short Hair

Kipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat Iron
Check Price
Kipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat Iron - Small INS016$$
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron
Check Price
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron - Small INS016$$

Flat Iron Buying Guide for Short Hair

What is Short Hair?

Short Hair

When you think of short hair, we are sure that it reminds you of the pixie manes of Ellen DeGeneres or the super classy Diana cut of Princess Diana.

Jokes apart, to many people hair lengths is subjective and hence, they are not decisive about which length to call short or long; for such people and every other individual out there, we tried to identify short hair length so that it’s easy for you to determine your tresses length.

Even though there is no exact rule of measurement or definite cm or inches, generally, we refer hairs that are above the ear to below the chin as short manes, and in some cases, just above the shoulder length tresses are also considered as short hair because of their little length.

Some of the most popular short hairstyles are bob cut, crop cut, pixie cut, and the super-short buzz cut.

Although your manes might be quite little in length, it surely doesn’t interpret that you cannot style them with gorgeous hairdos. With an excellent quality straightening iron, you can adorn your gorgeous little hairs with sleek, straight tresses as well as amazing waves, ringlets and other dos.

How to Choose a Flat Iron for Your Short Hair?

Selecting the best and the most perfect flat iron for your short tresses is not as hard or time-consuming as you might think when you know exactly what to look for. Instead of scattering your mind in various different features, just keep in mind the followings to score yourself the best straightener for your manes.

Hair Type

Generally, we categorize hair types as:

But note that we have also considered the sub-categories like the black hair, natural hair, Afro-American hair and kinky hair as thick hair as manufacturers don’t produce flat irons for every sub-category of hairs out there.

Moving on, there are also some other features and factors of flat iron that are related to the hair type and which you should keep in mind while shopping for your straightener.

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To start with, for both fine/thin tresses and thick hairs, we suggest adopting a flat iron with ionic technology (must) because the negative ions help to keep hairs moisturized and also protect your manes from burning down.

Additionally, you can also look for a straightening iron with far-infrared emission technology (optional) that styles your tresses from the inside out for a quick yet precise styling session.

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The other features to keep in mind are:

The Plate & the Temperature Settings

Hair experts suggest that you opt for Pure ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, porcelain ceramic, Nano ceramic constructed and coated plates for fine/thin hairs as these materials are known to absorb a very gentle amount of heat and doesn’t impose any possibility to harm or burn your delicate fine hairs.

Also, as said that fine hairs are super delicate and don’t need high heat to style them perfectly, it’s always the best that you choose a flat iron that comes with a temperature setting between 200° F to 350° F to keep burning and damaging your tresses at an arm’s length.

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On the other hand, for thick tresses, we would recommend you to select a straightener with plates made from Titanium, Nano titanium, Titanium Ceramic, Titanium Tourmaline because these materials have high heat adaptivity and can straighten “difficult-to-style” hairs quickly yet effortlessly.

Similarly, to style thick tresses perfectly, hair stylists recommends that a flat iron with temperature settings between 350° F to 450° F would do the trick just right; with such high temperature, you can not only style your thick, natural or black manes perfectly but can also cut down styling time by several notches.

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Which Flat Iron Plate Size is The Best for Short Hair?

Flat Iron Plate Sizes for Short Hair

The size of the plates of a flat iron is the most important aspect that you should keep your eye on while buying ones because with every sized plate you cannot straighten or style your short to very short hairs; with a wide plate (more than 1 inch) you might face extreme difficulty to grab your hairs perfectly and also to get close to your scalp for precise styling. You need some special sized plates, which we have discussed below, to style your little tresses successfully.

Mini or ½ Inch Flat Iron Plates

½ inch plates are the best plate width for a pixie or buzz cut hair as these plates can grab such short manes effortlessly to straighten them or create twist styles with much perfection.

But most manufacturers incorporate these mini-sized plates in only smallest travel flat irons and not in regular ones, therefore, you need to be attentive while buying your straightener as most travel flat irons don’t come with as many features and functions as regular ones.

