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How to Curl Short Hair With a Straightener

No one can deny the beauty of curls on hair. On the other hand, if you have short hair, and if you manage to bring curls on them somehow, it will right away win the most elevated style focuses.

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The flat iron is one of the heated hair styling tools that can not only straighten hair but also capable of making amazing curly hairstyles on short hair. Notwithstanding your hair type, you will find loads of magnificent curly short hairstyles that can be done with a straightener in this article.

When it comes to curling hair, everybody thinks of curling wands at first. But there are numerous ways of curling hair simply with a straightener. And it works great for people who have short hair as well. After days of research, we have come up with some fantastic ways of curling your short hair with a flat iron. Check them out now.

1. Extra Voluminous Beachy Waves

Extra Voluminous Beachy Waves

  • Section your hair and make very tight braids with your hands
  • Make 10-12 braids all over your hair and pin it with bobby pins
  • Take straightener and then run over all those braids
  • After that, take out the bobby pins and separate the hair from braids
  • Add some invisible oil with your fingers which will make it less frizzy
  • You can style by making some braids from the top and pin it at the side of your head

2. Alternate Waves

Alternate Waves

  • Section your hair and grab some of them
  • Twist the grabbed hair with a flat iron towards your face; inwards
  • The next section you grab, make twist outwards this time with a straightener
  • Keep altering the twist inwards and outwards all over your hair
  • Finally, have some brilliante and use it with your fingers to separate your hair

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3. Natural Looking Curls on Short Hair

Natural Looking Curls on Short Hair

  • Apply some hair protectant spray to your hair
  • Split your hair in half
  • Put one half away
  • Focus to that half section that you have split at first
  • get a vertical sliver about half an inch thick
  • get a flat iron
  • Hold it at the root at first then twist it fully and the release. You will get a spiral curl in your short hair.
  • Do the same in each section of your hair

4. Voluminous Bob

Voluminous Bob

  • Section your hair in some groups
  • Grab a bunch of hair
  • Run the straightener from the root but do not twist
  • When the straightener reaches the mid-way or little bit more, start twisting your hair ends towards your face
  • Make this reverse curl at every end of your hair towards your face
  • When you are finished, take a brush and run it smoothly through your hair but not at the ends

5. Simple Beach Waves

Simple Beach Waves

  • Brush your hair at first to remove all tangles
  • Split your hair into small sections
  • Always curling from any side with a flat iron
  • Select any section, take some hair from it and twist it two times with a flat iron and release
  • Do the process two times in every section you take
  • Gradually twist all your hair from all sides except the hair on top
  • Now get back to the top. Do the twists with flat iron here too but do not take the hair from the root. Rather curl the hair from mid-length to the end.

6. Effortless Curls on Short Hair

Effortless Curls on Short Hair

  • Section your hair above your ear
  • Take your flat iron and grab 2-3 inches of hair
  • Start curling around 90 degrees and the release
  • Do not curl all the way to the tip of your hair, leave the ends as they are
  • Do the same all over the hair
  • Finally, run your fingers through your hair to piece out the waves

7. Carefree Curls on Short Hair

Carefree Curls on Short Hair

  • When you begin twisting, clip the hair and flip the hair and the straightener in reverse simultaneously.
  • Rapidly run the straightener right down your bit of hair.
  • For the back, shorter bits of your hair, twist under rather than in reverse.
  • The regressive strategy probably won’t work for the shorter pieces, however twisting under certainly will.

8. Tight Curls on Short Hair

Tight Curls on Short Hair

  • Section your hair
  • Grab a very small portion of hair
  • With a flat iron, start twisting to the ends
  • Small plated flat iron is suggested as it helps to make small/tight curls
  • Do the same all over your hair
  • Take some invisible oil between your fingers and then run your fingers through your hair to separate them a little bit

9. Flipped Out 60’s Style

Flipped Out 60’s Style

  • Section your hair into two groups
  • Grab some hair and start curling with a flat iron from the mid-way
  • Twist the straightener to the ends outward
  • Do this outward wave at every end of your hair
  • Take some invisible oil in your hands and run through your hair. it will make your hair look more polished
  • Style it with a bandana

10. Crimp Style Waves

Crimp Style Waves

  • After sectioning, grab some (3-4 inches) hair
  • With straightener, first, twist your hair inward and immediately twist the next part of your grabbed hair outward.
  • Keep doing this and you will see at least 2 inward and 2 outward sections there. The number will increase according to the length of your short hair.
  • Take some brilliante and use it through your hair with fingers to separate them
  • If you want to make them a little edgy, you can pin your hair from the side behind your ear with bobby pins


A straightener uses a lot of temperatures to style your hair. People who have thin hair are at the highest risk of damaging their hair by this excessive heat. Not only thin hair, but all other kinds of hair can also be damaged by high heat as well. This is why hair experts suggest to use a good quality hair protectant oil or spray before styling your hair with a straightener.

Final Verdict

People who have short hair often get frustrated as they sometimes cannot find the perfect curly style for their hair. If they find, they get confused while executing the style. For their convenience, we have given a bunch of tutorials above that can be done simply with the help of a flat iron. How cool is that, right? So which one is your favorite?


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