How Long Does Straightened Hair Last?

How long does straightened hair last, and how do you keep it straight longer without having to retouch every day?

I find myself searching for hacks to maintain my straightened hair for longer periods of time, and I bet you do the same.

But do you know the answers to the questions I mentioned above?

I’ve compiled answers to these questions in this article.

How Long Does Straightened Hair Last?

People often ask, “How long does straightened hair last?” The answer to that question is usually a vague “It depends.”

That’s because there are few aspects that will dictate how long your hair will stay straight.

photo of a long, straight hair

First of all, the type of heat you use can make or break the longevity of your locks. 

Listen closely! You want to make sure you use either a flat iron or a curling iron with ceramic plates.

These generate far-infrared heat waves, which will help your hair last longer as opposed to other types of excessive heat, such as ionic and tourmaline.

Secondly, the amount of time you go between haircuts will also impact how long your hair stays in its silky state. The shorter the hair, the more quickly it will revert to your natural curls.

This is because when hair is short, the protective cuticle layer is extremely thin. Furthermore, when it comes in contact with moisture, the hair will absorb moisture to accommodate its newly hydrated state.

7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer

#1 Straighten Your Hair Section-Wise

An easy way to straighten thick hair is to section your hair and go a few inches at a time. That helps the hot iron pass over your hair more smoothly and evenly, which will result in straighter strands.

pretty woman straightening her brown, long hair

Say you section too much hair. In this particular case, it can weigh down straight hair, resulting in frizzy hair.

And you don’t want that, do you?

#2 Use Dry Shampoo

Many people don’t like the fact that the hair gets greasy too quickly (who does!).

But if you know how to do it right, then your straightened hair can last for days. 

For example, you shouldn’t use dry shampoo every day, only once during the third or fourth day.

lady spraying dry shampoo to her hair

The exceptional feature of dry shampoo is that it absorbs all excess oil and makes your hair look just like after a hair wash. For straight hair, it also works great because you don’t have to worry about white flakes getting on the hair.

#3 Use Heat Protection Spray

One way to keep your hair straight longer is by using a heat protection spray. Use a heat protectant on your hair before you go in for the straightening session or blow dryer. 

That will endow you with healthy-looking, straight and sleek hair for a much longer time.

Remember! You must opt for the one that has that “Offers UV Protection” tagline. 

A heat protectant spray will help prevent hair damage while styling with heated tools. This type of spray is also beneficial to those who use heated appliances on their hair for everyday styling.

#4 Apply Anti-Frizz Serum

One way to help keep your hair straight for longer is to use a straightening serum. These products are specially designed with ingredients that will protect your hair against damage.

Anti-frizz serums are usually lightweight, clear gels with a slight tint that can be easily added to damp or dry hair. The product makes it through the hair, protecting your straight locks from heat or environmental stress.

woman putting hair serum to her long, black hair to keep it healthy

#5 Avoid Heat

Unless it’s a do-or-die type of situation, avoid using heating tools on your hair as much. But that’s only if you want to keep your hair straight longer. 

That means not putting it through any more heat other than the first use of the flat iron or blow dryer. Using too much heat will simply destroy your hair (ALL CAPS!) and make your hair dry and dull.

#6 Use Quality Flat Iron

The one thing that can destroy your hair is a flat iron. If you have high-quality hair straightening kits, then you don’t have to worry about this. 

How long does flat iron hair last? Quite long, actually.

hair straightener being used on a lady's hair

These heating tools will minimize any damage since they are not damaging to your hair. Also, high-quality doesn’t always mean expensive, so find one that works for the best price.

You can consult the best hair straightener reviews to know how does a hair straightener works or other aspects of it.

#7 Use Silicone-Based Serum

The silicone-based serum is a great product to use if you want your hair to stay straight. You can find silicone-based serum in most beauty supply stores. It’s used in place of heat styling.

This serum works by coating your hair shaft with a protective layer of silicone, which makes it easier to straighten and damage less.


Why does my hair not stay straight after I straighten it?

A few reasons your hair might not stay straight after you’ve flat ironed it is:
– You didn’t use a heat protectant.
– Wavy hair and curly hair.
– You have a lot of natural oils from your scalp atop each dry, brittle hair strand.

Does your hair go back to normal after you straighten it?

American with straight hair - Applying hair protectant to hair - How to Get Straight Hair Like Celebrities

My opinion is that it’s difficult to say how long does a straight perm last or how long does temporary hair straightening last. It’s heavily based on the quality of the heat process and your natural texture.
However, your textured hair does play its part. The coarser and more resistant your hair is, the longer it will last.
“How long does straight hair last?” If you’re someone who has thin and fine hair, I suggest you don’t expect too much. That’s because your hair would naturally have an easier curl pattern.


Well, there you have it – a complete guide on “How long does straightened hair last?”

Your hair is pretty important to you for quite obvious reasons. It’s a part of your identity and one of the first things people notice about you.

Keeping it looking healthy and shiny can take a lot of work. So, simply follow this guide and keep your locks looking fabulous for as long as possible.


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How long does your straightened hair last? Please let us know in the comments below!