Why You Should Buy The Gamma Piu Keratin GPK-235B Hair Straightener/Flat Iron

The Italian brand Gamma Piu is known for its high-end hairstyling tools and amazing craftsmanship, and this keratin flat iron possesses all its signature characteristics.

Featured Image of Gamma Piu Keratin GPK-235B Flat Iron

This tool is sleek, stylish, and comes with some extraordinary features to make your hairstyling sessions smooth and more enjoyable.

If you want to buy this hair straighter but you are taken aback because of its hefty price tag, then this article is right for you. In this article, we have listed and discussed all the benefits and flaws of this Gamma Piu Keratin flat iron so that you know everything about it and make your buying decision accordingly.

Specifications Overview

Before going into an in-detail discussion, let’s have a look at the specifications for a quick overview.

Technology UsedIonic Technology
Plate MaterialPure Ceramic
Plate Size1.4 Inch
Plate TypeBeveled Plates
Heater TypeAdvanced Ceramic Heater
Heat Settings5 Heat Levels
Heat Range284° F -450 ° F
Heat Control SystemRheostat Dial
LCD DisplayNo
Instant Heat Up30 Seconds
Dual VoltageYes

The Features We Loved

Aside from the fact that this straightening iron is true, blue Italian made, there are several other factors that made this Gamma Piu Keratin Flat Iron one of the most desired hair styling tools that it is available today.

From a sleek, futuristic look to extraordinary features, this flat iron would never fail to impress you with its styling results. Below, we have analyzed and discussed the most prominent advantages of this flat iron for which absolutely loved it.

Benefits at a Glance

Excellent for Sensitive Fine Hair

Bio Ionic Pro Styling Iron

  • Proprietary mineral complex
  • Volcanic Rock Minerals for Heat moisturizing
  • BioCeramic Heaters For Constant Heat
  • Incorporates vibrating plates design

One of the most amazing aspects of this Gamma Piu hair straightener is that it works magic on sensitive fine hair. It comes with a pair of ceramic constructed and coated plates that generate a very gentle amount of heat and spread it evenly to each hair strands so that your delicate manes are straightened precisely without any burns and hot spots.

Moreover, as the heat is spread equally to each hair strand, the straightening and styling results are uniform and flawless.

Shiny Straightening Results

Shiny Straight Hair

Another incredible aspect of this keratin flat iron is that its plates are infused with micro-shine diamond material. This infusion provides irresistible shine to your straightened hair and makes it more gorgeous and manageable.

Offers Versatile Styling Options

Gamma Piu wanted to offer you more styling options besides just hair straightening. And that’s why it incorporated styling plates with beveled edges to make sure that this straightening iron provides you the opportunity to style your manes with versatile hairstyles without any difficulties. The smooth curved edges of these beveled plates can curl and wave your delicate fine manes perfectly without creating any breakage or crimps- this flat iron promises you different hairstyles at the cost of one.

It doesn’t matter in which direction or how you twist the tool, because of these plates you can adorn your manes with versatile hairstyles easily and effortlessly.

Fights Frizz and Flyaways Actively

Fights Frizz and Flyaways Actively

Who wants to flaunt frizzy hair? Well, no one. And keeping in mind the special requirements of their users and also to provide the full advantage of the keratin treatments, this flat iron from Gamma Piu comes with ionic technology that fights frizz and flyaways actively and keeps your hair silky and smooth. The ionic technology uses a built-in ionic generator that releases millions of negative ions to the hair to seal in hair’s natural moisture and nourishment so that it can remove frizz actively and present you with silky, smooth, and manageable tresses.

In addition to making your manes frizz-free and gorgeous, these negatively charged ions also form a protective layer over your hair strands to make sure that your delicate fine tresses don’t get burnt or damaged.

Quick Heating and Styling

In today’s busy age, no girl wants to spend hours styling her hair. Knowing this fact very well, his amazing straightening iron promotes a quick styling process like no other.  Gamma Piu includes an advanced ceramic heater to this flat iron to heat the styling plates instantly (as soon as in 30 seconds) so that you can start your hair styling session almost immediately after plugging in the tool. This doesn’t waste your time and helps you to be done with your straightening quickly.

Suitable Heat Range

Suitable Heat Options

To provide its users the freedom to choose between a range of heat, this keratin flat iron comes with 5 different temperature options so that you can pick the most suitable one according to your hair’s tolerance level. Ranging from 284° F to 450 ° F, you can choose just the right heat to style your sensitive hair without exposing it to the risk of burning.

Moreover, to make it easier for you to choose your preferred heat setting, Gamma Piu added a labeled rheostat dial on the handle so that selecting the right temperature is fuss-free and effortless.

Additionally, it also incorporated two different LED lights into this flat iron to offer extra convenience and safety.

Travel Friendly

Even though this keratin flat iron is a regular straightening iron, its weight, and dual voltage feature make this tool extremely suitable for traveling as well. At about 0.65lbs.of weight, this straightener is extremely lightweight and can be carried around with you easily and effortlessly whenever you travel.

Furthermore, because of its dual voltage feature, this flat iron is suitable for international use also.

A Few Flaws

Even though this flat iron offers you some amazing features doesn’t mean that it is free from flaws- this hair straightening tool also has its fair share of negatives. Let’s talk about its drawbacks in detail so that you don’t feel disappointed after buying this product.

Drawbacks at a Glance

Not So Budget Friendly

In comparison with the benefits it provides, the price tag of this keratin flat iron seems a bit over expensive. When someone spends such a hefty amount of money on a hair styling tool, she expects more than what is offered.

The Controls are Not Conveniently Placed

One major flaw of this flat iron is that its controls and buttons are not conveniently placed. Gamma Piu integrated the controls inside the tool and just below the heating plates which makes it extremely difficult to use, especially during the styling session. There are high chances that you might end up burning and hurting your fingers with the heated plates when you try to operate the buttons in the middle of the styling.

Not Suitable for Short Hair

As this flat iron comes with a pair of wide plates of 1.4-inch width, it is not the most suitable hair straightener to style your short tresses effectively. These heating plates cannot grab your small manes perfectly and hence, cannot straighten and style them as perfectly as you want them to do.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything you need to know about this flat iron, we are confident that making your purchase decision would be easier than before. Even though it is quite expensive, there is no doubt that this hair styling tool is incredible and would provide you with phenomenal styling results.


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  2. This sounds like a wonderful flat iron. I actually could use a new one abs this sounds pretty nice. Thank you for the wonderful review 😉


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