Universal or 1-inch Flat Iron Plates

1 inch plates are the most popular option as they work excellent on almost all hair lengths, from short to medium to long (except extra-long); with a universal plate width, you can not only adorn your little manes with silky straight tresses but can also create curls, waves and twisted styles in them with much ease and precision.

Our Recommendation

We would suggest you that you choose a flat iron that comes with 1 inch or smaller plates for your small tresses in order to style them perfectly because; as we have said earlier, wider plates won’t do justice to your gorgeous short tresses and would be a total waste of money.

The Plate Type

Straightening is not the only hairstyle you can achieve with a flat iron in your short manes; you can also create other different dos with a straightener, and that’s why we advise that you buy a flat iron with floating plates because floating plates not only helps you to achieve versatile hairstyles with only a straightening iron but at the same time also helps to limit breakage and damage of your precious tresses.

Note: If you are confused about your hair length, then you can check this page where we have listed hair straightener models for any hair length.

Top Flat Irons for Short Hair

Our Recommended Best Flat Iron for Fine/thin Short Hair

Long or short, fine/thin tresses are delicate and need extra care while styling them. Here, we have discussed some of the best flat irons for such delicate hairs so that you can find the best match for your small manes easily.

But at first, let’s have a quick look at the essential aspects that you must keep in mind while buying your straightener:

A Short Summary of the Must Have Features

Must-have FeaturesFor Fine/thin Hairs
Technology UsedIonic Technology (Must), Infrared Emission (Optional)
Plate MaterialPure Ceramic, Ceramic Tourmaline, Porcelain Ceramic, Nano Ceramic
Plate Sizes1 Inch or Less
Plate TypeFloating Plates
Temperature SettingsLow or Multiple Heat Settings Ranging From 200°F to 350°F

Let’s also compare some of the top competitor flat irons for short fine manes to understand why we preferred some over the others:

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

The Must-have FeaturesHSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronConair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat IronMHD MHU Professional Mini Travel Flat IronGHD Gold Professional Styler, Ceramic Flat IronParwin Wet & Dry 1 1/4 Inch Flat Iron
Technology UsedIonic Technology & Far-infrared EmissionIonic Technology & Far-infrared EmissionIonic TechnologyDual-zone TechnologyIonic Technology
Plate MaterialCeramic Tourmaline PlatesCeramic PlatesCeramic Tourmaline PlatesCeramic PlatesCeramic Tourmaline Plates
Plate Size1 Inch¾ Inch½ Inch1 Inch1 ¼ Inch
Plate TypeFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating Plates
Temperature SettingsRanging From 240°F to 410°FRanging From 160°F to 400°FConstant Heat of 356°FConstant Heat of 356°FRanging From 330°F to 450°F
PriceLess Than $50Less Than $50Less Than $20More Than $150Less Than $50

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Budget-friendly Yet Effective Straightener

This professional quality flat iron tool from HSI didn’t score the top place because of its popular brand name, but because of its amazing features, aspects and ability to style short fine tresses with any flaw and damage.

Let’s Discuss Why This Tool Topped Our List:

First of all, this straightening iron comes with 1 inch wide floating plates which are just the right plate size to straighten your little tresses to the perfection. Also, the floating feature makes it super effortless to create twisted styles, curls and waves by adjusting the plate’s angle to the direction you twist and pull your manes into. The floating plates also give you more control by gliding through your manes swiftly for impeccable styling.

Furthermore, to keep your above shoulder hairs safe from burns and damage and also to style them perfectly, HSI incorporated ceramic tourmaline plates that generate just the right amount of heat that straightens hair flawlessly but at the same time also doesn’t cause any burns to them.

The infrared emission technology also plays a role in effective straightening by transferring the heat energy to the core of each strand and styles them from the inside out to ensure properly straightened hair that lasts for a long time period.

Moreover, the ceramic in the plates along with the eight micro-sensors (4 on each plate) with HeatBalance technology help to distribute the accumulated heat evenly throughout the manes so that your tresses need fewer passes for the styling and also don’t suffer from any hot spots that might lead to hair breakage.

