Can the Steam Hair Straightener Be Used on Weave?

The weave is one kind of hair extension that is mostly used by black women. Women usually get weaves when they do not like to get the same hairstyles day by day or the texture of their natural hair. This hair extension is also used by women who like to have thick and long hair in their head.

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However, as weaves are artificial thing many girls afraid whether they can apply heat to straighten it or not. For them, our answer is, you can straighten your weaves with heat, dear. But there are many things to tell regarding that. We are going to tell all of them below.

Don’t Get Confused

Many people get confused between weaves and hair extensions. Actually, the weave is a specific kind of style when a person’s whole hair is braided. It is sewn from one edge to another very carefully through a needle. This is a very convenient way to get thick, long hair without using any glue, chemical or anything.

Where hair extension is fastened with the real hair through the tape, glue, micro links, etc. This is a method where the extensions are attached strands by strands to the real tress of a person. It is time-consuming and expensive but offers a more genuine look and feel than the weaves. It also adds volume to the thin hairs.

But recently we have been getting questions that can the steam hair straightener be used on weave? Or should you? Here’s the answer for you today with details explanation below. Read and get your confusions clear out.

Types of Weaves

Before going to tell you about using a steam straightener on the weave, it is necessary to know how many types of weaves out there in the market currently. There are two types of weaves: synthetic and natural. To straightening your weave, a flat iron can be used on the weave if it is made from natural hair. But if your weave is made from synthetic hair extension, you should be more careful while applying heat on it. We recommend going to your hairstylist or a professional salon to straighten the synthetic weave. Otherwise, there will be an always risk of burning or melting your weave.

Now let’s get to the main point. Can you use a steam straightener on weaves? The answer is yes. But it is not recommended. Scroll below to learn the details about it.

Using Steam Hair Straightener on Weaves

Naturally made weaves can tolerate more heat than the synthetic ones. Steam flat iron is safer than other traditional straighteners in most of the cases. So, you can use any hair straightener on your naturally made weave. But if your weave is synthetic then you should go for a gentler method to apply on it. As a steam hair straightener is gentler and safer than the other hair straighteners, a steam hair straightener is safer to use. But there are some things to tell you. First of all, steam hair straighteners’ work by vapor infusion technology where the steam is derived from the water to provide heat. It keeps the moisture within your hair and protects the hair cuticles. Most of all, unlike other hair straighteners, it does not get direct contact with the strands while straightening. You just have to place your strands between the plates which are covered with bristles. So, it is safer than flat irons. Secondly, steam straighteners cause less frizz and also help to eliminate frizz as well. Some steam straighteners can also provide condition your natural weave (as it is made of a real human hair). The vapor irons of the steam straighteners use a heat protectant and nourishing oils like macadamia oils and argan oil to infuse the weave strand’s channels. It also provides nutrient while straightening the weave (both the natural and synthetic weave). The heat of the iron converts the oil into a conditioning vapor. This vapor enters through the natural weave’s strands and makes the weave silky and frizz-free. Besides, you cannot have so many styles with your synthetic weave as it does not act like real hair and very sensitive to heat. You can then use a steam straightener to have some few more styles with it. If you use this straightener correctly you can also make curls on your weave or ever straighten the curly weave. So, with the above discussions, we can now easily tell that steam hair straighteners can be used on weaves (both the natural and synthetic weaves) without any doubt. Natural weaves can be straightened with other flat irons but steam straightener is recommended to straighten synthetic weaves. If you want to get our recommendation about which steam hair straighteners will be best for straightening weaves, we would like to suggest:

Here all for today. Hope you have got your desired answer and explanation. If you still have any question, do not hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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