3 Benefits of Steaming Hair (Haircare Routine Recommendation)

lady having a steam treatment but what are the benefits of steaming hair?

Are you looking to learn more about the benefits of hair steaming? 

Many styling procedures being done today lead to hair damage, resulting in split ends or dry hair.

Many professionals now recommend hair steaming which, they say, can greatly improve your hair and scalp, regardless of hair type.

Read this article to learn more. 

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What Three Benefits Can Hair Steaming Achieve? 

Hair steaming has been around for a long time. Ancient Egyptians first used it as an alternative to shaving their heads. They would steam their scalps with hot water and herbs to prevent balding.

It became popular among European royalty who believed that it could protect them from the plague in the middle ages.

In modern times, hair steaming has become popular as it helps keep hair soft and moisturized. It also makes hair look shinier and healthier.

The following are some of the ways hair steaming can benefit you.

1) Improves Blood Circulation 

lady holding her strong, healthy hair

Healthy and thick hair all starts from the scalp. A study in the International Journal of Trichology in 2018 has shown how a healthy scalp impacts hair thickness and health. [1]

This is largely because your hair follicles are all embedded within the scalp. [2]

In the scalp to are blood vessels that help provide nutrition for hair follicles in the area, in essence, strengthening the hair shaft.

A study done in mice in 2001 revealed that an increase in blood vessels in the scalp can lead to an increase in hair growth too. [3]

This is probably due to increased blood circulation, encouraging hair growth. Heat results in an expansion of blood vessels [4] in a given area, leading to an increase in blood flow.

HealthShots interview [5] with Dr. Swati Mohan, a dermatologist and senior consultant for Fortis Escorts Hospital, explains that steam treatments in the scalp encourage microcirculation which can help keep your hair follicles healthy strong.

2) Deep Cleans Scalp

In addition to improving blood circulation in the scalp, steaming helps eliminate dead skin cells on the scalp that may end up clogging your pores.

Steaming eliminates hair product buildup on the scalp.

Dermatologist, Dr. Rachel Nazarian held that scalp steaming could remove dirt from the scalp more effectively.

This, in essence, improves the haircare cleaning processes, excluding any harmful chemicals or techniques.  

3) Increased Moisture

Steaming your hair opens up the hair cuticles, which leads to maximum absorption of moisture of hair products like a treatment oil or deep conditioning treatments.

This is great for brittle hair or damaged hair that has suffered from heat or procedures like hair straightening or coloring.

Famous trichologist and colorist Bridgette Hill exemplifies that steaming allows any treatment to penetrate the hair fiber better, increasing moisturization. 

Hill further explains that, unlike dry heat, steam allows for cuticles to swell while keeping that balance between heat and moisture.

This allows for healing ingredients to get deeply absorbed within the hair strand. 

woman with natural thick hair

For individuals with natural curls, steaming helps make hair softer too!

In an interview [6] or Glamour Magazine, Afro hairstylist Charlotte Mensah says that steaming is incredibly healthy as it leaves hair hydrated. 

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Will I Achieve the Same Benefits by Steaming at Home? 

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Healthy hair has a moisture retention process, whereby it can easily absorb nutrients from the product, making hair appear shiny. This can usually be achieved through a deep conditioner. 

Steaming provides a moist heat that increases your chance of having healthy porosity hair.

While it is recommended that professionals in your favorite hair salon do scalp steaming, a steam session may eat into your budget, especially if done regularly.

A great option would be handheld hair steamers that you can buy online.

Another way of doing hair steaming at home is by applying a hot towel on wet hair that has just been shampooed and conditioned. Cover this with a shower cap for 20 mins and rinse.

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Check out this video which gives you a great demo on how to steam your scalp in straightforward steps.


How often should you steam your hair?

It is recommended that you steam your hair at least once a month if you have fairly healthy hair. Damaged hair will greatly benefit from steaming when down every two weeks.

How long does it take to steam hair? 

Healthy hair should take no longer than 20 mins to steam. Dryer and less porous hair may take a bit longer, but not more than thirty minutes.

What are the benefits of steaming my hair?

Healthy-looking, hydrated hair that is free from damage. 

In Conclusion, 

I highly recommend hair and scalp steaming to be a regular part of your hair care routine. 

Many products and procedures are done regularly and often lead to damaged hair, which ruins the look of otherwise healthy hair.

Steaming is a natural hair regimen that limits the use of chemicals that many hair care products are made of.

Hair steaming has many benefits for your scalp and hair that can help you maintain your locks and bring out their natural beauty.


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