Another feature that keeps your precious tresses protected and healthy even after applying heat to the is the ionic technology; the negative ions seals in hair’s natural moisture to keep frizz, static and flyaways at bay while also forming a layer over the manes to protect them from heat damage.

Additional Features

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: Straightening & Creating Versatile Hairstyles

If you are looking for a narrower plate for your pixie or buzz cut fine tresses, then a good alternative to the HSI straightener is this ceramic flat iron from Conair. With its ¾ inch plates and other outstanding features, it didn’t take long to secure the second best place in our list of best hair straighteners for short fine manes.

To start with, this hair straightener sports a curve, futuristic design that with the combination of its ¾ inch narrow plates helps the tool to reach very near to the roots of your hairs so that you can style your above the shoulder length tresses precisely and uniformly for a very polished outlook.

In addition, the floating plates of this iron not only help to grab even the smallest of hairs securely and glide through smoothly but at the same time also enable you to create versatile styles in your manes, other than just straightening; by adjusting the angle of the plates to the direction you pull your hairs.

Another wonderful feature of these curved plates is that they are made from pure ceramic material; ceramic material gains a very gentle amount of heat and also distributes it evenly throughout the tresses for consistent results and also to prevent any hot spots and untimely hair breakage.

The ionic technology also assists in keeping your precious manes healthy even after applying heat in them by releasing plenty of negative ions that seal in hairs moisture and eliminates frizz and flyaways for silky, smooth and more manageable tresses.

Moving on, in addition to its regular temperature settings, this Conair flat iron also incorporates Turbo Heat feature that, when used, increases the heat by 36°F instantly to reduce the styling period and also increase the efficiency of the plates. Moreover, this turbo feature also ensures uniform heat recovery to restore plate temperature to an optimum level for more consistent styling results.

Additional Features

MHD MHU Professional Mini Travel Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 3
Our Opinion: Excellent for Super Short Hairs

Even though this MHD mini hair straightener landed the second place in our list doesn’t mean that it’s not as good as our top preference one; in fact, this straightening iron delivers every little aspect and service we look for in a flat iron to style our short fine/thin hairs.

But as this straightening iron doesn’t come with an infrared emission technology (even though it’s not a must-have feature) we selected it as our third favorite.

Moving on, Let’s Discuss Its Outstanding Features:

Keeping in mind about the people with a pixie or buzz cut hairs with bangs, MHD incorporated ½ inch plates to this small straightening iron so that these plates can grab even the littlest hair with ease and can reach very close to the scalp to straighten them effortlessly and perfectly.

Furthermore, the floating feature of these tiny plates makes it possible to not only straighten but also to create twist or waves or curly styles in your above the shoulder manes smoothly without any snag or kinks.

Another excellent aspect of these mini plates is that they are constructed using ceramic tourmaline material which means that these plates have the best of both the materials and can style your fine short manes flawlessly without exposing them to any heat burns and damages. These plates generate a very gentle amount of heat while the ceramic distributes heat evenly to each hair strand to eliminate any chance of hot spots and premature hair breakage.

The ionic generator of this flat iron also helps to keep your delicate fine hair protected from heat burn by releasing plenty of negative ions to the tresses that assist in locking in the hairs natural nourishment so that the heat applied cannot burn them. The locked in moisture also helps to reduce frizz and flyaways and make hair silky, shiny and healthy.

Additional Features

Reasons for Not Choosing

GHD Gold Professional Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron

Even though ghd has manufactured some of the most amazing, fan-favorite flat irons over the years, this particular Gold Professional Styler is not the right one for fine/thin short tresses because:

First of all, ghd didn’t incorporate an ionic generator in this straightener which is a must-have feature to keep your delicate fine tresses protected from heat burns and also keep them frizz-free, silky and shiny.

Another slight inconvenience of this straightening iron is that it also doesn’t come with infrared emission technology for quick and precise styling.

Also, even after not having one of the must-have features and other inconveniences, ghd priced this tool with a hefty price tag which is not at all affordable.

