Can You Use a Steam Straightener on Wet Hair

The steam straightener is nothing but a hair straightening tool with the most advanced features and type available currently in the market. Unlike the traditional hair straightener, it has bristles inside of it. Featured Image of Can You Use a Steam Flat Iron on Wet Hair As the name sounds, it uses steam to straighten your hair and theoretically is less damaging than the traditional flat irons. By straightening with the steam straightener, you can not only get sleek, straighten hair but also you can have super shiny strands as well. However, there’s a lot of questions we have got throughout the last week about this hair tool and the most asked questioned we have got that can/should you use a steam straightener on wet hair or not. So, we have planned to write a full article on it rather answering you one by one. This article will be a great help for those who are confused about whether they should use a steam straightener on their wet hair or not.

Before getting directly to the answer it would be better for you to know (if you don’t know yet) how the steam straightener works actually. This will help you to have a better understanding of why you should or shouldn’t use a steam straightener on your wet hair.

Steam hair straighteners work as regular straighteners do – you place your strands between the plates which are generally covered with bristles made with ceramic (in general), and gently pull throughout the hair to make it straight. The only difference is here in the steam straightener, there are bristles on the plates which work like a brush unlike the flat plates from the regular hair straighteners.

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However, steam straighteners use steam technology (alternatively called vapor infusion technology) where the steam is derived from the water to provide heat. You need to fill up the water chamber with water (of course) every 15-20 minutes. The steam released from the tool adds moisture to prevent your strands over-drying and makes your hair shiny and healthy.

Can You Use a Steam Straightener on Wet Hair?

You have been hearing that any hot tool on your hair is harmful and the damages can be more if you apply the tool on your wet hair. What about the steam straightener? This goes the same to this tool too. You may ask that the main mechanism of this tool is it uses water vapor or steam to straighten your hair. So, how come it will not damage your hair more than the other irons and styling tools? Only because it uses steam to remove the access moisture from the hair. This tool has vents which allow the steam to evaporate. Thus there will not be any access water molecule that can harm your hair.

Now, let’s come into the point. If you can blow-dry your wet hair, then why you can’t use a steam straightener on it? Then the answer is simple. Steam straightener uses heat and your hair gets direct contact with it. When you are using it on your wet hair, it will destroy your hair molecules too fast and can burn your hair. This will also cause frizz and destroy your hair texture as well.

Besides, we hear from the girls that while using a steam straightener on their wet hair, the felt shocked. Moreover, it makes their hair full of static and makes their hair damp permanently.

We have seen, if your hair is dry fully, direct heat on it can cause frizz and breakage. So, we always recommend you to use a heat protectant on your dry hair before using any heat tools. Some girls say in humid weather steam straightener works better as your hair does not become dry fully and with the moisture, the steam straightener can make your hair shiny and smooth as well. But that does not mean we recommend you to let your hair wet and use a steam straightener on that wet strands. It is better to use a low heat setting if you are straightening dry hair, damaged or colored hair.

However, some brands say steam straightener is best to use when your hair is 90-95% dry. But if you are into flat irons and cannot still depend on the steam straightener, you can blow dry hair completely (100%) and use a flat iron instead. It will be a lot safer. Besides, though steam straightener can add shines to your hair, you will not get volume after straightening with this tool. So, if you want volume or have thin hair, avoid steam straightener.

What Can You Do Now?

If you like to use a steam straightener, you have to maintain some things properly while using it. Here are some important things to follow.

That’s all for today. We have included some other factors for your better understanding. Hope you now fully understand that can you use a steam straightener on wet hair or not.