Side Effects of Keratin Treatment; Everything You Must Know

If you want to try a hair smoothing therapy like the Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout on your hair to have them straight everywhere you go but are worried about the aftermath of such a styling procedure, we got you covered with the details.

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It is definitely true that such hair treatment comes with serious side effects that can affect your hair and health.

Alongside its wonderful sleek, straight results, this semi-permanent hair treatment also has some serious drawbacks, which are not discussed often. 

The 3 Most Hazardous Side Effects

1. Keratin Treatment Can Cause Cancer

Many of the keratin treatments used for hair smoothing purposes incorporate a chemical named Formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas that helps eliminate annoying frizz from your hair while keeping them smooth and straight for months.

Nevertheless, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared this component dangerous.

Namely, this chemical can cause cancer (or help cancer grow or spread) if exposed to it for a long time.

Are you wondering how this chemical gets inside your body?

When you get your hair straightened and smooth, Formaldehyde gas is released into the air from the treatment solution, which then gets into your system while you breathe in the fumes and your skin absorbs it from the air.

Aside from you (who is getting the keratin treatment), the hairdresser helping you is also at great risk of suffering from cancer and other health hazards.

2. Has the Risk of Causing Severe Allergic Reaction and Other Health Problems

In addition to being a carcinogen (a substance that might cause cancer), formaldehyde is also known to trigger other health side effects and severe allergic reactions to cause extreme discomfort.

From itchy skin to coughing, sneezing, and mood swings, this chemical can turn your world upside down.

Hence, in 2016, the Environmental Working Group and Women’s Voices for the Earth (EWG) sued the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not regulating formaldehyde use in beauty and hair care products(1).

EWG claimed that the FDA was well aware of the health hazards associated with the products containing formaldehyde for at least 10 years, but they failed to regulate it.

Many users and salon stylists have faced difficulty breathing, eye irritation, and nosebleeds after using this straightening treatment.

Some of the most noticeable allergic reactions from formaldehyde you should know about are:

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy, burning eyes
  • Coughing, wheezing, sneezing
  • Chest tightness
  • Itchy skin, skin rash
  • Scalp irritations and burns
  • Headaches and nausea
  • Mood Swing
  • Nose and throat irritation

3. Potential Increase in Hair Breakage and Damage

Damaged Hair - V1 Sep

One of the main steps during keratin treatment is drying your hair using heat and straightening them with the best keratin hair straightener or flat iron for an outstanding result.

However, if you apply too much heat for quick drying or over-straighten them with high heat to lock in the treatment deep into each hair strands, your hair is more likely to suffer from extreme breakage in the long run.

Additionally, when the heat is applied to the hair, it releases more formaldehyde into the air, t exposing the people around you to health problems.

Additionally, since the formaldehyde causes scalp irritation, your scalp becomes sensitive, which weakens the hair root leading to extreme hair loss.

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How to Avoid the Damaging and Dangerous Side Effects of Keratin Treatment

In our opinion, you should never try any permanent or semi-permanent treatment on your precious hair.

Nevertheless, once in a while, you might want to switch up your hairstyle.

If you want to try a Brazilian Blowout, we recommend choosing a hair salon that doesn’t use formaldehyde infused treatment chemicals.

Instead, you can ask your stylist to use glyoxylic acid on your hair, which is much safer but ensures the same smoothing and straightening results as formaldehyde.

Another salon treatment you can try instead of the Brazilian Keratin is the Keratin Complex.

This procedure uses different formulas from a classic smoothing treatment to repair your damaged hair and make them silky, smooth, and frizz-free.

But, this treatment doesn’t straighten your hair, and therefore, you are not exposed to any dangerous effects caused by formaldehyde.

On the other hand, if you wish to practice this salon treatment in your home’s comfort, we suggest this INVERTO REVOLUTION Complex Brazilian Keratin Formaldehyde Free Hair Blowout Treatment, which has no Formaldehyde present in the formula.

Hence, now that you have an obvious idea about keratin treatments’ dangerous side effects, we hope you make a smart decision before trying it on your hair.

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