Parwin Wet & Dry  1 1/4 Inch Flat Iron

We have featured PARWIN hair tools in many of our articles, but this straightener didn’t make it to the top for fine/thin little tresses as:

This flat iron comes with 1 ¼ inch plates which are way wider than our preferred plate size and hence, cannot straighten short manes properly.

The temperature of this tool ranges from 330°F to 450°F which is also a slight problem because you won’t have a heat setting if you possess very fine and delicate hair strands and such high heat might burn your tresses very badly.

Our Recommended Best Flat Iron for Thick Short Hair

Thick tresses (Black, Natural, and Afro-American) are quite difficult to style and therefore, you need to look for the following must-have features so that you don’t face any hardship while straightening your little thick manes effortlessly:

A Short Summary of the Must Have Features

Must-have FeaturesFor Fine/thin Hairs
Technology UsedIonic Technology (Must), Infrared Emission (Optional)
Plate MaterialTitanium, Nano Titanium, Titanium Ceramic, Titanium Tourmaline
Plate Sizes1 Inch or Less
Plate TypeFloating Plates
Temperature SettingsHigh or Multiple Heat Settings Ranging From 350°F to 450°F

Then again, we have compared some of the top straighteners for thick tresses so that you have a very clear idea why we have selected some over the others:

A Table of Comparison With Proper Justification

The Must-have FeaturesKipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat IronBabyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightening IronMadami Nano-titanium Hair StraightenerKiss Products Red Silicone Flat Iron
Technology UsedIonic TechnologyIonic Technology & Far-infrared EmissionMCH Heating ElementAdvanced Silicone Technology
Plate MaterialNano Titanium PlatesNano Titanium Ceramic PlatesNano Titanium PlatesSilicone Plates
Plate Size1 Inch½ Inch1 Inch½ Inch
Plate TypeFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating PlatesFloating Plates
Temperature SettingsRanging From 170°F to 450°FConstant Heat of 430°FRanging From 120°F to 450°FRanging From 250°F to 450°F
PriceLess Than $50Less Than $50More Than $50Less Than $50

Kipozi Pro Titanium Plates Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 1
Our Opinion: Various Hairstyles in Your Little Manes

Throughout years, KIPOZI has been winning the hearts of its customers by delivering outstanding quality hairstyling tools to them. But this is not the reason we picked this particular titanium flat iron as the best for short thick manes. This straightener iron grabbed the top position because:

This flat iron comes with 1 inch wide floating plates that are just the perfect size to straighten your pixie, bob or just above the shoulder hairs flawlessly as these plates can grab your tresses and keeps them in place for the straightening purpose while also reaching very near to the roots for uniform straightening results.

Additionally, the Nano titanium constructed floating plates enables you to create other styles in your hairs other than straightening them by adjusting its angles to the direction you pull your hair so that when you flip or twist the iron for curling or waving purpose, you manes don’t suffer from any unwanted snagging and breakage.

While talking about the Nano titanium plates, let’s explain why this material is suitable for thick, natural, black and Afro-American hairs; the Nano titanium material absorbs the highest amount of heat in the shortest amount of time and distributes the heat to each hair strand so that you can not only enjoy super precise styling in your “difficult to style tresses” but at the same time can also reduce straightening time by several notches for a quick yet safe styling session.

Aside from being an excellent conductor of heat, this Nano titanium material is also very durable and ensures top-notch services for the years to come.

Furthermore, KIPOZI incorporated ionic technology that uses an ionic generator to releases an abundance of negative ions to your thick tresses to keep them frizz-free, silky and smooth after you have straightened them for a more easy-breezy outlook.

Additional Features

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron

Ranking Position: 2
Our Opinion: A Lightweight & Compact Styling Tool

This professional caliber flat iron from BaByliss PRO has all the potential to be at the top position but we picked it as our second best flat iron for small thick manes because it comes with a constant heat setting of 430°F which doesn’t give its users a variety of temperature options to choose from. Other than this very minor gripe, this straightener is a piece of cake to use on short thick tresses because:

This straightener tool comes with flexible floating plates that are ideal for both left-handers as well as right-handers’ to use. Moreover, with these flexible plates, you can not only straighten your small tresses, even the bangs at the front, effectively but at the same time can also create a twist, curls, and waves in your bob buzz or Diana cut hairs effortlessly.

