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Keratin Treatment Vs. Permanent Straightening

There arises a lot of confusion regarding keratin treatment and permanent straightening.

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It is obvious that you may get confused which one is better for you after reading many articles throughout the internet about it.

In this article, we have tried to clear out all of your confusions and write details about both of the treatments. Read thoroughly and decide which treatment you are going to take.

Keratin Treatment - V1 Sep

Keratin treatment is mainly a chemical process. This makes your hair straight along with smooth and shiny. It is one kind of protein treatment. Protein is precisely an essential element for healthy hair. But as this treatment contains lots of chemicals it is not an absolutely harmless treatment for hair.

The main mechanism of keratin treatment is it fills up the porosity of the hair. When the hair gets damage it also gets overly porous and overly porous hair cause frizzy, tangled and unhealthy looking hair. The protein pack used in this treatment fill the porous of the hair and afterword it is sealed by heat using a keratin hair straightener.

A noticeable fact that it does not de-frizz the hair. Our hair is made of keratin, so keratin treatment adds which have to be there. So that hair gets healthier. But this is not any permanent hair straightening treatment. There are many kinds of keratin treatment according to your need. You can customize it by discussing with your hairstylist based on what you need. You also do not have to fully straighten the hair in the process of this treatment if you do not want to. Plus it provides the scope of low maintenance of your hair ever needed.

Is It Permanent?

Keratin treatment is not a permanent treatment. It will last three to five months. After that, your hair will get back to its normal form. If you want your hair to have that silky and shiny always, you may have to do the keratin treatment every six months.

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Some Factors to Know About Keratin Treatment

If you want shiny and sleek frizz-free hair, there are plenty of hair treatments available there. Is keratin treatment any better than those other treatments? Why should you choose keratin treatment over others? Let’s see what you are getting from keratin treatment.

  • Keratin for Strengthening: Our hair is made of keratin. Regular styling of hair using heat tool can damage the bond of that keratin. As a result, the hair gets damaged. Breakage and split ends are a common problem for the lack of keratin. So this treatment provides the lost keratin in our hair follicle and makes it stronger and healthier.
  • Prevent Fizziness: Fizziness occurs when hair lacks moisture. When dry hair gets in the touch of humidity it attacks the hair and we know it in the name of frizz. The hair dries out when it gets damaged and the hair cells open up due to breakage. Keratin helps to fill up those gaps and tame the frizz. It also makes the hair smooth and silky.
  • Damage Repair: As we discussed before keratin fills up the porous. As a result, hair becomes smooth. Keratin also adds an extra layer of protein in the hair which is one of the key elements of silky and shiny hair. Keratin shampoo, conditioner, and oil help to prevent breakage and split ends. All in all this treatment repair the damaged hair agreeably.
  • Switching Products: After doing keratin treatment you have to switch your hair products. Giving up your old hair products and switching to new keratin products is must when you have done keratin treatment.
  • Formaldehyde Free: Normally hair treatments contain formaldehyde which is toxic. If your stylist using something formaldehyde-free chances are those also turns into formaldehyde when mixing with water or into heat. But now there are also some alternatives. It’s not long-lasting enough like formaldehyde.  But it is toxin-free.

The Pros & Cons

1. Suitable for all kind of hair.1. It’s an expensive treatment.
2. Safer than other treatments.2. Do not last long.
3. Need not much maintenance.3. Can irritate some skin.
4. Do not damage hair.4. Need experienced stylist.
5. Makes the hair shiny, silky and frizz-free.5. Not for pregnant women.

Permanent Straightening

Permanent Straightening

Permanent straightening alternatively called Japanese hair straightening uses thermal reconditioning ingredients to straighten the most absurd hair permanently (you may say forever!). In this straightening procedure, there are used high heat products, chemicals, and flat iron. This procedure breaks your hair bond, reforms the fiber and makes your hair straighten permanently. You may need a touch up every year though.

This process generally takes about 4 -5 hours to complete depending on the length of hair. Permanent During the procedure the molecular bonds of your strands become softened and reformed into a straight pattern. After successfully finishing the straightening, you will get smooth, silky and incredibly straight hair.

Permanent straightening can make your hair vulnerable for future damage and also can make it brittle. So, you need to always keep your hair in continuous care. It will also make your hair super dry which is why most of the hair experts do not recommend applying this straightening method on bleached, colored or highlighted hair.

Is It Really Permanent?

The method is called permanent straightening and in some points, it is true. But to be honest, it will not last forever as others say. Your hair will remain to straighten permanently until the new hair is grown. The newly grown hairs will be frizzy or curly. But the straighten hairs (the hairs which were permanently straighten) will remain straight. If your hair growth rate is very low, you do not need to worry about it.

Some Factors to Know About Permanent Straightening

  • Types of Japanese Treatment: There are many different types of permanent straightening and the most popular type is Japanese Straightening.  With this straightening method, your curls can vanish forever and you will get longer lasting smooth, silky and straight hair than any other straightening treatment. This treatment is cost more than others as well.
  • Types of Hairs: You must have to consider your hair type before applying Permanent or Japanese Straightening Treatment on your hair. This hair straightening procedure does not work if you have thin or weak strands.
  • This is Not a Home Treatment: If you want to have this treatment, go to a salon is a must. The no-professional hand can make your hair burn and make the whole treatment worse.
  • Last Longer Than Any Treatment: In real, it goes with its name. This treatment lasts longer than any other treatment is currently available. So, if you need to straight your hair almost permanently, go for this one.
  • The Damages: After this treatment you hairs become vulnerable. So, there will be more risk of getting your hair frizzy, dry and broken. If you cannot take care of your hair much and used to use cheap hair products, you should avoid this treatment.

Pros & Cons of Permanent Straightening

1. Last longer than any other treatment1. Costly
2. Your hair will become silky, glossy and super straight2. Need to go to the saloon or experienced hairstylist
3. You rarely need blow-drying after taking this treatment3. Make your hair super dry, frizzy and vulnerable for future damage
4. Men can also take this treatment4. Can affect the texture of newly grown strands

Final Words

So, which one will be for you? Permanent straightening makes your hair straighten better than any other treatment. It does not work like flat irons which make your hair dry and do not give a naturally straight look. This one is best for very thick and curly hairs. After regrowth, the root of your hairs will become curly but the ends will be straightened.

If you do not like the regrowth thing and aware of making your hair dry, frizzy or damaged, you can go for keratin treatment. This treatment also requires very less time and less maintenance. You can do this keratin straightening process at your home also. And it costs less than the permanent straightening. Now the choice is yours.


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