Additionally, the mini ½ inch plates help to grab the hair perfectly and keep them in place while reaching very near to the roots of the strands so that you can style them flawlessly with beautiful, uniform results.

Furthermore, the Nano titanium ceramic construction of these floating plates absorbs the highest amount of heat and can heat up in less than 1 minute so that you don’t have to wait long for the tool to heat up and can actually style your short manes effectively in the shortest amount of time.

Even though these plates retain high heat throughout the straightening process, you don’t have to worry about damaging your precious hairs because the ceramic in the plates along with the ionic technology helps to maintain the health of your beloved manes; the ceramic distributes heat evenly throughout the hairs so that there is no hot spots or hair burns or breakage while the negative ions restore the moisture to make them silky, smooth and shiny.

Additional Features

Reasons for Not Choosing

Madami Nano-titanium Hair Straightener

Even though this flat iron is a stunner to look at with its entire rhinestone outlook, we don’t consider it to be one of the best for thick little tresses because:

MADAMI didn’t add an ionic generator, which is a must-have feature, to this straightening iron to release negative ions to the hairs to keep them healthy as well as well protected from heat damages.

This tool also doesn’t come with an infrared emission technology that transfers heat energy to each hair shaft for a quick and precise straightening session.

The rhinestone decoration also put on a lot of weight to the tool; at 1.2 pounds it is really heavyweight and might hurt your hand.

Kiss Products Red Silicone Flat Iron

There is no denying that this straightening iron from Kiss Products has some amazing features, but it still didn’t spot a place as one of the best tools for styling above the shoulder thick tresses because:

This straightening tool comes with an Advanced Silicon Technology instead of the must-have ionic technology which is extremely crucial to maintain the health and shininess of your manes after applying heat.

The plates are also constructed with silicone material which we don’t consider as the ideal plate material for even the most coarse of hairs because it can get super-hot super quickly and might burn your manes beyond repair.

How to Use a Hair Straightener for Short Hair

Styling your short hair is quite easy if you know how to do it properly using any of the suitable straighteners from the above list. Below, we have discussed how to use a straightening iron on short hair so that it becomes even more effortless and delightful.

Step 1

Hair experts always suggest using a flat iron on completely dried tresses. This is because, when you put your wet or even slightly damp hair strands in-between the hot plates of a straightener, it burns them severely and causes extreme hair breakage.

Before styling your short tresses with your favorite hair straightener, dry them completely with a hairdryer to minimize any potential burns and damage.

Step 2

Once your short tresses are completely dried, it’s now time to apply some heat protectant. Spritz on a liberal amount of heat protectant spray (try out this HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector) all over your hair to protect them from the high heat that you are about to apply.

Step 3

Then comb your tresses lightly to detangle them and then separate your short hair locks into 4/6 sections for easy straightening.

Step 4

Now, take a back section and start of your straightening process by simply putting the section between the plates and pulling them downwards. This process will result in pin-straight locks.

On the other hand, if you want volume in your short manes then take a segment of your tresses and place the iron as near as possible to the roots. After that, twist the straightener inward and pull it down the length of the hair. This will add body to the roots but will produce straighter ends.

Step 5

Once you are done straightening your locks, now it’s time to locks them in place. Apply a generous amount of holding spray over your straightened manes so that the style remains intact in place for the rest of the day.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no denying that even though pixie, bob or buzz hairs are comfortable and stylish on their own, it’s quite difficult to style them with versatile hairdos. With these flat irons for different types of tresses that we have recommended, you will not only find it extremely easy to style your manes effortlessly but at the same time would also be carefree about burning them down. These are totally worth your money and we would definitely suggest you try them on your little manes for gorgeous styles.

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